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Oxford Teen Arrested In UK On Suspicion Of Hacking

The boy, who has not been named, was arrested as part of an investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA). He remains in police custody.

Although at the time of writing no more details have been shared, there is speculation online that the arrest...

GTA 6: Massive Footage Leak

This week, in one of the biggest leaks in videogame history, a GTAForums user by the name of “teapotuberhacker” posted 90 videos from a test build of Grand Theft Auto 6. Gameplay scenes include a waffle shop robbery, some Vice City locations, ...

How To Wipe A Hard Drive In 4 Steps

You may think that when you delete your files and move them into the trash, they’re gone forever. Well, this isn’t the case. In reality,…
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How To Have Fun Negotiating With A Ransomware Gang

The Financial Times has created an imaginative ransomware negotiation simulator which lets you imagine you’re in the hot seat at a hacked company, trying to stop cybercriminals from releasing sensitive data they have stolen from your systems.

How Uber Was Hacked — Again

Last week, an 18-year old hacker used social engineering techniques to compromise Uber’s network. He compromised an employee’s Slack login and then used it to send a message to Uber employees announcing that it had suffered a data breach. Uber...

What Is ESIM? And How Does It Work?

The new iPhone series in the U.S. no longer takes physical SIM cards, instead relying on eSIM. Is it better?
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Is Free Wi-Fi Really Safe? | Avast

You’re on the move and you notice that you have no bars on your phone. You do a quick skim of your Wi-Fi choices and hook into whichever one seems open, free, and not shady. Voila — you now have internet access! But whether you're at a cafe, a...

How To Spot A Deepfake Video?

Deepfake videos are flooding social networks and pose a potential danger to users. Here is how to spot deepfake videos.
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What Is A Digital Bank?

And how do they compare with traditional banks? (Apart from the funny names.)
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Ransomware: 3 Ways To Protect Your Business

A string of recent articles has identified ransomware as the world’s greatest cybersecurity threat, especially with groups like Black Basta offering ransomware as a service. As of late June, Black Basta alone had struck nearly 50 victims with ...

Autonomous Stores Could Change The Retail Game

Chris Hartman, senior director of fuels, forecourt, advertising, and construction at convenience store chain Rutter’s believes that autonomous stores may be the next big thing in retail tech. Autonomous stores function without a human cashier ...

Stop Getting Random AirDrops

Most are pranks but some can be malicious. Here’s what people like to AirDrop to strangers—and how to avoid them.
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Best Tech Gear For Traveling In 2022

From universal adapters to spy cam detectors, here are nine gadgets for a smoother, more enjoyable travel experience.
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Samsung Was Hacked… Again

For the second time this year, Samsung users have had their data stolen. How does it affect them, and what compensation can they get?
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How To Reduce Screen Time?

Addicted to your phone? Learn how to reduce and control your screen time, when it’s on iOS, Android, or your computer.
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The Feeling Of Safety With McAfee+

Safety has a feeling all its own, and that’s what’s at the heart of McAfee+.  We created McAfee+ so people...
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5 Things About Doxing You Should Know

Have you ever said something you wish you could take back? Maybe it was a comment muttered in the heat...
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