Paysafe Taps

• Paysafe (NYSE:PSFE) announced its expansion into the regulated New York sports-betting market to strengthen its position as the leader in North …

11 Things To Look For When Evaluating ECommerce Analytics Tools

Reliable, real-time insights on customer behavior are a great way to help you tailor user experience, and increase customer acquisition and conversion rates. But how do you get your hands on those insights? A solid eCommerce analytics tool is the answer. Not every tool is a good fit for every business, though. So, before you […]
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MacKeeper’s Decade-long Journey To Win Back Customer Trust

This post is brought to you by MacKeeper. By Andriy Shvets, CMO at MacKeeper If you’ve heard of MacKeeper, you may have seen phrases such as these: “Avoid MacKeeper like the plague.” “Invasive malware.” “Get rid of it ASAP.” As MacKeeper’s chief market...

SaaS And Subscription Trends For 2022, According To Experts

SaaS and subscriptions businesses have seen fantastic growth over the past couple of years. A considerable number of companies moved to the digital landscape, and a transition to SaaS brought some predictability in terms of revenue. This year, subscription eCommerce sales reached $26.67 billion in the United States, and the number of sales will further […]
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9 Ways To Become Rich In 2022

Many people dream of being rich, though what that means varies widely among people of different backgrounds and experience. To some, it means never …

34 Payment & FinTech Experts To Follow In 2022 And Beyond

There is so much innovation and digital transformation happening in the payments industry, it can get challenging to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.
And one of the best ways to keep ourselves informed is by following the right people on social media.
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5 Crucial SEO Trends To Follow In 2022

2021 was a pretty challenging year. And travel, inflation, and health regulations weren’t the only things that went through a lot of changes. The SEO landscape — never known to be stable or very predictable — has also witnessed a lot of shifts: some of...

Most Popular 2Checkout (now Verifone) Content Of 2021

2021 has been quite a year, hasn’t it? With all of its ups and downs, this year reinforced the conviction that online businesses will need to pursue resilience, adaptability, and flexibility in order to thrive. Over the past year, it was with these objectives in mind that we embarked on devising fresh and actionable pieces […]
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Tested Tactics To Reduce Voluntary Churn And Retain Customer Loyalty

In e-commerce businesses today, customer success depends on not only growing your customer base, but also nurturing customer loyalty. Everyone wants to gain new accounts, but implementing marketing strategies that actually succeed becomes more expensive and difficult if a large number of the customers you acquire end up leaving on a regular basis.
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[Checklist] How To Properly Choose An Ad Network

Which Ad Network Should You Join? You’ve got a sweet offer, your lander is looking hella shiny, and your advertising budget is burning a hole in your pocket. I feel you. You just can’t wait to drop a fat stack of cash on media buys and send...

Everything You Need To Know About Sales Enablement

Buyers have more authority over their customer journey than ever before. With so much information being distributed online, customers have the ability to arm themselves with the research they need to make informed purchasing decisions. B2B buyers are particularly scrupulous about the sourcing of data. Collectively, they spend more time on independent research than they […]
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ECommerce In Denmark – How To Sell Online On The Danish Market

For eCommerce businesses looking to expand their global reach today, Denmark is among the most promising candidates to consider. Although its size and population are modest, its strong economy and sophisticated banking, digital, and technological infrastructure give it a solid position in the top 35 global GDP rankings, with a Gross Domestic Product of $355 […]
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How Combining Sales-Led And Product-Led Models Can Help Drive Growth For Your Business

Product-led growth is undoubtedly, a term that most of us are by now familiar with. After all, the endless possibilities and benefits this model offers to businesses have sparked intense conversations just in the past few years. When sales-led growth is discussed in the same context, product-led growth is usually defined as a contrasting approach […]
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Give Me 5 Tips On Key Features Subscription Businesses Should Offer To Consumers 

Hello everybody! Welcome back to our “Give me 5!” series, where we share five useful eCommerce tips that will help improve your strategies and get you on the road to success.   In our latest episode, Alina Motorga, 2Checkout (now Verifone)’s Product Manager, talks about the key features subscription businesses should offer to clients to acquire more customers and boost customer retention.  Acquiring […]
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ECommerce In Spain – How To Sell Online On The Spanish Market

It is no secret that the Internet has created a new range of possibilities for selling your products and expanding cross-border is on most merchants’ minds. With a mature eCommerce market, Spain is an appealing destination for online sellers looking to expand in new countries or regions. Spain’s economy is growing faster than other countries […]
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[Case Study] Easy 106% ROI On BidVertiser Pops In 2 Days

If you’re having trouble turning campaigns profitable quickly, take a look at how this advertiser flipped a losing campaign to 100% ROI in just a couple of days! What tricks did the advertiser use to arrive quickly at such results? Let’s find out. Traf...

Black Friday 2021 Top Deals

Hosting & Website     Deal: Save 73% on website creation and hosting. End Date: November 28, 2021     Deal: Biggest sale of the year on Namecheap products: 97% off domains 73% off on hosting and email 74% off on web security End...

Master In-Page Ads On Push.House Ad Network

Hello, fellow affiliates! Have you yet wondered what the hype around in-page push is all about? On the one hand, we have the classic push ad format (which is a very popular ad format for a lot of affiliates), and, on the other, we have banner ads. Each...

[Guide] Reach Younger Audience With Manga And Anime

TrafficStars has stepped up into the Manga and Anime category! After merging with one of the leading mainstream Native and Push Ad Networks, RUNative, we have significantly increased our Manga and Anime traffic. In this article we will provide you with...

MGID Review: Native Advertising Marketplace

Choosing your native advertising network is by no means a decision you should make lightly. There are many variables to take into consideration that are all equally influential on the profitability of your business. Among the native ad networks, MGID h...

Business Ideation: How To Discover New Business Ideas

In 2007, a pair of roommates moved to San Francisco. They were broke, jobless, and they didn’t have money for rent. They needed to come up with a quick hustle. With a conference coming around the corner, they noticed that all the hotels in the city wer...

How I Invest My Money

I’ve seen several friends lose thousands of dollars since the year started.It wasn’t because of job loss. It wasn't because of the pandemic.It was because they invested everything they had into stocks like GameStop and AMC. And I saw this happen last w...

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead In 2021? My Honest Thoughts

“Is affiliate marketing dead?”“Is affiliate marketing still worth it? I’ve always hated these questions, and I’ve been hearing them since 2007. I hate these questions because they feel like excuses. It’s kinda like seeing someone half-assing it at the ...

The 9 Best Books I Read In 2020 (+ Key Takeaways)

Reading is steroids for your mind. I can't believe that for $10 and a few hours, I can learn what took someone a lifetime to figure out.  When I first started reading business books, I was obsessed with motivation and mindset. I wanted to become an ent...