Daniel Gericke And ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN's statement on Daniel Gericke and our commitment to internet freedom
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ExpressVPN To Join Kape To Strengthen And Expand Push For Privacy

Since 2009, ExpressVPN has been leading the way in digital privacy and security. But we’ve always known that our mission is far bigger than one company. We believe that to make the broadest impact possible we need to team up with others who share our values—whether it’s through co-founding the VPN Trust Initiative with industry […]
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5 Times Art Was Used To Avoid Censorship

From classical music to sci-fi shows, art has used hidden codes and symbols to overcome censorship.
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How To Build A Free Multilingual Real Estate Website?

We've already covered all benefits that a multilingual real estate website has. Let's discuss now how exactly you can build it. Even though it might seem to be a challenge, in fact it's not. Good news is that you can even create a full-featured property website for free using just two WordPress plugins like Estatik […]
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Multilingual Real Estate Website: Pros & Cons

What makes a real estate website successful? There are some well-known features that you already know. Let us recall, for example, a great number of properties with great colorful pictures and video tours, advanced search tools, MLS import and synchronization feature, map searches, agent or agency details with great feedbacks from happy home buyers, etc. […]
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Effective Real Estate Branding. How To Get Started.

How to stand out from a crowd and become a distinctive and memorable real estate agent? That's a good question.. and hard work. Branding is not easy but it is very important in real estate area. And if you're here and reading this post, you've finally got this. Let's discuss the basics of successful real […]
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The Future Of Mobile: Trends From Mobile World Congress 2021

Today we wrap up Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021. Whether you joined online or attended the hybrid conference in person, one thing is certain: today’s groundbreaking technology is paving the way for our future connectivity. Fittingly, the theme of this year’s event was Connected Impact, representing the role mobile connectivity plays in an ever-changing world, where flexibility and […]
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Fuzzing ImageMagick And Digging Deeper Into CVE-2020-27829

Introduction: ImageMagick is a hugely popular open source software that is used in lot of systems around the world. It is available for the Windows, Linux, MacOS platforms as well as Android and iOS. It is used for editing, creating or converting various digital image formats and supports various formats like PNG, JPEG, WEBP, TIFF, […]
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Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Hacks And Attacks

Here’s to the hashtags, the likes, the followers, the DMs, and the LOLs—June 30th marks Social Media Day, a time to celebrate and reflect on how social media has changed our lives over the years.  Started in 2010 by media and entertainment company Mashable, celebrations have taken on all kinds of forms. Meetups, contests, calls to increase your social circle […]
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3 Canadian Real Estate Scams You Should Know About

Across the country, Canadians are moving out of cities in droves to stretch their legs and call a larger plot of land home. For those embracing the work-from-home lifestyle, they no longer need to live near metro-area offices in expensive shoebox apartments and condos. According to Statistics Canada, 50,000 people moved out of Toronto and nearly 25,000 people migrated from Montréal […]
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How To Proactively Increase Your Protection Against Ransomware With Threat Intelligence

As Ransomware continues to spread and target organizations around the world, it is critical to leverage threat intelligence data. And not just any threat intelligence but actionable intelligence from MVISION Insights. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to proactively increase your Endpoint Security to help minimize damage from the next Darkside, WannaCry, Ryuk, […]
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5 Ransomware Threats Canadians Need To Know

Every day you place your personal information in the hands of companies and trust that it will remain safe. However, what happens when external threats jeopardize your personal data security, especially while working remotely?  The transition to remote work environments and consumers’ online habits have made it more difficult for Canadian employees and consumers to protect their personal information. This challenge is primarily […]
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How I Seized McAfee’s Opportunities To Realize My Potential

This post was written by Emmanuel Making the most of opportunities and putting in the work with an employer who invests in you is a powerful combination. My journey at McAfee would not be complete had it not been for the chance to prove myself. McAfee Rotation Program (MRP) program helps candidates find the right […]
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Analyzing CVE-2021-1665 – Remote Code Execution Vulnerability In Windows GDI+

Introduction Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface+, also known as GDI+, allows various applications to use different graphics functionality on video displays as well as printers. Windows applications don’t directly access graphics hardware such as device drivers, but they interact with GDI, which in turn then interacts with device drivers. In this way, there is an […]
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What Is Roblox And Is It Safe For Kids?

