Open Thank You Note To The Adobe Sales Academy

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Contributed by Jenna Toder, Adobe Sales Academy Intern, and originally posted on her LinkedIn page.

When I began my internship with Adobe in May, I did not know what to expect. I (virtually) showed up on the first day prepared with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. Despite this, I was admittedly apprehensive about the remote work environment. How was I to make this experience as valuable as possible? How was I, or any of my peers, to stand out through a computer screen? Could my efforts even make a dent in the grand scheme of Adobe’s mission? 

The first few weeks were tough. Not because I didn’t have the resources or the knowledge I needed available to me, but because they coincided with (what I believe to be) an extremely significant time in the United States—scratch that—global history. Crucial conversations regarding health, race, and the environment were taking place on every platform, both physical and virtual, all at once—and they still are today. But the difference between today and then is that somewhere along the way I finally decided to voice the nerves I was feeling to my manager, Jessica Holmes (Head of Adobe Sales Academy and Sales Development Leader). I expressed that I was having difficulty staying on task when there are so many important dialogues taking place outside of work. Her response to our team was this: “At the end of the day, what we do at work is a drop in a bucket, and if we feel that participating in external movements and discussions is what we need to do for our own sake and that of our communities, then we are probably right to do so.” This resonated with me deeply, and for several reasons: first, I felt extremely supported at this moment, and every moment thereafter. But I also have to disagree with the initial statement. After only six weeks at Adobe, I’ve come to learn that our work is not just a drop in a bucket (yes, even as an intern). The reason for this is because Adobe’s work doesn’t stop in the “office” or when I clock out for the day. It continues in our day-to-day; in our conversations, our contributions to society, and in our communities. It’s uplifting our peers and always challenging ourselves to do better. 

If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from this experience so far, it’s the value of adaptability and participation. Not just participation in our workspaces, but participation in external communities as well. Adobe as a company has proved to be an excellent model of social responsibility, and I plan to follow in its footsteps. Kristen Ream (Senior Program Manager, Adobe Sales Academy) and Jessica Holmes have constructed and continue to manage a wonderful program full of mentorship, growth, and insight. With the support of my intern team (Paula Luciano, Vincent Jackson, and Emily Staples), and my awesome (and very patient) mentor, Nick Landon (Senior Business Development Representative), I have learned that I am capable of more than I could have imagined for myself. 

I am now halfway through the 12-week program and I’m still struggling to find the right words to describe the gratitude I feel towards this company and all of the people that make it so great. 

The first half of this program has presented me with a plethora of ideas and knowledge that I did not think was possible, and I can’t wait to see what the second half brings!

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