Laravel V5.8.16 Released

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Laravel v5.8.16 is released in 2019/05/07, here are the changes we`ve merged into this release.


  • Added: Migration Events (#28342)
  • Added ability to drop types when running the migrate:fresh command (#28382)
  • Added Renderable functionality to MailMessage (#28386)


  • Fixed the remaining issues with registering custom Doctrine types (#28375)
  • Fixed fromSub() and joinSub() with table prefix in Query\Builder (#28400)
  • Fixed false positives for Schema::hasTable() with views (#28401)
  • Fixed sync results with custom Pivot model (#28416e31d131)


  • Modified None And React presets with vue-template-compiler (#28389)
  • Changed navbar-laravel class to bg-white shadow-sm class in layouts\app.stub (#28417)
  • Don't execute query in Builder::findMany() when ids are empty Arrayable (#28432)
  • Added parameter password for RedisCluster construct function (#28434)
  • Pass email verification URL to callback in Auth\Notifications\VerifyEmail (#28428)
  • Updated RouteAction::parse() (#28397)
  • Updated Events\DiscoverEvents (#28421#28426)


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Tania Blindaruk
  • Tania Blindaruk