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10 Tips To Craft The Perfect Social Media Profile

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why making sure you’ve nailed your…
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Can You Boost Reels On Instagram? Yes, Here’s How.

So you’ve made an Instagram Reels masterpiece, and now you want the world to see. (We get it—we crave applause,…
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17 Fresh Social Media Post Ideas For 2023

Be authentic. Post Reels. Target your ideal audience. Sacrifice a goat. Maybe those things got you noticed last year but…
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9 Facebook Ad Tools That Will Make Your Job Easier

Facebook ads tools make it super easy to craft effective (a.k.a. moneymaking) ad campaigns on one of the world’s most-used…
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Meet Irina Novoselsky, Hootsuite’s New CEO

Today we’re excited to announce Irina Novoselsky as Chief Executive Officer and member of the board at Hootsuite. We asked…
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Meta Open Source: 2022 Year In Review

This past year was one of renewed human connection and community for many people around the world. This theme carried over to open source work at Meta, as contributors, users and organizations congregated to further the impact of open source.

Everything You Need To Know About Booktok + 5 Best Books

The TikTok community of BookTok has quickly become one of the leading book recommendation platforms in the world. Its unique…
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Introducing Reels Metrics To The Video Insights API

Following the announcement of Reels API for Facebook, today we are introducing Reels metrics to the Video Insights API. We have heard feedback from our developer community about the value of including Reels metrics in the API experience. We are excited...

What You Need To Know About TikTok SEO

With the buzz around TikTok’s value as a source of knowledge for its audience, businesses and creators need to pay attention to TikTok SEO which helps you get your videos to the top of TikTok’s search results. Here’s how to get started with optimizing your TikTok content for search.

Highlighting Text Input With Jetpack Compose

We recently launched a new feature at Buffer, called Ideas. With Ideas, you can store all your best ideas, tweak them until they’re ready, and drop them straight into your Buffer queue. Now that Ideas has launched in our web and mobile apps, we have some time to

Open-sourcing Anonymous Credential Service

Meta has open-sourced Anonymous Credential Service (ACS), a highly available multitenant service that allows clients to authenticate in a de-identified manner. ACS enhances privacy and security while also being compute-conscious. By open-sourcing and fostering a community for ACS, we believe we can accelerate the pace of innovation in de-identified authentication. Data minimization — collecting the [...]
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Creating Apps With App Use Cases

With the goal of making Meta’s app creation process easier for developers to create and customize their apps, we are announcing the rollout of an updated process using App Use Cases instead of the former product-focused process

New To Buffer: Twitter Threads Scheduling

Thread scheduling is the newest addition to Buffer’s suite of organic marketing tools for Twitter. You can now draft unlimited-length threads with Buffer, preview how’ll they look, save them for later, and schedule them for the optimal time.

Enabling Static Analysis Of SQL Queries At Meta

UPM is our internal standalone library to perform static analysis of SQL code and enhance SQL authoring.  UPM takes SQL code as input and represents it as a data structure called a semantic tree. Infrastructure teams at Meta leverage UPM to build SQL linters, catch user mistakes in SQL code, and perform data lineage analysis [...]
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What To Know About Presto SQL Query Engine And PrestoCon

In this blog post, we explain Presto. Presto is a disaggregated SQL query engine originally designed to replace Apache Hive and achieve scalable interactive queries across massive data sets from different sources. If you're interested in learning about...

How To Secure Your Twitter Account

Twitter is a social networking platform to send and receive messages. Learn how to secure your Twitter account and avoid getting hacked…Continue reading on Medium »