10 Top Facts About MLS

Since you're on this page, you probably already know what MLS means or have already dealt with this. Even if you're familiar with this already, this post may have some extra information you haven't heard about yet. If you're a newbie, we'll do our best to explain these complicated things in a simple and effective […]
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CREA DDF WordPress Real Estate Integration

First off, let's get started with what CREA DDF is. DDF is Data Distribution Facility created by CREA (The Canadian Real Estate Association). It was designed to help real estate brokerages promote their listings on their websites and get more leads. The CREA DDF feed format is compatible with Estatik WordPress Real Estate Solutions, namely […]
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How To Build A Free Multilingual Real Estate Website?

We've already covered all benefits that a multilingual real estate website has. Let's discuss now how exactly you can build it. Even though it might seem to be a challenge, in fact it's not. Good news is that you can even create a full-featured property website for free using just two WordPress plugins like Estatik […]
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Multilingual Real Estate Website: Pros & Cons

What makes a real estate website successful? There are some well-known features that you already know. Let us recall, for example, a great number of properties with great colorful pictures and video tours, advanced search tools, MLS import and synchronization feature, map searches, agent or agency details with great feedbacks from happy home buyers, etc. […]
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Effective Real Estate Branding. How To Get Started.

How to stand out from a crowd and become a distinctive and memorable real estate agent? That's a good question.. and hard work. Branding is not easy but it is very important in real estate area. And if you're here and reading this post, you've finally got this. Let's discuss the basics of successful real […]
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Estatik V.3.11.0 Ready. What’s New?

While everyone was busy trying out and testing our brand new Canva Realtor Instagram Bundle, our team behind the scenes was working on new 3.11.0 version of our plugin. This update is very important because it includes a lot of long-awaited features like customizable property boxes, login via Google and Facebook accounts and many others. […]
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Instagram Real Estate Templates Bundle Released!

Hey, we've got something new coming out! And this is not about WordPress real estate plugins and themes this time. This is not about WordPress at all! Inspired by our WordPress Realtor Theme, we've decided to join this crazy social media design community and prepared a stunning Canva compatible Instagram Templates Bundle for you. Why […]
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Estatik Sweet Easter Sale 2021

The house is filled with the aroma of baked buns, cookies and what not. There’s freshness and fervor in every aspect as we celebrate this holiday. Do you feel the magic of Easter? There's lots to smile about in our Easter Sale. Good time to pay special attention to your WordPress real estate website and […]
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Are You Ready For Spring 2021?

Spring 2021 is expected to be a seller’s market - that means increasing home prices, relatively low inventory, and fierce competition among buyers. To be successful in this environment you need a website that can handle increased interest and capture homebuyer engagement. Sites that incorporate Estatik have a beautiful visual representation, giving you a competitive […]
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Estatik Elementor Compatible Release Ready!

No doubt, Elementor has become a revolutionary WordPress page builder with the most popular WordPress theme. With 5+ million active installations on WordPress directory, it has become a true leader among others. WordPress plugin and theme providers had to review and improve their products to make them Elementor compatible. From today Estatik joined Elementor compatible […]
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