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The Future Of C++ Compiler Diagnostics In MSVC And Visual Studio

We are working hard on improving the diagnostics experience in MSVC and Visual Studio. We began this work in Visual Studio 2022 version 17.3 and while not everything is ready yet, we would like to share the early progress.
Motivation &
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Building A Brand From Your Hometown

Seven years ago, Balraj Jutla and Shehan De Silva combined their passion for craft beers with their love for Ontario, Canada to create their own beer company, Lost Craft.More

17 Strategies To Attract Customers To Your Online Store

It's all too familiar a story.
You've created a beautiful online store and you're carrying products that you know people will love but the only problem is, no one is coming to your store.
Why is that? There could be several reasons but one of them is ...

Vapor: Free Sandbox Accounts

Introduding Vapor sandbox accounts. Get started with Vapor for free and see how quick, easy and painless it is to provision, deploy and manage your Laravel application in a serverless environment.

Announcing .NET 7 Release Candidate 1

.NET 7 Release Candidate 1 is the first of two release candidates that developers can now use in production. This post recaps major features included in the fastest .NET version to date.
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Dev Containers For C++ In Visual Studio

We are happy to share with you that we have added Dev Container support In Visual Studio 2022 17.4 for C++ projects using CMake Presets.

Containers are a great way to package up everything for running an application. Through a Dockerfile all prerequisites are captured so that there is a consistent runtime environment anywhere the container is deployed and run Dev Containers expand this concept to capture everything necessary for developing and building an application in the container.
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Vcpkg Environment Activation In Visual Studio

In Visual Studio 2022 17.4 vcpkg environments will now automatically activate. A vcpkg environment is described by a manifest that captures the artifacts necessary for building your application (learn more about vcpkg artifacts). Today the vcpkg artifact experience is focused on embedded developers,
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Microsoft Teams Assignments Service’s Journey To .NET 6

The Assignments and Grades features in Teams have seen exponential growth in usage as schools around the world have undergone a digital transformation. To better meet the needs of teachers and students, we have recently migrated our backend service to .NET 6.
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How To Take Your Brand Global

Are you having a hard time falling asleep at night? If so, Mark Zhang, the founder of Manta Sleep, has a solution: his company’s adjustable, blackout sleep masks that have taken the ecommerce world by storm.More

Integrating C++ Header Units Into Office Using MSVC (1/n)

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C++20 has had a lot to offer and one feature in particular requires the most thought of all when integrating into our projects: C++ modules (or C++ header units in this particular case). In this blog we will show a real world case of integrating a new C++20 feature into a large codebase that we might all be familiar with.
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Arm64 Performance Improvements In .NET 7

.NET 7 introduces a plethora of performance improvements for developers including developers targeting Arm64 devices. In this blog I break down everything you need to know about the improvements in .NET 7.
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.NET Now On Windows Package Manager

.NET is now available to install through the Windows Package Manager (Winget). Read all about how what it is, how to install, and more.
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Microsoft C++ Team At CppCon 2022

The Microsoft C++ team has an exciting lineup of sessions at CppCon 2022. Many of us will also be present at our team’s booth in the main hall for the first two days of the conference. Come say hi and let us know if you have any questions about our talks,
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Creating An Appetite For Products You Need To Taste

Chandler Honey sources its honey close to home — as in literally from the family farm. Tique Chandler’s parents own a bee farm, so honey and entrepreneurship run in the family. In this episode of Shopify Masters, Chandler talks about tying her identit...

The Dropshipping Playbook: What You Need To Know

Within three years, John Murphy went from teaching himself e-commerce by watching YouTube videos to running a dropshipping company that posted $3 million in revenue. He found his niche in selling e-bikes to hunters — even though John had never ridden a...

How To Make A Video: Step By Step Guide

When it comes to making videos to promote your business—to engage your audience, to showcase your products—professional quality usually demands professional prices.
But sometimes you don’t need Hollywood production values in your videos. Sometimes you...

September Product Updates For Partners And Developers

Shopify's monthly update roundup provides you with summaries of the most important product updates you need to keep your work flowing smoothly.
Read on for September's information. If you’d rather receive these updates via email, sign up for our month...

Importing ST Projects Into Visual Studio Code

In the world of Arm microcontrollers there are many silicon vendors, one of the largest is STMicroelectronics. ST has a large catalog of available devices with many capabilities as well as supporting development boards for evaluating them. They also produce STM32CubeIDE,
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Made With Metafields (part 2)

Metafields are about sharing the right content with the right audience in the right context. They offer a simple, flexible way to build a personalized storefront and deliver experiences that delight new and returning customers—and keep them coming bac...

Vcpkg August 2022 Release Is Now Available: CMake Version Update, Updated FAQ, Cross-compilation Fix For Apple Silicon

The August 2022 release of the vcpkg package manager is available. This blog post summarizes changes from July 25th, 2022 to August 14th, 2022 for the Microsoft/vcpkg and Microsoft/vcpkg-tool GitHub repos.

Some stats for this period:
8 new ports were added to the open-source registry.
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Updates To Visual Studio Build Tools License For C And C++ Open-Source Projects

Visual Studio Build Tools (VSBT) can now be used for compiling open-source C++ dependencies from source without requiring a Visual Studio license, even when you are working for an enterprise on a commercial or closed-source project.

This change expands user rights to the Build Tools and does not limit the existing Visual Studio Community license provisions around Open-Source development.
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Made With Metafields (part 1)

Metafields sound technical, but with a bit of time they can be simple to understand. At the core, they’re about adding additional information into your admin or storefront that doesn’t come standard across Shopify’s platform. In this article we explore...

Official Support For Arm64EC Is Here 

Last year, Microsoft announced x64 compatibility for Windows 11 on Arm, along with the new Arm64EC ABI, a new way to bring apps to Windows on Arm. With Arm64EC you can mix Arm and x64 code in the same process, allowing you to port existing x64 apps to Arm in an incremental way.
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Laravel: New DB Commands

Following last week's release, which again focused on Artisan, this week Laravel v9.24 introduces three new DB commands and more.

Customer Balances For Spark Stripe

In the latest release of Spark Stripe, we're happy to introduce support for Customer Balances. With this new addition, customers will be able to view their current balance and top up their balance:


Laravel: Refreshing Artisan

On today's release of Laravel v9.21.0, we’re bringing you a fresh new look for Artisan: a brand new console output on the vast majority of Laravel commands that deliveries a better console experience, and displays more information in c...