House passes historic $2 trillion coronavirus economic rescue bill

A massive bipartisan effort to provide relief to a U.S. economy on ice just leapt over its last major hurdle. On Friday, the House of Representatives passed a historic stimulus package known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security or “CARES” act, which contains an unprecedented $2.2 trillion in total financial relief for businesses, […]

Extra Crunch members get 20% off premium plans from calendar app Woven

Extra Crunch is excited to announce a new community perk from cross-platform calendar tool, Woven. Starting today, annual and two-year members of Extra Crunch can receive 20% off premium plans from Woven. You must be new to Woven to claim this offer. Built from the ground up for busy people, Woven comes stacked with powerful […]

Zyl resurfaces old photos to create collaborative stories

French startup Zyl has released a major update of its mobile app for iOS and Android. The app is all about finding long-forgotten memories of important life events in your photo library. Zyl scans your photo library and magically finds photos that matter. Every day, the app sends you a notification to tell you that […]

Apple launches COVID-19 screening website

Big tech companies are looking to ensure that people have easy access to key information on COVID-19. Today, Apple launched its own coronavirus screening site ( developed alongside the White House, CDC and FEMA. The site is pretty simple with basic information about best practices and safety tips alongside a basic screening tool which should […]

Telco metadata grab is for modelling COVID-19 spread, not tracking citizens, says EC

As part of its response to the public health emergency triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Commission has been leaning on Europe’s telcos to share aggregate location data on their users. “The Commission kick-started a discussion with mobile phone operators about the provision of aggregated and anonymised mobile phone location data,” it said today. […]

Tesla to reduce on-site staff at Nevada gigafactory by 75%

Tesla is reducing number of on-site workers at its Nevada gigafactory by 75% in response to the growing spread of COVID-19, according to an update from Storey County, where the massive plant is located. The information, which was first reported by Bloomberg, was part of a larger update on the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center and […]

Los Angeles-based Ficto launches its Quibi competitor — with Niantic as a content partner

Consumers now have their first chance to sample the wares of a short-form streaming service — and it’s not Quibi. Ficto, a streaming service without a paywall offering interactive dramas, film adaptations, comedies, documentaries, talk shows, game shows, and news, is now live on iOS and Android. The company’s entertainment is designed to be interactive with live-streaming, geo-location, […]

UK tech industry forms to fight the Coronavirus crisis

A coalition of grassroots UK tech initiatives has come together to co-ordinate the key groups of tech industry people supporting the UK’s response to the Coronavirus. COVID19 Tech Response (CTR) aims to co-ordinate the supply of available tech talent; work on the problems that need solving and the matching of the two. So far, they […]

Announcing full support for a C/C++ conformant preprocessor in MSVC

<p>We are excited to announce full support for a conformant preprocessor in the MSVC toolset starting with Visual Studio 2019 version 16.6 Preview 2.<br> Since the original blog post announcing preprocessor conformance changes, we’ve come a long way and are now ready to announce the completion of the C/C++ conformant preprocessor and its move to a non-experimental,</p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">Announcing full support for a C/C++ conformant preprocessor in MSVC</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">C++ Team Blog</a>.</p>

Yelp pauses GoFundMe Covid-19 fundraising after opt-out outcry

A fundraising program that Yelp and GoFundMe put in place this week to help local businesses impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic has been paused after public outcry over how it was rolled out — specifically, controversy over how the two provided no easy and quick way to opt out of the fundraising. The fundraising campaigns started […]

Stocks fall sharply Friday morning as the mid-week recovery falls short

The major American stock market indices are down sharply this morning at the open, with stocks falling after a multi-day rally helped shave some losses off their calendar-year results. So far, 2020 has proven to be a toxic year for publicly traded equity, as a decade-long bull market collided with a global pandemic and stark […]

Social Bluebook was hacked, exposing 217,000 influencers’ accounts

A social media platform used to match advertisers with thousands of influencers has been hacked. Social Bluebook, a Los Angeles-based company, allows advertisers to pay social media “influencers” for posts that promote their products and services. The company claims it has some 300,000 influencers on its books. But in October 2019, the company’s entire backend […]

Wheels is deploying e-bikes with self-cleaning handlebars and brake levers

Wheels, which recently paused its shared bike service to limit the spread of COVID-19, is making its pedal-less e-bikes available for gig workers, restaurants, non-profits or any other people who do their own deliveries. What’s different about these bikes is they will come with self-cleaning NanoSeptic handlebars and brake levers. NanoSeptic’s technology, which is powered by […]

Important Product Updates for Shopify Partners

Since we last published on the partner blog, the world has undeniably changed. COVID-19 is impacting how we all live our lives, conduct business, and communicate with each other. It is, and will continue to be, a difficult time as we all learn how to ...