Vibe – The Online Dating App And Affiliate Program Review

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Vibe - The Online Dating App and Affiliate Program Review

Online dating is today as normal as meeting your friends’ friends at a party. But, some of the most popular dating platforms are built on an idea of physical chemistry rather than in a real human connection with romantic potential.

While having random hangouts or hookups is socially acceptable, people seem to really be looking for something more than a one-night stand, even more so after the periods of quarantine.

This is what we liked about Vibe’s unique proposition, and in this article, we will tell you all about it and how to affiliate to this new exciting dating app that your audiences will appreciate for sure.

What exactly is Vibe?

Vibe is the new leading dating app, that gives users the chance to find great new connections without all that annoying texting and swiping.

The app is filled with all the hottest new dating spots, along with the classic favorites or, simply under the radar. You match, Vibe knows where to go.

No more endless swiping and chatting. Vibe’s clever two-way matching system will help your audience find their perfect match.

How does it work?

Vibe dating app focuses on activities, creating an online to offline dating experience, ensuring everybody is active, available, and engaged. Instead of going on the same awkward dates every time, Vibe suggests fun activities or different places nearby where the users can go on with their new dates.

Yes, the user can see people’s pictures but not only that:

Vibe - The Online Dating App and Affiliate Program Review

Along with the picture, users can know beforehand what matching percentage they have with people based on an in-depth questionary that every member needs to fill in to be on the platform.

This gives people an encouraging tip of why it’s worth not staying only in the looks and go deeper.

The match’s profile includes where they live, where they are from, the language they speak, their height, if they drink or smoke (real dealbreakers for some), and then some other info. Also, an “about me” section written by the person and their “favorite quote”. All these elements can form a more interesting image of a potential crush, rather than just a picture, don’t you think?

But it doesn’t stop there. Right after, the user can find a full list of the things that make both users a match. This gives even more insights into why having a date with this person can be a success.

Once both users agree to meet, Vibe proposes a selection of activities and places for their first date. Awesome enough, these places are also based on the activities they both enjoy.

We know it is important for you to love the products and offers you promote. We guarantee you that your readers or users will love Vibe.

So now, let’s talk about business… right?

Why Vibe?

Relationships and companionships are in high demand after the overwhelming experience of loneliness during the pandemic.

If you want to promote a real place where your single audience can find love, Vibe is the affiliate program you need to affiliate with.

Vibe App Affiliate Program Conditions

Payout Type: CPI / CPL

  • CPI: $2.45
  • CPL SOI: $1.75

Vibe and lemonads

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How To affiliate to Vibe’s Affiliate Program?

If you are already registered as a lemonads’ publisher you can affiliate here to Vibe Affiliate Program

If you are not yet in lemonads this is the step-by-step to a 2-minute subscribing process.

  1. Apply as a Publisher

Vibe - The Online Dating App and Affiliate Program Review

  1. Fill in the easy form as a Publisher with your work email, name, a messenger platform where we can contact you like skype, telegram, WeChat, or WhatsApp and your language and click on create an account.

Vibe - The Online Dating App and Affiliate Program Review

  1. Right after you will get a confirmation email

Vibe - The Online Dating App and Affiliate Program Review

Go to your email, open lemonads’ message, and click “Complete Registration”.

Vibe - The Online Dating App and Affiliate Program Review

After choosing your password you will be taken to few more questions so we can know better about your publishing activity. All this info is with the aim of giving you the most relevant offers available for your vertical of interest.

Vibe - The Online Dating App and Affiliate Program Review

Welcome to lemonads!
You have immediate access to a dashboard where you can start browsing the programs available and affiliate with Vibe’s affiliate program.

Conclusion- Why promoting Vibe?

On your client’s side:

  • Real connections based on in-depth questionnaires
  • Vibe proposes places to go on magic dates around the user’s location
  • Unique UX

On your side as a publisher:

Interesting payout.

Working with a network that offers a complete range of payout solutions with a weekly cashout possibility when +$€100 in commissions.

If you need some guidance or have any questions, contact us!
If you are ready to rumble, apply as a publisher on our Affiliate Network.