Team Behind The Tech – Economy Group

Just as they do in the physical world, goods, services, and entertainment power a thriving economy on Roblox. Our Economy Group develops the infrastructure that makes this possible; their vision is to create a vibrant, virtual economy that mirrors the real world.  “As a company, our goal is to have over a billion people on […]
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Enabling Creation Of Anything, Anywhere, By Anyone

At Roblox, our vision is to reimagine the way we come together. Millions of developers and creators across the globe come together to inspire, build, and share. Our platform is user created and our community is at the center of everything we do.  Everything you see on Roblox – from the high-fidelity experiences to the […]
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Leading At Roblox With Dmitri Essiounine

Leading at Roblox is a series that explores the career journeys of Roblox’s leaders and discusses their roles, philosophies, and management styles. In this profile, get to know Dmitri Essiounine, an Engineering Director on Roblox’s Economy Team. Let’s talk about your career path to Roblox leadership. How did it all start? DE: In college, I […]
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The Tech Stack For The Metaverse

At DeveloperWeek this year, Roblox CTO Dan Sturman sat down with the CTO of Stripe, David Singleton, to discuss “The Tech Stack for the Metaverse.” Missed the event and want to check it out? Explore the recap and recording below. Roblox participated in DeveloperWeek in Oakland, CA this year. We connected with an audience of […]
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Values In Action – Respect The Community: The Roblox Game Jam

At its core, Roblox is a values-driven company. Our values determine how we work together, find and grow the right talent, and define our own vision of success. One of those values is to Respect the Community: we consider our impact on the world, strive to respect everyone’s best interests, and communicate authentically. Our community […]
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Generative AI On Roblox: Our Vision For The Future Of Creation

Today, Roblox provides creators with a platform that enables end-to-end tools, services, and support to help them build the most immersive 3D experiences. With Roblox Studio, creators have everything they need, out-of-the-box and for free, to build their experiences and publish immediately on all popular platforms, reaching 58.8 million people daily worldwide. With the advent […]
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Team Behind The Tech – User Group

Roblox is a human co-experience platform.  We want our users to be able to experience the full spectrum of social interactions in our immersive 3D experiences, with communication on Roblox mirroring all the ways we communicate in the real world.  One of the cross-functional teams building this technology on Roblox is the User Group.  “We […]
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Hack Week 2022: Putting Our Values Into Action

In December 2022, we hosted our annual Hack Week. During this week, Robloxians put our values into action by pursuing projects that drive rapid innovation. This was our largest annual self-organized event to date, with over 400 employees across 225 teams competing for a spot in the top three in each of four categories. Unleashing […]
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Winter Roblox Week 2023

We kicked off 2023 with Roblox Week at HQ in San Mateo, CA. Roblox Week takes a typical company all-hands to the next level – our team gathers in person for a week of activities that foster employee connection, create a sense of community, and celebrate the technical innovations we’re building to drive the future […]
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What Engineers Really Think About The Metaverse (Survey Insights)

93% of engineers want to help build the metaverse, and 4 in 5 would quit their current job for the opportunity More than 90% say the metaverse will see more technical innovation than any other segment in the next decade 78% of engineers expect to spend more than half of their workday in the metaverse […]
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