The Proton Community Is Fighting Censorship In Ethiopia

Internet censorship is a recurring problem in Ethiopia, particularly since the beginning of the Tigray War in 2020. At various times, the government has blocked specific websites and shut down the internet completely in the Tigray region and nationally. Right now, the Ethiopian people are under another online blackout targeting the most popular social media […]
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What Is An Internet Service Provider?

An internet service provider (ISP) is the company that connects you to the internet, resolves domain names, routes internet traffic, and is responsible for helping to maintain the network infrastructure that makes the internet possible.  The term includes mobile (cell phone) operators who provide mobile internet access over wireless cellular networks. ISPs often provide other […]
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Free VPNs Vs. Paid VPNs

It costs money to run a VPN service. Even the most basic service must purchase or rent servers, pay qualified staff to configure and maintain them, and employ and train knowledgeable support staff.  To stand out in today’s crowded VPN marketspace, providers must hire talented developers to build high-quality software with advanced features, creative designers […]
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The Fight Against Censorship Has Never Been More Important

The year 2022 represents a new low when it comes to online access to information and freedom of expression. It was the twelfth year in a row that online freedom declined, according to Freedom House’s Freedom On the Net report. There were some obvious causes. Since its unjust invasion of Ukraine, Russia has ramped up […]
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Deutsche Welle And Proton VPN Team Up To Fight Censorship

You can now bypass censorship attempts and get high-speed access to DW websites from anywhere in the world for free by connecting to dedicated servers run by Proton VPN. Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international news organization that provides accurate and independent coverage and analysis of events worldwide. While DW is state-funded, it’s governed by […]
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How To Block Third-party Cookies On All Browsers

Third-party cookies provide an invasive way for websites to track what you do online. In this article, we look at what they are, how they work, and how you can block them on all major browsers.  Find out which browsers are best for your privacy If you want to keep your online activity private, a […]
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Always Stay Secure With Our Permanent Kill Switch

Proton VPN is pleased to introduce a new feature for our Windows and Linux apps: a Permanent Kill Switch that protects your device at all times, preventing you from accidentally connecting to the internet without the privacy and security of a Proton VPN connection.  In this article, we discuss what Permanent Kill Switch does, how […]
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Introducing The Proton VPN Browser Extension

The Proton VPN browser extension provides a convenient and secure way to protect your privacy online. You asked, we listened. We are excited to announce the Proton VPN browser extension in beta, one of our most requested features. With the browser extension, you can: The Proton VPN browser extension is available for Chromium-based browsers (such […]
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How To Fix The Error ‘OpenAI Is Not Available In Your Country’?

A lot of people are learning about the artificial intelligence company OpenAI, thanks to its hit chatbot, ChatGPT, which shot to prominence after being released in November 2022. It was praised for its ability to chat in a coherent, human-sounding manner. We tried it too. But OpenAI’s services, including ChatGPT, are not available in every […]
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Five Best Torrent Clients For Your Privacy 2023

The peer-to-peer (P2P) BitTorrent protocol provides a highly efficient and decentralized way to share files over the internet. This is often referred to as “file sharing” or “torrenting”.  Learn more with our ultimate guide to torrenting To share files this way, you need torrent downloader software, usually referred to as a BitTorrent (or just torrent) […]
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How To Fix Lag In FIFA 22 & 23

Find out the cause behind your lag and take your FIFA team to the championships—with no bandwidth restrictions and minimal lag!
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What Does CAPTCHA Mean? (Definition And Explanation)

Different types of CAPTCHAs protect websites from spambots. Here’s how they work, and tips to solve them. But first, find all the street signs in these images...
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How To Fix ‘ChatGPT Is At Capacity’ Error With A VPN

ChatGPT is frequently inaccessible because too many people are trying to use it. We cover the various methods to bypass this error, including a VPN.
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Tech Friend: How Secure Is Screen Casting?

Worst case: Someone could take control of the content that appears on your TV. We also answer your questions about DuckDuckGo’s App Tracking Protection.
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What Is The Great Firewall Of China And How Does It Work? 

China is infamous for its internet censorship program, widely known as the Great Firewall of China (GFW).   In this article, we look at what the GFW is and how it prevents citizens of mainland China from accessing the free and open internet. What is the great firewall of China? Since 1998, the government of mainland […]
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