How Talent Development Intern, Lois Tiwaa, Is Helping Employees Grow Their Careers

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Which University are you currently enrolled in & what is your internship title?

I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources at THE University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!). I am a Talent Development Intern working under Danielle Clark’s (Senior Director of Talent Development) team at Adobe.

What attracted you to join Adobe?

Adobe’s culture is what attracted me to this amazing company and keeps me connected to it every day. When I first had the opportunity to speak to Adobe recruiters, everyone was so warm and positive. In that short amount of time, I knew that this company truly cared about their employees and that they truly enjoyed working there. I knew then that Adobe put employee happiness first and allowed that sentiment to cascade down into its operations.

Since then, this virtual internship has only confirmed my interest in Adobe. Not only am I doing impactful work, but I have also had opportunities to assist others on their projects, speak to senior leadership, and be truly immersed in the Adobe workforce. What attracts me to Adobe is its genuine culture and mission, which every role at Adobe directly supports. Each employee is as valuable as the next, and that belief wakes me up every morning to get ready to tackle the day.

What is your main project this summer?

My main project this summer is called the Take and Teach Toolkits. Essentially, it is a toolkit consisting of a deck and an instructions guide that gives managers the necessary tools to facilitate discussions about core messages like prioritization, radical candor, and more. It reinforces value within the business by cascading these large scale training sessions down to individual teams—enabling real change. These toolkits are great for any manager interested in not only their own growth and development, but also for the success of their own team. The Take and Teach Toolkits equip any stakeholder with the necessary tools to make a lasting impact.

Out of the several aspects of this project, I particularly enjoy working with my team to create this library of content. Not only have I been supported as the driver of the project, but each team member has contributed a significant amount of time and insight to make this project come to life. I have been able to collaborate with many individuals across the Employee Experience organization and all of Adobe to support each pillar of the project, including content design, template design, brand marketing, and more. This project has been an amazing learning experience and I can’t wait to see how it continues to unfold. 

How has it been like being a virtual intern?

Being a virtual intern this summer has been an amazing experience. I am so grateful to the University Talent Team for seamlessly transitioning hundreds of students across the globe for a virtual internship. I have met the most amazing people and I am only halfway through my internship!

Despite these unprecedented times, like the pandemic and racial injustice, Adobe has truly felt like a safe haven for me. As an African American woman, there have been countless times where people told me I wouldn’t amount to much. The narrative I was fed by my counterparts was to try and survive the business world. At Adobe, I feel like my opportunities are endless. The Talent Development team has made me feel accepted and empowered to work every single day. I sincerely feel a part of the Adobe Family.

Not only am I growing my professional network, but I have enhanced my technical and soft skills tremendously. There is a vast array of resources available to me to grow as an intern and as a professional. Every member of my team has taken the time to assist me in applying the skills I have been learning over the duration of the summer. I honestly never imagined having so much value placed on me.

Adobe has genuinely represented their core values through their network, culture, and employee experiences. I am so proud to play my part and represent #AdobeLife.


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