If you have a tween or teen, you’ve likely heard a lot of excited chatter about Roblox. With a reported 150 million users, there’s a good chance your child has the Roblox site on their phone, tablet, PC, or Xbox. In fact, in 2020, Roblox estimated that over half of kids in the U.S. under 16 had used the forum. However, as with all digital destinations, the fun of Roblox is not without some safety concerns.   Why do kids love Roblox?  Roblox […]
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Homes, Not Just Devices: The New Consumer Cybersecurity

Over the last year, our relationship with digital technology has changed completely, and probably irrevocably. The pandemic has been bruising in many different ways, but it has been clear from the very start how important the internet has been as a tool to help us through it. Even just a few years ago, the behavioural […]
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McAfee Labs Report Highlights Ransomware Threats

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team today published the McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2021. In this edition we introduce additional context into the biggest stories dominating the year thus far including recent ransomware attacks. While the topic itself is not new, there is no question that the threat is now truly mainstream. This Threats […]
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Watch Out For These 3 Online Job Scams

If you recently found yourself looking for a new job, you are far from alone. According to the Institute of Labor Economics, more Canadians were seeking new employment opportunities at the height of the pandemic than during the previous three recessions combined. Job hunters only used to have to worry about the clarity of their cover letters and impressing interviewers. Now, however, […]
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Restricting Supplier Choice Isn’t An Option To Enhance Digital Sovereignty

Digital sovereignty and strategic autonomy are phrases that are used almost daily in EU policy circles, loosely framed around the EU’s ability to carve out its own future in the digital sphere, rather than having its terms dictated from abroad. To achieve digital sovereignty in practice, having access to as broad a range of suppliers […]
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Do The Benefits Of Bitcoin Outweigh The Risks?

What do Burger King and the popular “Doge” meme have in common? They both have cryptocurrencies named after their likeliness. WhopperCoin and Dogecoin are just two examples of the thousands of types of cryptocurrencies that have caught users’ attention over the past few years. Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens generated by a computer after solving complex mathematical functions. These functions […]
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7 Tips To Protect Your Smartphone From Getting Hacked

There’s little rest for your hard-working smartphone. If you’re like many professionals today, you use it for work, play, and a mix of personal business in between. Now, what if something went wrong with that phone, like loss or theft? Worse yet, what if your smartphone got hacked? Let’s try and keep that from happening to you.  Globally, plenty of people pull double duty […]
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Transforming To A Predictive Cyber Defense

How much of the global economy is managed from a home network these days? Or, more importantly, what percentage of your company’s most sensitive data passes through employee home networks right now? If you’re like me, working from a home office, you can’t help but think about all of the cybersecurity tradeoffs that accompanied the […]
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Testing To Ensure Your Security Posture Never Slouches

How well can you predict, prevent and respond to ever-changing cyberthreats? How do you know that your security efforts measure up? The stakes are high if this is difficult to answer and track.  Imagine if you had one place where you found a comprehensive real time security posture that tells you exactly where the looming […]
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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Protecting The Tech You Give To Dad

A new piece of tech often tops the list of Father’s Day gifts. And while things such as wearable fitness devices, smart speakers, smart outlets, or any number of other connected gadgets and do-dads are popular picks, one thing often gets overlooked—protecting those devices from hacks and attacks.  We live in a day and age when even connected lightbulbs can be hacked. The reality is that […]
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The Rise Of The Dark Web Gig Economy

The gig economy has become more prevalent in today’s world with the appeal and necessity of flexible work opportunities. Many take advantage of short-term contracts, side jobs, and freelance work to retain more control over how they spend their day and earn their income. However, the proliferation of these flexible work opportunities has transcended into […]
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Why Security Is Now The Foundation Of Good Customer Experience

