Avast Data Summit 2021 | Avast

At this year’s Avast Data Summit, an internal event primarily intended for Avastians, a combination of Avast leaders and industry thought leaders gave seminars at the intersection of privacy, data, and security.  Since its inception, A...

Social Media Use And Covid-19 Vaccines | Avast

In July 2021, US President Joe Biden made headlines when he said social media platforms are “killing people” by failing to curb the spread of Covid-19 vaccine disinformation and misinformation. And while Facebook first took action against m...

Introducing Avast Secure Browser PRO | Avast

We are all spending more time online. In a recent YouGov survey of more than 16,000 people in 17 countries, over 60% of all respondents in all age groups said they spend more than two hours online outside of work. What’s more, 30% of respon...

Staying Cyber Aware And Safer From Ransomware

Ransomware – A truly frightening cyber security topic It’s October, and at McAfee we love celebrating spooky season. As McAfee’s Chief Technology Officer,...
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3 Reasons Even Chromebook™ Devices Benefit From Added Security

Google Chromebook™ devices could rightly be called a game-changer for education. These low-cost laptops are within financial reach for far more families than their more expensive competitors, a fact that proved crucial with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of last year. During that period, Google donated more than 4,000 Chromebook devices […]
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Premium SMS Scam Apps On Play Store | Avast

Last week, I reported 80 apps belonging to a premium SMS scam campaign, which signs victims up for expensive premium SMS services that earn a bad actor or actors money while ultimately leaving victims completely empty-handed, to Google’s Se...

Resilience Lies With Security: Securing Remote Access For Your Business

Remote access has helped us become more interconnected than ever before. In the United States alone, two months into the pandemic, approximately 35% of the workforce was teleworking. The growth of remote access allowed individuals to work with organizations and teams they don’t physically see or meet. However, the demand for remote access has critical […]
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Understanding The Facebook Outage | Avast

In early October, Facebook and their apps – including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger – effectively disappeared from the internet for more than five hours. Best estimates are that this outage affected over 3.5 billion (yes, “billion” with...

Malicious Cracked Games Pose Risks | Avast

Reports of a new malware targeting gamers, along with Avast Threat Labs findings on Crackonosh, are reminders that targeting gamers can be big business for cybercriminals. They’re also a reminder that gamers need to protect themselves again...

What Is Killware?

Killware is the big next cybersecurity threat according to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Several attacks of these kind have affected Americans.
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How To Report Identity Theft To Social Security

In the hands of a thief, your Social Security Number is the master key to your identity.  With a Social Security Number (SSN), a thief can...
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Endpoint Security And Stand-alone Antivirus Software: How Do They Work? Which One Do You Need?

Endpoint security and Antivirus, two terms are from the same industry and have many fundamental things in common in between them. However, these two similar yet technically different software are often confusing to a lot of decision-makers, let alone the mass. Differentiating and choosing the right fit for your need […]
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Smashing Security Podcast #248: Press F12 To Hack

A journalist is threatened with prosecution after choosing to "View Source" on a public webpage, Amazon Ring owners might be in line for a hefty fine if their neighbours complain, and is the school lunch queue a good place for facial recognition?


Generational Internet Use | Avast

There’s a common belief that kids are always on their phones. And we assume they’re on there because that’s where their friends are. Whether it’s the newest social media or “old school” SMS texting or Facetiming, young people like to stay c...

NIST And No-notice: Finding The Goldilocks Zone For Phishing Simulation Difficulty

Earlier this year, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) published updated recommendations for phishing simulations in security awareness training programs. We discussed it on our Community page soon after the updated standards were released, but the substance of the change bears repeating. “Practical exercises include no-notice social engineering attempts to collect information, gain […]
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Tattleware And Privacy | Avast

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, thousands of companies suddenly had to adapt to remote work. While many started relying more heavily on software they were already using — such as Slack for team interaction, Zoom for meetings, ...

Survey: How Well Do IT Pros Know AI And Machine Learning?

What do the terms artificial intelligence and machine learning mean to you? If what comes to mind initially involves robot butlers or rogue computer programs, you’re not alone. Even IT pros at large enterprise organizations can’t escape pop culture visions fed by films and TV. But today, as cyberattacks against businesses and individuals continue to […]
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Could You Be Robbed Using Apple Pay?

Researchers have discovered a loophole that could allow thieves to rob Apple iPhone users wirelessly.
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How To Secure All Your Everyday Connected Devices

Take a roll call of all your devices that connect to the internet. These include the obvious ones – laptops, tablets, and your smartphone....
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Top Signs Of Identity Theft

When it comes to identity theft, trust your gut when something doesn’t feel right. Follow up. What you’re seeing could be a sign of identity theft.  A missing...
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Ransomware Series: Video 2

The Rise of Ransomware Ransomware attacks dominate news coverage of the cybersecurity industry. And it’s no wonder – with million-dollar payouts, infrastructure attacks and international manhunts, ransomware makes for exciting headlines. But its recent domination of the airwaves has been a long time coming.   “The first types of ransomware have existed for quite some […]
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The 6 Nastiest Malware Of 2021

Malware leaps from the darkness to envelop our lives in a cloak of stolen information, lost data and worse. But to know your enemy is to defeat your enemy. So we peered over the ledge leading to the dark web and leapt. The forces we sought are disruptors – without warning, they disturb our businesses […]
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