The New HTTPS Report In Search Console

Google Search Console has a new report called HTTPS, which provides more information regarding the HTTPS status of the site
and make it easier to understand which pages are not served over HTTPS, and why not. Use this report to get insight...

New In Structured Data: Pros And Cons

Product reviews are a valuable resource for users researching which product to buy.
Product reviews often contain a list of pros and cons, which our research has shown
to be popular with shoppers when making their purchasing decision...

Announcing The New Search Console Video Index Report

To help you understand the performance of your videos on Google, and identify possible areas of
improvement, Search Console is launching a new report called Video indexing. We will roll out
this change gradually over the next few months, so...

Googlebot And The 15 MB Thing

We're addressing some questions we've received the past few days in response to our
documentation update about Googlebot handling up to 15 MB of data on request.

May 2022 Core Update Releasing For Google Search

Several times per year, we make substantial improvements to our overall ranking processes,
which we refer to as core updates. Core updates are designed to increase the overall
relevancy of our search results and make them more helpful and u...

Improving Product Review Ranking, One Year On

Our March 2022 product reviews update is now rolling out for English-language pages.
This update may impact the rankings of English-language product reviews across many sites.
We've also extended our advice for multi-product reviews. Check ...

Connecting Search Console To Data Studio

This post is the first in a series of posts that will focus on exporting, enhancing, and visualizing Search Console data using Google Data Studio. Today's post discusses
how to bring Search Console data into Google Data Studio, including an examp...

Search At Google I/O 2021

Google I/O is our annual developers festival, and this year it was all virtual. But as with
any events, virtual, or in-person, a lot of information was covered over the three-day event.
In case you missed it, here is a list of some Search-r...

Product Reviews Update And Your Site

We are now rolling out a new product reviews update, the first major update since April 2021,
that may change how your product reviews rank in search results.
We are also sharing new best practices when writing product reviews to augment th...

A 2021 Update On Mobile Indexing

We first started working on mobile-first indexing a number of years ago. Since then, we
switched to indexing the majority of web pages with Googlebot-Smartphone. We've now
determined that some sites are still not ready to be shifted over du...

One Year Of Google Search Central

A year ago, we launched our new site and announced that we were leaving our beloved
name, Google Webmasters, behind for a new moniker: Google Search Central. This year, we've been
working with our internal SEO team to improve our content, w...

An Update To How We Generate Web Page Titles

One of the primary ways people determine which search results might be relevant to their
query is by reviewing the titles of listed web pages. That’s why Google Search works hard to
provide the best titles for documents in our results to co...

Simplifying The Page Experience Report

Today we’re launching a new version of the Search Console Page Experience report. The new
report is simplified by removing the Safe Browsing and Ad Experience widgets, and we also
fixed how missing data is handled.

Analyzing Google Search Traffic Drops

Learn about some of the reasons your Google Search traffic may have decreased and how to use the Search Console
Performance report and Google Trends to start debugging a Search traffic drop.

A New Way To Enable Video Key Moments In Search

Since video key moments first launched in 2019, we’ve continued to expand and improve the
feature. Today, we’re launching a new way for you to enable key moments for videos on your
site, without the effort of manually labeling each segment....

The Search Central Unconference Is Back

You asked, we listened: On June 21st we will host another virtual unconference.
Applications are open now until June 14th, so head over to our event site to learn more about the event and apply to participate.

Search Console Regex Filters Update And Quick Tips

Following feedback on the announcement of the new Search Console Performance report regular expression (regex) filters, today we're updating the
filter to support expressions that don't match regex. We're also taking the opportunity to provide ti...

Upcoming Changes To FeedBurner

Feedburner is making several upcoming changes to support the product's next chapter. This post describes what you can
expect to change and what you can do now to ensure you’re prepared.

SharedArrayBuffer Messaging Clarifications

Some of you might have received an email from Google Search Console with the subject "New
requirements for SharedArrayBuffers". We received feedback that the message was confusing,
and wanted to give some more insight into the issue, so tha...

New Resources For Video SEO

As global online video consumption continues to grow, Google aims to surface video content
from diverse sources across the web. We want to make it easy for site owners to get their
videos indexed and surfaced on Google. Today, we’re excited...