What does ‘good customer service’ mean to you in 2021? A friendly greeting when you enter a shop? Quickly fixing any issues with deliveries? Or, perhaps the company you entrust with your data maintaining strong security and privacy practices? It’s been a long time since digital technology was a special interest topic. Product launches, business […]
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A New Program For Your Peloton – Whether You Like It Or Not

Executive Summary  The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team (ATR) is committed to uncovering security issues in both software and hardware to help developers provide safer products for businesses and consumers. As security researchers, something that we always try to establish before looking at a target is what our scope should be. More specifically, we often assume well-vetted technologies like network stacks or the OS layers are […]
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Is Your Peloton Spinning Up Malware?

[Disclaimer: The McAfee ATR team disclosed this vulnerability to Peloton and promptly started working together to responsibly develop and issue a patch within the disclosure window. The patch was tested and confirmed effective on June 4, 2021.] Picture this: A hacker enters a gym or fitness center with a Peloton Bike+. They insert a tiny USB key with a boot […]
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McAfee Named A 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice For SWG

The McAfee team is very proud to announce that, for the third year in a row, McAfee was named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Secure Web Gateways for its Web Solution. In its announcement, Gartner explains, “The Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice is a recognition of vendors in this market by verified […]
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How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Smartphone

If only more things in life came with training wheels; a child’s first smartphone could certainly use some.  Like taking off the training wheels and riding out into the neighborhood for the first time, a smartphone opens an entirely new world for children. There are apps, social media, group chats with friends, TikTok stars, and the joy of simply being “in” with their classmates and […]
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McAfee A Leader In The Forrester Wave™ Unstructured Data Security Platforms

The mass migration of employees working from home in the last 14 months has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses.  Cloud applications are no longer a “nice to have,” they are now essential to ensure that businesses survive.  This introduces new security challenges in being able to locate and control sensitive data across all the […]
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Finding Success At Each Stage Of Your Threat Intelligence Journey

Every week it seems there’s another enormous breach in the media spotlight. The attackers may be state-sponsored groups with extensive resources launching novel forms of ransomware. Where does your organization stand on its readiness and engagement versus this type of advanced persistent threat? More importantly, where does it want to go? We believe that the […]
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The Executive Order – Improving The Nation’s Cyber Security

On May 12, the President signed the executive order (EO) on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity. As with every executive order, it establishes timelines for compliance and specific requirements of executive branch agencies to provide specific plans to meet the stated objectives. It is clear from the EO that the Executive Office of the President is […]
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Estatik V.3.11.0 Ready. What’s New?

While everyone was busy trying out and testing our brand new Canva Realtor Instagram Bundle, our team behind the scenes was working on new 3.11.0 version of our plugin. This update is very important because it includes a lot of long-awaited features like customizable property boxes, login via Google and Facebook accounts and many others. […]
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Are Virtual Machines The New Gold For Cyber Criminals?

Introduction Virtualization technology has been an IT cornerstone for organization for years now. It revolutionized the way organizations can scale up IT systems in a heartbeat, allowing then to be more agile as opposed to investing into dedicated “bare-metal” hardware. To the outside untrained eye, it might seem that there are different machines on the […]
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How To Teach Kids About Online Safety: A Guide

Kids are online now more than ever, not just during free time, but also during school time. It is impossible to always peek over their shoulder, and depending on their age, they may grow tired of a POS (aka parent over shoulder). The internet can be a dangerous place, but with the right education, kids can navigate hazards and remain safe and calm while online.  Check out this online safety guide on […]
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2 Great Marketing Strategies Most Successful Affiliate Publisher Do

Affiliate promotion is one of the coolest ways to earn money online. Most online internet savvy already discovers about this, from blogger to any website owner. There are so many channels to get noticed that sometimes it is overwhelming on which and what are the right strategy we need to implement for the products or […]

Avoid Making Costly Mistakes With Your Mobile Payment Apps

There used to be a time when one roommate split the cost of rent with another by writing a check. Who still owns a checkbook these days? Of course, those days are nearly long gone, in large part thanks to “peer to peer” (P2P) mobile payment apps, like Venmo, Zelle, or Cash App. Now with a simple click on an app, you can transfer your friend money for brunch before you even […]
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Instagram Real Estate Templates Bundle Released!

