Bombyx Is Being Licensed For Product Development

When we first conceived of our aerial fiber deployment solution, Bombyx (the Latin name for a silk moth), we imagined a robot weaving strands of fiber-optic cables over powerlines, helping human workers quickly connect communities even in very rural or remote locations. Now, after years of successful research, Bombyx is taking the next steps in [...]
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Building And Deploying MySQL Raft At Meta

  We’re rolling out MySQL Raft with the aim to eventually replace our current MySQL semisynchronous databases.  The biggest win of MySQL Raft was simplification of the operation and making MySQL servers take care of promotions and membership. This gave the provable safety of Raft and reduced significant operational pain. Making MySQL server a true [...]
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The Malware Threat Landscape: NodeStealer, DuckTail, And More

We’re sharing our latest threat research and technical analysis into persistent malware campaigns targeting businesses across the internet, including threat indicators to help raise our industry’s collective defenses across the internet. These malware families – including Ducktail, NodeStealer and newer malware posing as ChatGPT and other similar tools– targeted people through malicious browser extensions, ads, [...]
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A Fine-grained Network Traffic Analysis With Millisampler

What the research is:  Millisampler is one of Meta’s latest characterization tools and allows us to observe, characterize, and debug network performance at high-granularity timescales efficiently. This lightweight network traffic characterization tool for continual monitoring operates at fine, configurable timescales. It collects time series of ingress and egress traffic volumes, number of active flows, incoming [...]
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Deploying Key Transparency At WhatsApp

WhatsApp has launched a new cryptographic security feature to automatically verify a secured connection based on key transparency.  The feature requires no additional actions or steps from users and helps ensure that a conversation is secure.  Key transparency solutions help strengthen the guarantee that end-to-end encryption provides to private, personal messaging applications in a transparent [...]
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How Device Verification Protects Your WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp has launched a new security feature that further helps prevent attackers from using vectors like on-device malware. This security feature, called Device Verification, requires no action or additional steps from users and helps protect your account. This feature is part of our broader work to increase security for our users from the growing threat [...]
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How The Metaverse Can Transform Education

With AR and VR, students can walk among dinosaurs to learn about them and medical students can practice surgery without risk to patients.
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Why XHE-AAC Is Being Embraced At Meta

We’re sharing how Meta delivers high-quality audio at scale with the xHE-AAC audio codec. xHE-AAC has already been deployed on Facebook and Instagram to provide enhanced audio for features like Reels and Stories.  At Meta, we serve every media use case imaginable for billions of people across the world — from short-form, user-generated content, such [...]
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Celebrating Women Who Are Inspiring India And The World

From Sania Mirza to Smriti Mandhana, highlighting moments and stories that unfolded on Instagram and Facebook, that showcase the way women are taking the initiative and how India is cheering for them.
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How Meta Is Advancing Democracy

We’re highlighting our commitments to counter the misuse of technology, enable secure and private connections, and respect human rights.
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Dev Diaries: Stories From Inspiring Women Developers

Across the globe, women in game development are making a difference in the industry every day. To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’ll hear from some of these inspiring women, who have shared their experiences and what motivates them to build the gam...

Tech Providers: Get Ready For Meta Work Accounts

We’re rolling out Meta work accounts to a limited number of businesses in 2023. Meta work accounts are an account type for business tools across Meta. Organizations are able to manage these accounts with administrative features including SSO support, a...

Token Merging: Your ViT But Faster

Meta AI is sharing new research to reduce the latency of existing Vision Transformer (ViT) models without the need for additional training. Our approach, called Token Merging...

Meta Open Source: 2022 Year In Review

This past year was one of renewed human connection and community for many people around the world. This theme carried over to open source work at Meta, as contributors, users and organizations congregated to further the impact of open source.