How Adobe Sales Academy Intern, Vincent Jackson, Is Delivering Value To Customers

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This year, Adobe is proud to welcome more than 700 interns across the globe for our first ever virtual internship program. It’s been a blast welcoming our interns to their #AdobeLife, and seeing the incredible impact they’re making. To give you a peak into their internship, we’ll be featuring our Adobe Interns from across the business and across the world.

Read on to learn how Adobe Sales Academy Intern, Vincent Jackson, is spending his virtual internship at Adobe.

Which University are you currently enrolled in & what is your internship title?

I am a rising senior at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark, New Jersey as a Business Major with a Concentration in Marketing. My internship title is Adobe Sales Academy Intern.

What attracted you to join Adobe?

A few reasons attracted me to join Adobe, such as the company’s high level of technology that applies to several industries, the positive culture displayed on the Adobe Life Blog, and the opportunity to work with a multi-billion dollar company after my fun experience with start-ups. What attracted me to join Adobe Sales Academy (ASA) was the fact that as I was working, I would be getting educated on the intricacies of representing a globally recognized company and learn how to communicate the value of their products. The interview process was executed very well, and the four phases that ASA highlighted really intrigued me.

What is your main project this summer?

I have been working on presentations that are pitches of Adobe’s Digital Experience products to companies that would greatly benefit from our solutions. I make sure to be proactive by asking for feedback from the Business Development reps and Account Executives I am working with in order to see if there is more I can do, so I can learn as much information as possible during this internship.

How has it been like being a virtual intern?

Adobe has adapted to the virtual work world in seamless fashion. Sales Academy Interns have rallies every morning, which brings a great sense of unity among us. We also have easy access to people who gave us onboarding presentations through Slack so all of our questions get answered in a timely manner! My favorite part of the internship is the sense of camaraderie that my fellow peers and I have for each other. We are split into teams of 4-5 interns, while being led by an intern who is returning from a previous summer, which benefits all of us immensely! I’m able to go to multiple interns who were in my shoes just last summer! It’s really hard to compare this internship to past internships due to the fact that this experience is remote, but I must say I love being able to have intern social hours where we can meet with any other Adobe intern and talk about our experiences.


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