How To Create A Popup Form In WordPress

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How do you get people’s attention and get them to fill your forms? One way to do that is by using popups! Yes, popups can be annoying, but it’s effective. If you follow this guide, you can create a popup form for your WordPress website that’s beautiful and not intrusive, without having to write a single code.

Let’s see how.

1. Download Popup Maker Plugin and Ninja Forms plugin

To follow this tutorial, make sure you have the following plugins installed and activated (they are both free!):

  1. Popup Maker plugin
  2. Ninja Forms plugin

2. Prepare the form that you want to embed

Create your first form from scratch or from the premade template. In this example, I’m going to make one from scratch, because I only want to ask for people’s email address in my form. Since the form is going to go in a popup, you want to make it simple, with a maximum of 2 fields.

ninja forms asking for email address


3. Embed the Ninja Forms in your popup

After you create your form, now you’re ready to embed it in your popup. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Popup Maker > Create Popup.

create wordpress popup in popup maker

You’ll see this page below, where you can name your popup, embed your Ninja Forms, and set up some more advanced settings. To add your Ninja Forms form to your popup, simply copy and paste your form shortcode, or click the ‘Add Form’ button and choose the form that you’ve prepared in the previous step.

create new popup and embed ninja forms

You can stop there, or, to make your popup less intrusive, you can play around with the settings that Popup Maker provides: what triggers the popup, targeting, how the popup is going to be displayed, and how the popup can be closed.

Set what would cause your popup to open (and close)

popup maker settings

Here, you could make your popup open automatically, on click, or if there’s a form submitted. If you choose auto open, you get to set the time delay until you want the popup to appear. You could also set up some cookies, so your popup won’t appear repeatedly for the same person.

Decide where you want to show your popup

targeting settings in popup maker

To make your popup even more professional, the next setting you can play with is ‘Targeting’. You get to specify the pages you want to target your popup to. You also could disable the popup on mobile or tablet devices, because sometimes it’s too annoying to have on a small screen.

Design how your popup (and the close button) would look like

display settings in WordPress popup maker

And lastly, these two tabs have all the settings you need for a beautiful popup. You could choose where you want your popup to appear on screen, and if they would have animations or sounds. In the ‘Close’ tab, you could specify how your close button would look like, or other methods to close your popup, like submitting the form or clicking on the overlay.

Tip: Make it easy for your visitors to close the popup. The last thing you want is a popup that won’t close.

close button settings in WordPress popup maker

Now your WordPress form will get the attention it deserves

That’s it! Now, no one would miss your form, because they would see it when they open your website. But they also won’t get annoyed, because it’s easy to close the popup form, and they won’t be shown the same popup repeatedly 😉

Tell us what you’re building with Ninja Forms + Popup Maker in the comments section!

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