What Are The Best Spy Tools In The Industry?

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What are the best Spy Tools in the Industry?

The business world of affiliate marketing is known for its competitiveness, higher than the average. Maybe because marketing is not an area of pure and hard truths but instead an area in constant change and in which its professionals have to be in constant adaptation: to the consumer, to the product suppliers, to the increasingly changing times that affect the way the market changes. Two factors that impact its competitiveness are: it evolves very quickly and there are tons of new affiliates every day.

If the marketing has always been, by excellence, an area of competition - a kind of natural selection adapted to the social context - it is in the specialization of digital marketing that this competition is exponentiated, due to the constant mutation that occurs every second.

It is in these circumstances that spy tools appear. The purpose of their use is nothing more than a way to achieve a competitive advantage, to reach success.

Today, we are going to share with you 6 Spy tools that we consider extremely useful.

What is a spy tool?

A spy tool is an online platform that works as a repository of creatives, prelanders, keywords, strategies, and trends of ads all over the world. With this tool, we have the opportunity to check what is going on in the market and what works or not. It’s a useful instrument of creation, inspiration, and knowledge of the market, to be more able to bet on offers and material that we know in advance has more successful results.

These platforms provide details of what the whole market is doing and give the numbers that show the efficiency of each: conversation rate and network’s performance in each offer.

These tools are decision support in the marketing strategy to be adopted.

Why should you be using a spy tool?

A spy tool is, above all, a way to acquire knowledge, get conclusions, and then act according to the data we have available. There's no scientific way to create a successful campaign. However, we can work with the odds and put them in our favor.

With a spy tool, you can get all the insights you need from a unique place:  Ad trends - what’s the product trend for a specific vertical - and then the ads that are working and in which target/segment. As if that was not enough, it still allows you to download the elements of the ads so you can create your own. Is there any way to make life even easier?

Get to know some spy tools


Countries: 75 countries;

Type of traffic: All

Price: From  $149 to $249 / month

Adplexity is one of the top Spy tools and probably the most famous one. Easy to use, they cover several countries and networks.  There are several Adplexity versions, depending on what we are looking for:

  • Adplexity Mobile and Adplexity Desktop
  • Adplexity Native
  • Adplexity Push
  • Adplexity E-commerce

This platform does not have a trial period, but a refund may be requested within the first 24 hours, which is quite helpful.

What are the best Spy Tools in the Industry?

When we look at the platform we understand that it is a user-friendly dashboard. It has a menu bar where you can choose the way you want to search - by keyword, advertiser, publisher, or placement. The interface is very intuitive.

When you decide to search by keyword you may choose if the keyword is placed on the landing page or in the Ad.

On the left side, you find the menu filter bar. You have several filter options:

Date, Ad Type, Device, GEOs, Language, Connection, Traffic Source, Affiliate Network, and Tracking Tool.

On the top right corner you may find other filters: the criteria of the results you want to see: “new”, “running the longest”, “received more traffic”. The two latter ones may indicate that they work better than other newer creatives.

From here there is an endless number of insights to be drawn. What is very useful about Adplexity is the fact that you can see all the redirections of an ad. You can be inspired or simply copycat.


Countries: +95 countries;

Type of traffic: Push notifications

Price: From  $49 / month

What are the best Spy Tools in the Industry?

Existing since 2017, created by media buyers, this spy tool is nothing more than a push ad monitoring service and allows you to try it for free in a free-trial version that gives unlimited access to 5 countries for 24 hours: France, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. After that, it costs $49 per month user/month.

This tool allows us to copy marketing funnels with just one click. It's very clean and easy to use and englobes over 2 million push ads.


Countries: +90 countries;

Type of traffic: Push, Native, and E-commerce

Price: From  $59 to $79 / month

What are the best Spy Tools in the Industry?

