Industrial cybersecurity startup Claroty raises $140M in pre-IPO funding round

Claroty, an industrial cybersecurity company that helps customers protect and manage their Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) assets, has raised $140 million in its latest, and potentially last round of funding.  With the new round of Series D funding, co-led by Bessemer Venture and 40 North, the company has now amassed a […]

Internxt gets $1M to be ‘the Coinbase of decentralized storage’

Valencia-based startup Internxt has been quietly working on an ambitious plan to make decentralized cloud storage massively accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. It’s just bagged $1M in seed funding led by Angels Capital, a European VC fund owned by Juan Roig (aka Spain’s richest grocer and second wealthiest billionaire), and Miami-based The Venture […]

A Senate proposal for a new US agency to protect Americans’ data is back

Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has revived a bill that would establish a new U.S. federal agency to shield Americans from the invasive practices of tech companies operating in their own backyard. Last year, Gillibrand (D-NY) introduced the Data Protection Act, a legislative proposal that would create an independent agency designed to address modern concerns around […]

Making The Most as an Affiliate On The Dating Vertical

Online dating has been booming pretty much since the moment it was introduced. Now, however, with most of the world still grappling with the new normal introduced as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the dating vertical has entered the stratos...

Airspeeder wants to make electric flying racing cars a reality in 2021

While much of the eVTOL industry has its sights set on urban air taxis or cargo transportation, entrepreneur Matthew Pearson had another idea: electric flying race cars. So in 2019, he founded two companies, Alauda Aeronautics to manufacture the aircraft and Airspeeder, an international series to race them. Now, Airspeeder says it has completed the […]

Insurtech AI startup Akur8 closes $30M Series B

Automating insurance claims is a big business, and the world of AI is coming at it ‘full pelt’. The latest is Akur8, an insurtech automating insurance platform whose ‘Transparent AI’ product is trying to eat into the incumbent large business of Willis Towers watson, among others. It’s now closed a Series B funding round of […]

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Complementary to Google Ads Campaigns?

Affiliate marketing compliments google ads. Today, consumers and business owners
alike turn to the internet to help them find the best products and services in
their areas. As a matter of fact, 59.5% of the world’s global population
regularly connects to the internet, with more than 4.3 billion people doing so
through mobile devices. Therefore, promoting your products and services online
is one of the best ways to connec

Broadening our COVID-19 support in India

As the pandemic has unfolded in India, it’s been humbling and inspiring to see individuals, communities, institutions, and governments work together to manage the impact of a crisis on a scale we haven’t experienced before. Technology has played a crit...

Co-living startup Habyt closes $24M Series B, merges with Homefully

When WeWork appeared, other entrepreneurs looked at the model and thought that if you could apple co-working to property, then why not apply co-living. Thus, in the US, Common appeared, as did Hmlet in Asia. Imn the EU, Habyt launched, but has already gobbled-up its competitors Quarters, Goliving, and Erasmo’s Room. It’s now closed a […]

How To Add Your App to the Shopify Store

If you’re a web developer ready to submit your new app to the Shopify platform, you’re one step closer to being a valued member of the Shopify community. However, before you add your new app to the Shopify App Store, you need to ensure you’re covering...

Tetris Effect: Connected cross-platform multiplayer comes to PS4 this July

That’s right, Tetris fans, the wait is almost over. This July, all Tetris Effect owners will have the opportunity to download a free update that will transform their game into (dum dum daaaa!) Tetris Effect: Connected! What does that mean, exactly? Well, a bunch of awesome local and online multiplayer modes, mainly, but also a […]

Tractable raises $60M at a $1B valuation to make damage appraisals using AI

As the insurance industry adjusts to life in the 21st century (heh), an AI startup that has built computer vision tools to enable remote damage appraisals is announcing a significant round of growth funding. Tractable, which works with automotive insurance companies to let users take and submit photos of damaged cars that are then “read” […]

Microsoft board of directors announces role changes and quarterly dividend

REDMOND, Wash. — June 16, 2021 — Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday announced that the board’s independent directors unanimously elected Satya Nadella to the role of board chair, and unanimously elected John W. Thompson as lead independent director, a role he held previously from 2012 to 2014. In this role, Nadella will lead the work to set […]
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E3 2021 wrap-up

E3 2021 kicked off with news about E3 2022. Kind of a funny way to start a show, as Mayor Eric Garcetti told the crowd, “we look forward to seeing you in-person, here in the City of Angels, in 2022.” Also a bit funny when the mayor’s video game show announcement has less confetti and […]

Lincoln’s first EV will arrive in 2022 with three more to follow

Lincoln Motor will launch its first all-electric vehicle in 2022 followed by three other EVs as part of the luxury brand’s goal to electrify its entire portfolio by the end of the decade. The first EV will come to market just in time for Lincoln’s 100th birthday celebration — and nearly four years since initial […]

Harry Stebbings turns up the volume on 20VC with new $140M fund

Harry Stebbings, the well-known podcaster behind ‘20 minute VC’, announced today that he raised a duo of funds for 20VC, the venture capital fund he launched off of his show’s success. The pair of funds – one for early-stage and one for growth stage – total to $140 million in assets under management, plucked from […]

SoftBank Vision Fund 2 leads $140M funding in Vishal Sikka’s Vianai

Vianai Systems, an AI startup founded by former chief executive of Indian IT services giant Infosys, said on Wednesday it has raised $140 million in a round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. The two-year-old startup said a number of industry luminaries also participated in the new round, which brings its total to-date raise to […]

Facebook will begin beaming advertisements into virtual reality

Well, it was only a matter of time. Advertising giant Facebook announced Wednesday that they’re going to begin testing advertising inside virtual reality titles on its Oculus platform soon. The first roll-out is limited enough, with Facebook testing ads inside a single gaming shooter title: Blaston from Resolution Games. They are interestingly not rolling this out with […]

Testing In-Headset VR Ads

We're sharing a small test of in-headset ads that will be rolling out over the coming weeks.
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My journey with twitter

I think Twitter marketing is still worth it in 2021. it all depends on the targeted audience you are interested in.Continue reading on Medium »

Detecting the Models Behind Deepfakes

In collaboration with researchers at Michigan State University, we’ve developed a novel method of detecting and attributing deepfakes.
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Facebook rolls out new tools for Group admins, including automated moderation aids

Facebook today introduced a new set of tools aimed at helping Facebook Group administrators get a better handle on their online communities and, potentially, help keep conversations from going off the rails. Among the more interesting new tools is a machine learning-powered feature that alerts admins to potentially unhealthy conversations taking place in their group. […]

How Often to Post to Social Media in 2021

It’s the question that launched a thousand sleepless nights: “How often should I post to social media?” Of course, there’s…
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Why Social Messaging is the Key to an Unbeatable CSAT Score

Brands with unhappy customers don’t last long. Your customers’ perceptions of your company affect everything from brand reputation and customer…
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Helping kids be safe, confident online explorers

We’ve heard from parents, educators and experts on ways to make technology safer for kids, and we continue to incorporate that feedback into our products. Whether it’s helping them find quality content, working to protect them from online harm or teach...