ToddyCat Claws At Asian Governments

Researchers are monitoring an advanced persistent threat (APT) codenamed ToddyCat that has been linked to attacks on government and military entities in Europe and Asia since at least December 2020. Using an unknown exploit to deploy the Chopp...

NHS Warns Of Scam COVID-19 Text Messages

The UK's National Health Service has warned the public about a spate of fake messages, sent out as SMS text messages, fraudulently telling recipients that they have been exposed to the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

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Vishing Scams On The Rise: How To Protect Yourself

Vishing scams have quickly become another major security threat for people around the globe. And although Interpol has cracked down in recent days, the risk of being targeted — and falling victim — to vishing scams has reached new heights.

The Secret Gay History Of The Modern Internet

David Bohnett was born 13 years before the Stonewall Revolution, which kicked off the modern day gay civil rights movement in 1969 – and his early life tragically mirrored the struggle. His first lover took his own life because he couldn’t rec...

RSocks Criminal Botnet Taken Down

Last week, the US Department of Justice announced the takedown of Russian IoT botnet and proxy service for hire RSocks. Working with various European law enforcement agencies, the FBI used undercover purchases of the site’s services to map out...

Meta Bridges 2D And 3D With Crayta | Avast

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last week that user-generated tools like Crayta will help bridge the 2D gaming experiences on Facebook with the 3D world of the metaverse. Meta acquired Crayta last year when it bought Unity 2 Games. The comp...

EIDAS 2.0 Amendments | Avast

Avast’s views and opinion on the Draft Report on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 as regards establishing a framework for a European Digital Identity. Published by...

Digital Wellbeing: Do Free Countries Have More Of It?

How are you all doing out there, Internet People? According to the first ever Avast Digital Wellbeing Report, it’s a mixed bag. We wanted to analyze the relationship between a country’s freedom of the internet, measured by its Freedom on the N...

Girl Scouts And OpenText Empower Future Leaders Of Tomorrow With Cyber Resilience

The transition to a digital-first world enables us to connect, work and live in a realm where information is available at our fingertips. The children of today will be working in an environment of tomorrow that is shaped by hyperconnectivity. Operating in this environment means our present and future generations need to understand the importance […]
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Cyber Threats In Gaming—and 3 Tips For Staying Safe

The popularity of online gaming surged during the COVID-19 pandemic—and so did cyberattacks against gamers. If you’re the parent of a gamer, or if you’re a gamer yourself, it’s important to learn about the risks. Why are cyber threats to gamers on the rise? It might seem strange that cybercriminals are targeting gamers. But there […]
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Webroot Managed Detection And Response (MDR) Purpose-built For MSPs

The cyber threat landscape keeps evolving at lightning-speed. According to the latest 2022 BrightCloud® Threat Report, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are particularly vulnerable to becoming a victim of a ransomware attack. Cybercriminals also are becoming more selective of the organizations they target. Without human security experts and solutions at their disposable, these businesses remain […]
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Goodbye Cookies, Hello Digital Fingerprints

Internet marketers have developed a new tracking technology to replace cookies: digital fingerprinting.
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Improved Functionality And New Features To Help Enhance The User Experience

Webroot Console 6.5 is here To help get us closer to retiring the Endpoint Protection Console, we’ve introduced three new functionality features with Webroot Console 6.5. Friendly name support To help get us closer to retiring the Endpoint Protection Console, we’ve introduced three new functionality features with Webroot Console 6.5. Friendly name support To improve […]
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World Password Day And The Importance Of Password Integrity

Passwords have become a common way to access and manage our digital lives. Think of all the accounts you have with different providers. Having a password allows you to securely access your information, pay bills or connect with friends and family on various platforms. However, having a password alone is not enough. Your password for […]
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Caution! Beware Of The Fake WhatsApp Mother’s Day Scam.

Getting text messages from random numbers is disturbing. But spam messages aren’t just annoying; they can also be...
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Introduction Of DNS Tunneling And How Attackers Use It.

  What is DNS?  DNS (Domain Name System) is a service that converts hostnames to IP addresses. It...
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