Anstrex is the newest hot trend spy tool on the market. This helps to be ahead of its competitors by taking advantage of their flaws. This platform doesn’t have a free trial but refunds you in 48h if you don’t like it. The competitive advantage of this platform, compared to others, is the information that gives about current bids and bidding history - which is new in the market.

Just like Adplexity, they have several versions available:

Anstrex Push - Ads from 38 networks and 92 countries.

Anstrex Native- Ads from 27 networks and 64 countries.

Anstrex Dropship - Similar to Adplexity’s E-commerce branch. This version is currently in a Beta phase therefore it’s still free.

The user may opt for a solo plan of the versions or the Bundle & Save plan - combining both push and native data.


Countries: +115 countries;

Type of traffic: Native traffic

Price: $299 / month

What are the best Spy Tools in the Industry?

Known for its stunning database of 7 million ads, this Spy tool is specific to native ads and allows you to target your search like no other.

Its competitive advantage is the function of mass ads download and incorporated translation of the ads into English.


Countries: +25 countries;

Type of traffic: Display and native traffic

Price: $249 to $399 / month

What are the best Spy Tools in the Industry?

Besides data from networks, this Spy tool also covers direct buys and it’s focused on display and native ads. They also warn you every time one of your competition starts a new campaign - isn’t it amazing? It also allows us to compare the performance of different advertisers with visual data.

The presented platform is made for the professional use of native and display publishers. Existing since 2010 it’s well established in the market and presents professional solutions and updates that no other has.


Countries: 19 countries;

Type of traffic: Display traffic

Price: $97 to $1499 / month

What are the best Spy Tools in the Industry?

Focused only on native ads, this platform is one of the best spy tools and it allows you to follow the desired advertisers and save creatives for later use. The competitive advantage of this platform is the fact that it allows you to contact advertisers you consider appropriate to work with you.

What Runs Where

Countries: 5 countries

Type of traffic: Display and Native traffic

Price: $299 to $399 / month

What are the best Spy Tools in the Industry?

With What Runs Where you can research the ads in four different areas:

  • Keywords: If you are still a bit lost about how to promote the offers from your category of products, this section will certainly help you.  You just search by the category and a list of advertisers and ads shows up. It’s great for inspiration and a first approach with the platform
  • Advertiser: Picture this, you want to find all the ads that are running for certain advertisers. You just need to insert the advertiser’s name and the results show up
  • Publisher: This area of the platform lets us know all the data about ads on a site. For a particular domain we get all the information about the advertisers, type of ads, traffic sources, form how long the ads are there, and much more
  • Top ads: You’re looking for ad trends and what’s working well in the industry? This area is for you. You may find what are the top ads for a huge number of filters including ad network, ad type, country, and more

WhatRunsWhere is easy to use and gives fast and clean insights. Nevertheless, it does not give you a huge amount of data, which makes it a good option if you’re a beginner.

How to choose the best option

It’s not easy to succeed in the affiliate marketing world. Fortunately, some tools can help, like Spy tools. However, nothing worth comes easy. It’s important not to forget that it’s always necessary to invest to have results.

When you work in digital marketing it’s imperative to always be updated with the latest trends and constantly up to date with the huge amount of data that is nowadays available for analysis. With a Spy tool, you will find thousands of options, and you may find a little lost - always filter by what’s exactly your need. Nevertheless, this is a good thing.

Just a few years ago, in the early days of the digital age, access to reliable data was very difficult, and very little was known. At that time the only way to know what the competition was doing was to check the site by site what they were showing.

What’s difficult to do is to gather all the information and work on it to obtain insights adjusted to the constant changes in the market - fortunately, spy tools exist to help us.

In our point of view, although having a spy tool is almost mandatory for anyone who wants to succeed in this market, you have to take into account the pros and cons of your decision. If you’re just now starting and you still don't have many resources to invest maybe you should try other tactics for now.

It’s always important to have a dedicated Account Manager who will help you with these decisions and advise you which is the best option.

Once again, technology comes to save your day. This time on the format of competition analysis and stats that are needed to plan a successful campaign.

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