What Is An Advertorial? Tips To Write A Great Advertorial.

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What is an Advertorial? Tips to write a great Advertorial.

The word advertorial is the marriage of the words Advertising and Editorial and it is a great content marketing strategy.

In this article, we will explain to you what advertorials are, what are they good for, and how to write a kickass advertorial. Let’s get right to it¨

Advertorial Definition and Mission

Definition: An advertorial is a content marketing strategy. In the form of paid content, they appear in media usually in newspapers, magazines, or websites. They give information about a product or service in the form of an article. Usually, a brand pays the publisher for such an article and the article appears as sponsored by the brand that is advertising itself.

An advertorial is more detailed than an advertisement and the goal is to help the potential customer learn more about the product. This type of content is usually written by the advertising agency or the brand itself. They then purchase the ad space on the website, newspaper, or magazine. By choosing the right medium to publish the advertorial, the advertiser is targeting a specific segment.

Let’s use as an example a wall street trader who is a loyal reader of a certain economy magazine. If the advertiser sponsors an advertorial in this magazine about their ultimate finance product, the trader will take this advertorial as information catered by the magazine and not as advertising. Psychologically, the reader accepts the information more openly.

What is an Advertorial? Tips to write a great Advertorial.

How does it work?

You can book and buy advertorial space just like any advertisement space. It is written by you (as a brand) or your agency, so the readers can identify it as a different editorial style than the magazine itself. Most advertisers would use similar fonts, style and editorial tone to the medium’s so it doesn’t strike like advertising but as part of the editorial content. While the content is marked as sponsored by the brand itself, the reader can know it is a form of advertising, but the idea is that it’s not seen as such.

The price of your sponsored content, like any traditional advertisement, depends on several elements:

-Every medium charges a different price. Almost any publisher accepts advertorial formats and their prices depend on the reach and the tradition of the publisher. Ad space does not cost the same in the New York Times or Fortune magazine, than in a small local newspaper or a very niche magazine.

-The size and the design of your advertorial. (half-page, full-page, double-page spread…)

-Some publishers offer editorial space when you buy ads as part of the deal. In this case, you don’t have a lot of control over the content. They would focus on the information you provide them, but they would adjust it to their editorial needs.

How to write a successful advertorial?

Writing an advertorial needs some skills. Your objective is that your target audience reads it and learns about the benefits of your product or service in a more objective way than what we get from advertising. Here you have a few recommendations.

Provide a solution

While writing your advertorial, focus on the client. What is their problem and why will they need you? This is not a place for you to shout out about your brand.  Think like a reader of the medium you are advertising in. Why are you there? How can you give them what they are looking for while subtly suggesting your brand?

Exceptional Content

People who get to your advertorial enjoy reading. Think about your content as a great article and not as a copy for your ad. Give them valuable information. Compare yourself with other competitors while highlighting your qualities over the others. Listicles are great for awareness.

Make it fun and appealing. Try new things that can go off your brand’s boundaries.

Respect your Title

If you are in affiliate marketing and your title is “10 ways to improve your affiliate income” you need to speak about the ways your readers can improve their affiliate income. They are here for valuable information and to learn that you offer certain products or services in the way. Remember you want them to see the advertorial not as advertising but as editorial content.

Call To Action

No, we are not suggesting that you just add a CTA button at the end of your advertorial. You know by now that you don’t want it to look like advertising. However, it is a form of advertising for you and you still need to inspire action. In advertorials you have to do it in an editorial way, lead the path. Motivate the reader to go visit your website. For instance, if you are talking in your advertorial about solutions to increase meal kit services, you can speak about a  whitepaper you crafted about this business. Then you can add a link to read it or a screenshot of a competing part of it that links to it.

Advertorial Real-Life Examples:

In this New York Times Paid Post You can see at the top left corner the brand that is sponsoring the content. The publisher is transparent by saying it is a paid post and who is paying for it. As you can see, the title has nothing to do with a brand.  Our question. How many readers actually realize that the post is paid by this brand? The graphics are very intense and the eye is rapidly directed everywhere but to the left top corner.

What is an Advertorial? Tips to write a great Advertorial.

The article is well written and the visuals are animated and colorful. It does not strike as advertising. In the end, the company was upfront with the call to action:

What is an Advertorial? Tips to write a great Advertorial.


Advertorials are a great strategy to get your target audience’s attention. The objective of an advertorial is to provide valuable information to the reader while you subtly point the direction to your product. They need to be crafted in a way that fits the style of the publisher so it doesn’t strike as an intruder (advertising) but as catered information provided by the editorial.

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