Laravel V5.8.30 Released

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Laravel v5.8.30 is released in 2019/07/30, here are the changes we`ve merged into this release.


  • Added MakesHttpRequests::option() and MakesHttpRequests::optionJson() methods (#29258)
  • Added Blueprint::uuidMorphs() and Blueprint::nullableUuidMorphs() methods (#29289)
  • Added MailgunTransport::getEndpoint() and MailgunTransport::setEndpoint() methods (#29312)
  • Added WEBP to image validation rule (#29309)
  • Added TestResponse::assertSessionHasInput() method (#29327)
  • Added support for custom redis driver (#29275)
  • Added Postgres support for collation() on columns (#29213)


  • Fixed collections with JsonSerializable items and mixed values (#29205)
  • Fixed MySQL Schema Grammar $modifiers order (#29265)
  • Fixed UPDATE query bindings on PostgreSQL (#29272)
  • Fixed default theme for Markdown mails (#29274)
  • Fixed UPDATE queries with alias on SQLite (#29276)
  • Fixed UPDATE and DELETE queries with join bindings on PostgreSQL (#29306)
  • Fixed support of DateTime objects and int values in orWhereDay()orWhereMonth()orWhereYear() methods in the Builder (#29317)
  • Fixed DELETE queries with joins on PostgreSQL (#29313)
  • Prevented a job from firing if job marked as deleted (#292041003c27)
  • Fixed model deserializing with custom Model::newCollection() (#29196)



  • Allocate memory for error handling to allow handling memory exhaustion limits (#29226)
  • Teardown test suite after using fail() method (#29267)


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Tania Blindaruk
  • Tania Blindaruk