Amnesia: The Bunker Launches June 6 

When we first started with game creation at Frictional Games, we knew we wanted to make immersive horror experiences. We threw in everything we could think of: puzzles, physics, combat, creepy dream sequences – you name it. Those of you who played Penumbra: Overture will remember these elements well. Now, as we approach the launch […]

How Cammy And The Classic Cast Got Their Street Fighter 6 Glow-ups

One thing that has made Street Fighter such an enduring, legendary game series is its iconic characters. Players fondly remember their first time hitting an opponent with Ryu’s Shoryuken, sending out a Sonic Boom with Guile, or mashing out Chun-Li’s lightning kicks. Many of the series’ favorite characters return in Street Fighter 6, but with […]

PlayStation Stars Campaigns And Digital Collectibles For June 2023

Hey there, PlayStation Stars members! It’s almost June, and we’ve got new campaigns and digital collectibles coming your way. Get ready to put your skills to the test again and make some new memories. Keep an eye out for more updates on PlayStation App throughout the month. Now let’s jump into the featured lineup for […]

Immortals Of Aveum Hands-on – New Gameplay Details

Arriving July 20 on PS5, Immortals of Aveum takes the fast-paced FPS action of military shooters and blends it with fantastical, spell-flinging elements. This new IP from Ascendant Studios focuses on a lore-rich, single-player campaign where you play as Jak, an orphan turned Magnus battle mage, who strives to save his home Lucium from the […]

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Is Coming To PC On July 26

Hey everyone, the intergalactic adventurers Ratchet & Clank are making their debut on PC this summer! At Nixxes Software, we are all very excited to announce our next project in collaboration with Insomniac Games. The Ratchet & Clank franchise recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. We are thrilled and honored to bring this iconic franchise to […]

Bend Studio Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary With New Official Merchandise

This year, we are celebrating an incredible milestone of 30 years at Bend Studio! Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun. Since 1993, we’ve had the privilege to develop video games for three decades in beautiful Central Oregon. From the early days of puzzle games to the iconic Syphon Filter series, Resistance: Retribution, […]

(For Southeast Asia) Days Of Play 2023 Sale Kicks Off On June 2

Hi everyone! Days of Play is back this week and we wanted to give you a quick look at some of the deals you can find across PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Store, and with additional offerings available at participating retailers. Days of Play 2023 will begin on June 2 at 12:01AM until June 12 at 11:59PM […]

(For Southeast Asia) Backbone One – PlayStation Edition Launches On Android Today

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Backbone One – PlayStation Edition, an officially licensed smartphone controller, is now available for both iOS and Android users internationally. The reception we received when we recently announced Backbone One – PlayStation Edition for iOS has been incredibly exciting. We’ve seen many gamers take advantage of the PS […]

Redfall Review – Vampire Shooter Is Sucked Dry Of Fun

Xbox Series X/S, PC; Arkane/BethesdaDespite occasional flourishes, Arkane’s latest game feels fundamentally at odds with itselfRedfall’s developer, Arkane Austin, is previously best known for Prey, a beautifully intricate sci-fi adventure that encourag...

Team Behind The Tech – Economy Group

Just as they do in the physical world, goods, services, and entertainment power a thriving economy on Roblox. Our Economy Group develops the infrastructure that makes this possible; their vision is to create a vibrant, virtual economy that mirrors the real world.  “As a company, our goal is to have over a billion people on […]
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Enabling Creation Of Anything, Anywhere, By Anyone

At Roblox, our vision is to reimagine the way we come together. Millions of developers and creators across the globe come together to inspire, build, and share. Our platform is user created and our community is at the center of everything we do.  Everything you see on Roblox – from the high-fidelity experiences to the […]
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Leading At Roblox With Dmitri Essiounine

Leading at Roblox is a series that explores the career journeys of Roblox’s leaders and discusses their roles, philosophies, and management styles. In this profile, get to know Dmitri Essiounine, an Engineering Director on Roblox’s Economy Team. Let’s talk about your career path to Roblox leadership. How did it all start? DE: In college, I […]
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The Tech Stack For The Metaverse

At DeveloperWeek this year, Roblox CTO Dan Sturman sat down with the CTO of Stripe, David Singleton, to discuss “The Tech Stack for the Metaverse.” Missed the event and want to check it out? Explore the recap and recording below. Roblox participated in DeveloperWeek in Oakland, CA this year. We connected with an audience of […]
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Values In Action – Respect The Community: The Roblox Game Jam

At its core, Roblox is a values-driven company. Our values determine how we work together, find and grow the right talent, and define our own vision of success. One of those values is to Respect the Community: we consider our impact on the world, strive to respect everyone’s best interests, and communicate authentically. Our community […]
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What Is NVLink?

