How Annie Li, Digital Media Go To Market Strategy & Ops MBA Intern, Is Optimizing The Team

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Which University are you currently enrolled in and what is your internship title?

I’m a MBA candidate at the Wharton school, University of Pennsylvania and a Digital Media Go to Market strategy & Ops MBA intern.

What attracted you to join Adobe?

I was really attracted to Adobe’s vision and especially its values of being genuine and innovative. It is super rare for a company at Adobe’s scale to continue to grow at this level and the company has so many exciting opportunities ahead.

Tell me about your main project this summer—what are you working on and how have you been making an impact?

My main project currently is optimizing the spend process and partnership between various teams internally. With better visibility and access to a more streamlined spend process, this enables teams to access more real-time data to make better and more informed investment decisions that will drive customer acquisition and retention.

How has it been like being a virtual intern, especially in comparison to any part internships you’ve done? What have you enjoyed most about the experience so far?

Being a virtual intern has definitely been an interesting experience. It requires more planning and consideration as you lose the in-person interactions but I have been super lucky that my manager and VP have made huge efforts to make me feel supported and welcomed since Day 1.  I have really enjoyed “meeting” other Adobe employees,  I now know why the culture here is award-winning, and working on real projects that have meaningful impact internally and for our customers.


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