10 Best Baseball Movies To Stream Online

From Moneyball of Major League, we’ve chosen some of our favorite movies about baseball that are available to stream online as World Series gets underway.
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6 Times Cyber Scammers Used Celebrities To Con People

Think carefully before clicking on that Kim Kardashian-endorsed cryptocurrency or trying to stream the latest Anna Kendrick movie for free online.
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The Ultimate Halloween Streaming Guide

Can’t decide what to watch this Halloween? Explore our list of 100+ movies to stream this spooky season. Trick and treat yourself!
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Announcing ExpressVPN’s 2021 Scholarship Winner

We are excited to announce the winner of the ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship 2021: Ishmael Liwanda, a law student at the University of Bristol, UK. Congratulations! This year, our essay prompt asked students to discuss how countries should approach public health while also considering individual privacy. The Covid-19 pandemic has put this question into […]
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How To Access The Dark Web

Looking to explore the dark web? Check out our guide with step-by-step instructions to get connected.
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Are We Running Out Of IP Addresses? 5 Facts To Know

Has the internet run out of IP addresses? Find out about IPv4 vs. IPv6, and why there are enough IPs to serve billions of internet users.
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WireGuard Speed, Proton Privacy

In 2017, we launched ProtonVPN to defeat censorship and protect activists, journalists, and ordinary people on the internet. Since then, we’ve continued to build new features like NetShield Adblocker and, more recently, our unique VPN Accelerator for our community.  ProtonVPN is built by the same team that created ProtonMail. Founded by scientists who met at […]
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ProtonVPN Expands To 61 Countries!

We are happy to announce the addition of the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, and Nigeria to the ProtonVPN network, with Georgia following in the coming weeks. This brings our coverage to 61 countries, making ProtonVPN one of the largest VPN networks in the world. Anyone with a Plus or Visionary plan who is based in […]
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What Is The Difference Between A Proxy And A VPN?

A proxy is any server that sits between your device and a wider network, such as the internet. A virtual private network (VPN) server is a specific kind of proxy, but many other kinds of proxy exist. Although inaccurate (and as a result, confusing), VPNs are often contrasted to proxies.  Learn more about what VPN […]
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Why We Have A Free VPN

The internet was designed to facilitate the free exchange of ideas and information. However, organizations, governments, internet service providers, and hackers can all pose a threat to that freedom. Since the internet was created, we’ve seen geo-restrictions, mass surveillance, and censorship prevent people from accessing all kinds of websites and online content. Although using a […]
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Which VPN Should I Download To Defeat Censorship?

Internet censorship is now more sophisticated and “lasting longer, affecting more people, and targeting vulnerable groups,” according to Access Now, an NGO that defends digital rights. Motivated by political power, restrictive social mores, and national security, illiberal governments in dozens of countries around the world have resorted to internet filtering and blackouts to control access […]
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Increase VPN Speeds By Over 400% With VPN Accelerator

ProtonVPN has a long history of developing new solutions to complex and difficult problems, including ways to defeat attempts to block VPNs and advertisers tracking users across the internet. As a company created by scientists who met at CERN, we have a strong culture of research and development, and we have recently leveraged this to […]
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ProtonVPN’s MacOS And IOS Apps Help Bypass Censorship

ProtonVPN was launched in 2017 in response to attempts by authoritarian regimes to block access to ProtonMail. Since then, ProtonVPN has become one of the most important and widely used tools for defeating censorship and protecting freedom of speech worldwide. Advancing the cause of internet freedom is an important part of what we do, and […]
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What To Look For In A Safe VPN Download

As internet users become increasingly savvy about their online security, VPNs have grown in popularity. Once reserved for special purposes, VPNs have now gone mainstream as more people realize VPNs can protect their private data and help them access blocked sites.  However, that increased popularity has also incentivized bad actors to enter the market, using […]
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ProtonVPN Now Offers The Most Advanced Free Linux VPN App

Today, we’re launching a new Linux app. It features an elegant and fully featured graphical user interface, making it easy to use on the Linux desktop. ProtonVPN is the only VPN service to offer a full-featured, open source, and free Linux application.  We have long been supporters of Linux and open source software. Today, all […]
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Do I Need A VPN On My Phone In The US?

When people think of VPNs, the first thing that comes to mind is often personal and work computers and the ability to stream movies. However, we are spending an increasing amount of time using the internet on our phones rather than on a computer. The fact is, you face the same privacy risks on your […]
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