The Definitive Guide To Keyloggers: Protect Yourself! 

You’re at home, innocently typing an email on your laptop. You’re alone and confident that no-one is watching. In fact, keylogger software could be right there with you, spying on every letter you type…sound creepy? It is and can pose a real threat to ...

Ransomware: When Blackmail Goes Digital

Ransomware. To some, it still sounds like a plot in a futuristic thriller but gone are the days when a ransom was typically a monetary demand made in exchange for a kidnapped person’s safety (Or a pet’s! What would you pay for the release of Fluffy?). ...

Enjoy A Zippy IPhone Again By Giving It A Good Clean Out

Once an iPhone, always an iPhone. At least that’s what most users of Apple smartphones say. But many are also quick to notice that as soon as a new iPhone comes out, older versions slow down noticeably, forcing users to fork out for the latest model. A...

Stalkerware Is Spreading. Protect Yourself. 

There was a time when the word “stalker” conjured up images of obsessed fans hounding celebrities. You don’t have to be rich and famous to fall prey to the wave of digital spies that can track our every move.  Know your enemy, they say. So, in this blo...

Pentest: Secure Attacks For More Digital Protection

It seems counter-intuitive to pay (and thank!) a skilled hacker to infiltrate your computer systems. Surely the security technology you’re deploying is designed to keep them out? Precisely—but how well is it doing its job? Sometimes there’s no beating ...

What Is File Sharing?

It was already common in the Stone Age to share items and resources. Ultimately, our early ancestors could only survive in a group, so they shared all their tasks and resources with each other. Fast forward a good few thousand years, and sharing has be...

What Is A Zero-Day Threat?

“Zero-day threat.” It may sound like the title of a hit film, yet it’s anything but.   It’s a previously unknown...
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How To Protect Yourself Against Tax Scams

Who else loves tax season besides accountants? Scammers.  It’s high time of year for online risks here in the U.S....
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The Rising Trend Of OneNote Documents For Malware Delivery

Authored By Anandeshwar Unnikrishnan,Sakshi Jaiswal,Anuradha M  McAfee Labs has recently observed a new Malware campaign which used malicious OneNote documents...
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Deep Dive Into Royal Ransomware

The rise of ransomware and malware variants has been a growing concern for individuals and organizations alike. With...
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AI Terms You Need To Know

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere now, so it helps to understand these terms so you know what is happening.
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PGP Encryption: The Email Security Standard

Are you OK with a stranger reading your emails? Most people would answer that question with a resounding “no” — but unfortunately, in this modern…
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How To Find WiFi Anywhere You Go

Going on a business trip or traveling for the holidays? Read on to discover our complete guide to finding WiFi anywhere you go.
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13 Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses In 2023

When it comes to ransomware, big businesses get all the attention in the press, but it turns out that SMBs are at the greatest risk of infection.
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Wi-Fi When Traveling: 7 Ways To Get Internet For Travel

Having no connection while on a trip can be problematic. Make sure you stay connected and safe while travelling abroad with these simple tips.
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Three Decades Of Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Here, we're taking a look at some of the most important vulnerabilities of the last 30 years, and the incidents they have caused.
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4 Mobile Malware Threats You Can’t Even See

By 2030, experts predict that there will be 5 billion devices connected to 5G.1 For the general population, this connectedness...
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Educating Girls On How To Be Their Own Cyber Hero

No matter how old you are, it is important to learn how to stay safe online! According to a study conducted by Learning Innovation, more than 93% of students have access to smartphones and laptops. Cyber threats show no sign of slowing down, which is why it is important to stay up to date on […]
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FBI And CISA Issue Joint Warning On Royal Ransomware

On March 6, 2023, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a joint warning to critical infrastructure groups worldwide regarding the dangers of Royal Ransomware. This state-sponsor...