Hey, we've got something new coming out! And this is not about WordPress real estate plugins and themes this time. This is not about WordPress at all! Inspired by our WordPress Realtor Theme, we've decided to join this crazy social media design community and prepared a stunning Canva compatible Instagram Templates Bundle for you. Why […]
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Apple Users: This MacOS Malware Could Be Spying On You

In 2018, Macs accounted for 10% of all active personal computers. Since then, popularity has skyrocketed. In the first quarter of 2021, Macs experienced 115% growth when compared to Q1 2020, putting Apple in fourth place in the global PC market share. It is safe to say that Macs are well-loved and trusted devices by a significant portion of the population — but […]
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8 Tips For Staying Safe From Ransomware Attacks

What is Ransomware? Over the past year, you may have seen the term ransomware popping up frequently. For enterprising hackers, this once uncommon tactic has become standard operating procedure, and with good reason – it pays. Ransomware is malware that employs encryption to hold a victim’s information at ransom. The hacker uses it to encrypt […]
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The What, Why, And How Of AI And Threat Detection

There are more online users now than ever before, thanks to the availability of network-capable devices and online services. The internet population in Canada is the highest it has been, topping the charts at 33 million. That number is only expected to increase through the upcoming years. However, this growing number and continued adoption of online services pose […]
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A Safer Internet For You, Your Family, And Others Too

With so many of us relying on the internet in ways we simply haven’t before, it follows that a safer internet is more important than ever before too.   June marks Internet Safety Month, a time where we can look back at the past year and realize that the internet was more than just a coping mechanism during the pandemic, it evolved […]
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Potentially Malicious Apps Your Kids May Use

It’s a question I get several times a year from anxious parents, either via a direct message, an email or even in line at the grocery store. It goes something like this: “What’s the one thing you wish you’d done better when monitoring your kids’ technology?”  Both of my kids are now young adults, and together, we survived a handful of digital mishaps. So, I tend to have a few answers ready. I’ll go into one of […]
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Why May 2021 Represents A New Chapter In The “Book Of Cybersecurity Secrets”

May 2021 has been an extraordinary month in the cybersecurity world, with the DoD releasing its DoD Zero Trust Reference Architecture (DoDZTRA), the Colonial Pipeline being hit with a ransomware attack, and the White House releasing its Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity (EO). Add to that several major vendors that our government depends […]
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Happy Birthday GDPR!

Believe it or not, the baby turns 3 today! And like with every three-year-old, there is a lot to watch out for. Granted, when GDPR was born it was after a 2-year gestation (transition) period. What followed were many sleepless nights with the new baby when it was born on May 25, 2018; not to […]
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Cyber Cyber, Burning Bright: Can XDR Frame Thy Fearful Asymmetry?

The security industry is engulfed in the most asymmetric cyberwarfare we have ever seen. The outcome of an Attacker’s mission may depend entirely upon a single misplaced charge on a single memory chip on a single server, perhaps the difference between a vulnerable and secure setting in a registry key, and the difference between success […]
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Private Browsing Vs VPN – Which One Is More Private?

As people turn to the Internet for news and answers to tough questions, it only makes sense that it would come to know you better than your closest friends and family. When we go online for answers to personal questions, we’re sharing our deepest secrets with search engines. While some people are happy to share that level of […]
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Alert Actionability In Plain English From A Practitioner

In response to the latest MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluation 3, McAfee noted five capabilities that are must-haves for Sec Ops and displayed in the evaluation.  This blog will speak to the alert actionability capability which is essential. This critical ability to react in the fastest possible way, as early as possible on the attack chain, while correlating, aggregating and summarizing all subsequent activity while reducing alert fatigue to allow Sec Ops to uphold efficient actionability.   As a Sec Ops practitioner and former analyst, I can remember […]
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