Protecting Your Data In The Cloud — Here’s How

Downloaded a few audio books or your music library and then started shooting countless photos on vacation only to find that suddenly your smartphone or tablet’s memory is all used up and there are still loads of things you’d like to photograph? It’s hi...

The 5 Most Important Rules For Online Shopping

The end of year holidays mark the busiest time of the year for online shoppers. We’re all rushing around trying to find the right gift that doesn’t break the budget. Throw in family time and stress can get out of hand. Sadly, this time also marks one of the busiest times of year for online […]
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Protect Yourself From Spam With Our Ultimate Quick Guide

What is spam exactly? And what does spam, or “spamming” even mean? The annoying, usually promotional paper flyers that come floating through your real-life letterbox have a digital cousin: Meet spam. It’s the unwanted, unloved, unrequested (and usually...

Webroot™ Premium: The All-in-one Protection For Your Devices And Identity

The risk of becoming a victim of identity theft has never been greater We are increasingly living our lives in the digital realm. Whether we’re banking, purchasing or browsing, our daily activities are most likely taking place online. Not only has this sped up our efficiency, but it has also expanded our exposure to a […]
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It’s Time. Delete Your Twitter DMs

Twitter is in chaos. I'd rather delete my Direct Messages one-by-one than one day find that they are in the hands of a hacker or a disgruntled Twitter employee who goes rogue.

Alleged LockBit Ransomware Operator Arrested In Canada

A man with dual Russian and Canadian nationality has been arrested in connection with his alleged part in the LockBit ransomware conspiracy that has demanded more than $100 million from its victims.

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QBOT – A HTML Smuggling Technique To Target Victims

QBot, also known as Qakbot, QuackBot, and Pinkslipbot, is a Banking Trojan that was first observed in 2007....
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OpenText Security Solutions 2022 Global SMB Ransomware Survey: Fighting More… With Less

Small and medium-size business (SMB) leaders have a lot on their minds. The looming recession and inflation have created financial uncertainty. Meanwhile, the global rise in sophisticated ransomware threats and geo-political tensions are escalating cyber threats. With so many factors and pressures at play, how are SMBs navigating this challenging business landscape while fighting back […]
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Protect Yourself From DDoS Attacks — Here’s How

In May 2022, Bloomberg reported that several German government websites couldn’t be reached because some federal ministries had been hit by cyberattacks. Security experts confirmed that this attack was what is known as a distributed denial of service (...

Clearing The Cache On Your Mac

You’re almost certain to have come across the term “cache” if your Mac is taking longer and longer to load web pages and your quick web searches say that you should clear the browser cache. The French word “cache” means “a hidden store of things”. To p...

How Can I Protect Myself From An SQL Injection Attack?

In most cases, computer programs, websites, and apps use databases to securely manage and store data. Examples of data stored in these databases include product information on websites, data on user behavior, or log-in credentials. The programming lang...

Cryptocurrency, A New Haven For Money Laundering

Cybercriminals take advantage of the untraceability of cryptocurrencies to launder the proceeds of their online scams.
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FIFA 23: In The Crosshairs Of Hackers

Video games move huge amounts of money in sales and micropayments, and hackers know it. FIFA 23 is now in their sights.
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Vulnerability Assessment: What It Is And How To Perform One

Quick answer: A vulnerability assessment reviews and assesses the risks of security weaknesses in an organization’s information and security systems. There are more than 180,000…
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What Is SSL? A Guide To How It Works And Why It’s Important

Secure Sockets Layer, otherwise known as SSL, is an encryption protocol that creates an authenticated channel between devices on the internet, so that information can…
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What Is Social Engineering And How Can You Protect Yourself?

Social engineering is a tactic that cybercriminals use to manipulate people into revealing private information or sharing sensitive data. If you’ve ever gotten an unexpected…
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SSL Certificate: What It Is And How To Get One

Every user wants and expects a safe and secure internet experience. Whether they’re purchasing concert tickets or moving funds to a new bank account, online…
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Passwords For Kids: How To Create And Manage Them

Parenting in the 2020s means lots of passwords. You have school devices. You have soccer team logins. You have Roblox and Minecraft and YouTube. Sometimes it feels like your kids have more accounts than you do! Which means it’s very, very temp...


Emotet is usually delivered by SPAM campaigns containing document files. This self-propagating Trojan is a downloader malware that...
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Caffeine Makes Phishing Easy

A phishing-as-a-service (PhaaS) platform called Caffeine is unlike others in that it offers an open registration process, requiring neither invitations nor referrals, allowing anyone who registers to access all the tools one could need to laun...

What Is A Router? Your Guide To At-Home Wi-Fi

If you are reading this over a Wi-Fi connection, you can thank a router. Simply put, a router is the gateway that sends information between…
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Discover 2022’s Nastiest Malware

For the past year, hackers have been following close behind businesses and families just waiting for the right time to strike. In other words, 2022 has been an eventful year in the threat landscape, with malware continuing to take center stage. The 6 Nastiest Malware of 2022 Since the mainstreaming of ransomware payloads and the […]
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Websites Of Multiple US Airports Taken Down By Hackers

Killnet, a pro-Russian hacker group, took responsibility for the attacks agains the airports of Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Chicago.
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The IRS Warns Smishing Attacks Are On The Rise

Smishing, or phishing carried out using SMS text messages, is once again on the rise, according to new reports from the IRS. They have warned Americans of the situation last month; this warning joins one issued by the FCC back in July. The IRS...

Robocalls: FCC Cracks The Whip

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given regional US voice service providers Akabis, Cloud4, Global UC, Horizon Technology Group, Morse Communications, Sharon Telephone Company, and SW Arkansas Telecommunications and Technology 14...