Microsoft teases Neo dual-screen Surface, set to debut holiday 2020

Rumored in 2008 and officially canceled two years later, Courier is one of the great “what ifs” of the consumer hardware space. Somewhere out there is an alternative timeline where the dual screen booklet PC preempted the whole two-in-one tablet/PC boom. In this universe, however, the dual screen PC has been more of a curiosity. […]

Microsoft just announced a dual-screen Surface phone

In spite of everything else leaking out at this morning’s Surface event, Microsoft still able to save one big surprise for the end. The company’s getting back into phones. Not only that, it’s introducing a foldable. Though, as with the Neo, the Duo doesn’t actually have a foldable display like the Galaxy Fold. Instead, it’s […]

How the head of Google Ad Grants fights for the underdog

Michelle Hurtado was raised on the notion that hard work can get you through anything. As the daughter of a Hispanic immigrant, she was born with the drive to create a better life for those around her, always surrounding herself with strong communities...

Tiny acquires Meteor

Canadian technology holding company Tiny, home to companies like Dribble, Flow and Unicorn Hunt, today announced that it has acquired Meteor, the JavaScript-centric open-source app platform. Meteor launched back in 2011 and while it was a developer darling for a while, its momentum stalled a bit in recent years as other technologies rose to the […]

Microsoft launches the ARM-based Surface Pro X

At its annual Surface hardware event, Microsoft today announced the long-rumored ARM-based Surface, the first time Microsoft itself has launched a device with an ARM-based processor inside. The 13-inch device will use Microsoft’s own custom SQ1 chip, based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and an AI accelerator, making it the first Surface with an integrated AI engine. […]

Microsoft’s new wireless earbuds work with Office — no, seriously

Microsoft just introduced the followup to its good Surface headphones — and get this, they’re designed specifically to work with Office. Priced at lofty $249, the wireless earbuds have a number of onboard productivity features, including Powerpoint slide forwarding, voice transcription and live translation (in 60 languages). The earbuds are, in a word, huge. They […]

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 7 finally has USB-C, ships on October 22

Today at its special hardware event, Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Pro 7. The new Surface Pro finally brings USB-C to the convertible laptop category of Microsoft hardware, which will be a welcome addition for fans who’ve been waiting for the company to adopt this now-prevalent connection technology. The latest generation Surface Pro starts at […]

UK privacy ‘class action’ complaint against Google gets unblocked

The UK Court of Appeal has unanimously overturned a block on a class-action style lawsuit brought on behalf of four million iPhone users against Google — meaning the case can now proceed to be heard. The High Court tossed the suit a year ago on legal grounds. However the claimants sought permission to appeal — and […]

Microsoft’s latest Surface Laptop arrives in 13- and 15-inch models

The rumors for this morning’s Microsoft event are one-for-one. The first piece of hardware shown off this morning in New York is the latest version of the company’s very good Surface Laptop — arguably the strongest entry in the line. As per earlier leaks, the Surface Laptop 3 arrives in 13.5 and 15 inch versions. […]

These are the top Y Combinator companies of all time, based on valuation

  In October of 2018, Y Combinator published a mega list of the top 101 companies to have gone through the accelerator, as sorted by each company’s valuation. This morning they updated the list. Valuation as a ranking metric has its faults, of course. It’s a measurement largely of perception; a projection of a company’s […]

Duet adds Android tablet support for its second screen app

Sidecar is great. It’s my favorite software thing Apple has introduced in years. I’m using it right now, as I type this, in fact. For a handle of app developers, however, the feature’s arrival with macOS Catalina was an expected, but still potentially devastating piece of news. We spoke to Duet Display and Astropad about […]

Facetune maker Lightricks expands with a trio of apps for small businesses

Fresh of its recent raise of $135 million, Lightricks, the maker of popular selfie editor Facetune and several other top consumer-focused photo editing applications, is branching out. The company this morning announced the launch of a suite of new mobile apps aimed at small businesses that want professional content creation tools to help them with […]

Keeping privacy and security simple, for you

Our goal has always been to create products that are simple, helpful, and intuitive. It’s no different with privacy and security: managing your data should be just as easy as making a restaurant reservation, or using Maps to find the fastest way back h...

To stay secure online, Password Checkup has your back

We’ve all been there. Compromising security for convenience, we put our personal information at risk with poor password habits. One in four Americans use common passwords—like Abc123, Password1111, and P@ssw0rd. Sixty-six percent of Americans admit to ...

Twitter and TweetDeck are experiencing partial outages

It’s not just you, Twitter has gone wobbly again. Users of the social network in Asia and Europe are reporting a range of problems tweeting and viewing certain types of content this morning. Among the problems being reported are not being able to post certain types of content to the site (such as polls and […]

Impala builds a single API for the entire hotel industry

Meet Impala, a London-based startup that wants to make it easier to interact with hotel data. The startup is building a layer on top of legacy hotel systems to standardize everything with a modern REST API. And Impala has just raised an $11 million Series A funding round from Stride.VC, Xavier Niel/Kima Ventures, Jerry Murdock, […]