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The Latest Developments In The World Of Music NFTs

Just when you think the NFT bubble is about to burst, more artists hop on the trend. With so many major names like The Weeknd, Kings of Leon, Grimes and ASAP Rocky embracing NFTs, it’s becoming harder to imagine a world without them. But the concept of collecting art is nothing new. People have bought paintings and sculptures for decades. So- […]
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Happy Mother’s Day From Fiverr

This year for Mother’s Day, Fiverr wanted to do something a little different. Rather than just post a cute illustration or GIF, we wanted to actually talk to the only people who are as proud of our talented freelancers as we are: their own moms! In “Fiverr Asks Your Mom,” we interview a set of […]
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Songwriting: 5 Ways To Get Inspired

Songwriting can be an elusive form of art. Some writers enjoy creating alone… Others depend on their peers for a spark of inspiration.  The pandemic has had a negative effect on almost all songwriters’ creative process. Those who normally enjoy attending co-writing sessions don’t feel at ease enough to do so anymore. Those who choose […]
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Iconic Oscars Looks Reimagined

While the traditional awards season calendar has been upended this year due to the ongoing pandemic, the Oscars nonetheless remain a marquee event for the fashion industry and a chance to highlight innovative designers and emerging trends. In celebration of the upcoming 93rd annual Academy Awards taking place this Sunday, April 25th, we asked Fiverr […]
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So Lagerst Du Kreativen Content Aus

Fiverr und Hubspot haben sich zusammengetan, um dir ein E-Book zum Outsourcing der Produktion kreativer Inhalte zu liefern. Unser E-Book erklärt dir, wie und warum Content deine Marke stärken kann. Außerdem hilft es dir, zu ermitteln, was du brauchst – und wie du es bekommst. Übrigens, kleiner Fun Fact am Rande: Das E-Book wurde komplett […]
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How To Outsource Creative Content Production

We often lack the time to create high-quality content in our daily work. And internal resources for content creation are rarely available. Freelancers or agencies can help increase the speed and quality of your content strategy.  Learn how to work with external providers for content creation in the free guide from Fiverr and HubSpot. Learn […]
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Semi-Annual Small Business Needs Index: Strength And Optimism Is Still Present

The past year was one that no small business could have prepared for as the COVID-19 pandemic forced worldwide stay-at-home orders and subsequent shutdowns. On top of their usual expectations to adapt to changing customer needs, many had to figure out how to digitally transform in order to survive. Now, over one year into the […]
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5 Ways To Improve Your Online Customer Experience In 2021

In today’s business world, technology plays an increasing role in customer experience. As tech continues evolving at a rapid pace, it’s important to optimize your customer experience for consumer trends. Customers can connect with businesses around the world and make purchases through their mobile devices, and are doing so now more than ever. Providing your […]
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Introducing Fiverr’s New And Improved Data Services

Big news: the Fiverr marketplace now includes all the Data services your brand or business needs. It’s the first new vertical in over seven years, and it’s here to support the growing demand for expert services in an increasingly data-driven world. Curious about what data is, and how it can be used to boost your […]
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Launching A Specialty Food Product Business In 2021

Will 2021 be another good year to launch a specialty food product? If previous growth continues, it certainly will be. The specialty food segment has steadily grown in recent years to make up more than 16% of the total food market, according to Food Business News. Food Dive reported that the sale of specialty foods […]
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5 Types Of Interactive Content Generating Buzz In 2021

Interactive content creates two-way interactivity between the brand and its audience. Research shows that interactive content gets twice the engagement of static content. What interactive content is generating the most buzz in 2021? Here are five types to incorporate in your content strategy:  1. Clickable Infographics Infographics get more traction than text conveying the same content. Users process visual data […]
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Home Studio 101: A Guide For Beginners

The idea of acquiring a home studio setup is nothing new. In fact, bedroom producers all over the world have invested in their own equipment for decades. But with technology advancing rapidly each year, software that once seemed niche has become more accessible. Now, any artist, podcaster or vlogger can make a one-time investment to […]
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Fiverr Fördert Frauen In Selbstständigkeit, Gründung & Co.

Noch immer gibt es zu wenige Unternehmerinnen, Gründerinnen und weibliche Führungskräfte. Umso wichtiger finden wir es, die Frauen zu fördern, die das ändern möchten. Dabei ist uns egal, wie weit dein Projekt fortgeschritten ist. Hauptsache, du bist eine Macherin: –  Selbstständige oder Freiberuflerin –  Chefin oder Führungskraft –  Bereits-Gründerin oder Bald-Gründerin –  Im Start-up oder […]
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Four Reasons To Outsource Your Email Marketing ASAP

Email marketing may seem like it’s just one small aspect in your business that you can DIY. But it actually carries huge weight because of its return on investment (ROI) potential. According to a survey by Emarsys, email marketing is the leading source of customer acquisition and retention among 80% of small businesses. Email is […]
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German Female Entrepreneurs Micro Grant Contest Rules

T&C German Teilnahmebedingungen Female Entrepreneurs Micro Grant Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen für die Vergabe des Micro Grant für Female Entrepreneurs von Fiverr  1.  DER VERANSTALTER   Der Veranstalter ist: Fiverr International Ltd. mit Sitz in der Eliezer Kaplan Street 8, Tel Aviv, 6473409 Israel. 2.  DIE AKTION   2.1 Der Titel der Förderung ist der Micro Grant für Female […]
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