Accelerated computing —  a capability once confined to high-performance computers in government research labs — has gone mainstream. Banks, car makers, factories, hospitals, retailers and others are adopting AI supercomputers to tackle the growing mountains of data they need to process and understand. These powerful, efficient systems are superhighways of computing. They carry data and Read article >

What Is Confidential Computing?

Cloud and edge networks are setting up a new line of defense, called confidential computing, to protect the growing wealth of data users process in those environments. Confidential Computing Defined Confidential computing is a way of protecting data in use, for example while in memory or during computation, and preventing anyone from viewing or altering Read article >

Glean Founders Talk AI-Powered Enterprise Search

The quest for knowledge at work can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But what if the haystack itself could reveal where the needle is? That’s the promise of large language models, or LLMs, the subject of this week’s episode of the NVIDIA AI Podcast featuring Deedy Das and Eddie Zhou, founding Read article >

Generative AI At GTC: Dozens Of Sessions To Feature Luminaries Speaking On Tech’s Hottest Topic

As the meteoric rise of ChatGPT demonstrates, generative AI can unlock enormous potential for companies, teams and individuals.  Whether simplifying time-consuming tasks or accelerating 3D workflows to boost creativity and productivity, generative AI is already making an impact across industries — and there’s much more to come. How generative AI is paving the way for Read article >

Fusion Reaction: How AI, HPC Are Energizing Science

Brian Spears says his children will enjoy a more sustainable planet, thanks in part to AI and high performance computing (HPC) simulations. “I believe I’ll see fusion energy in my lifetime, and I’m confident my daughters will see a fusion-powered world,” said the 45-year-old principal investigator at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who helped demonstrate the Read article >

NVIDIA Chief Scientist Inducted Into Silicon Valley’s Engineering Hall Of Fame

From scaling mountains in the annual California Death Ride bike challenge to creating a low-cost, open-source ventilator in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, NVIDIA Chief Scientist Bill Dally is no stranger to accomplishing near-impossible feats. On Friday, he achieved another rare milestone: induction into the Silicon Valley Engineering Council’s Hall of Fame. The Read article >

How AI Is Transforming Genomics

Advancements in whole genome sequencing have ignited a revolution in digital biology. Genomics programs across the world are gaining momentum as the cost of high-throughput, next-generation sequencing has declined. Whether used for sequencing critical-care patients with rare diseases or in population-scale genetics research, whole genome sequencing is becoming a fundamental step in clinical workflows and Read article >

Sun In Their AIs: Nonprofit Forecasts Solar Energy For UK Grid

Cloudy British weather is the butt of many jokes — but the United Kingdom’s national power grid is making the most of its sunshine. With the help of Open Climate Fix, a nonprofit product lab, the control room of the National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) is testing AI models that provide granular, near-term forecasts Read article >

DIY Urban AI: Researchers Drive Hyper-Local Climate Modeling Movement

The do-it-yourself climate modeling movement is here. Researchers from Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory have been launching NVIDIA Jetson-driven edge computing Waggle devices across the globe to collect hyper-local climate information. Waggle is an open source sensor platform for edge computing developed by Argonne. Working with this, scientists share open-source AI code designed for Read article >

NVIDIA Celebrates 1 Million Jetson Developers Worldwide At GTC

A million developers across the globe are now using the NVIDIA Jetson platform for edge AI and robotics to build innovative technologies. Plus, more than 6,000 companies — a third of which are startups — have integrated the platform with their products. These milestones and more will be celebrated during the NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Read article >

Mercedes-Benz Taking Vehicle Product Lifecycle Digital With NVIDIA AI And Omniverse

To drive the automotive industry forward, NVIDIA and Mercedes-Benz are taking the virtual road. NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang joined Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius on stage at the automaker’s strategy update event yesterday in Silicon Valley, showcasing progress in their landmark partnership to digitalize the entire product lifecycle, plus the ownership and automated driving Read article >

A New Window In The Cloud: NVIDIA And Microsoft To Bring Top PC Games To GeForce NOW

The cloud just got bigger. NVIDIA and Microsoft announced this week they’re working to bring top PC Xbox Game Studios games to the GeForce NOW library, including titles from Bethesda, Mojang Studios and Activision, pending closure of Microsoft’s acquisition. With six new games joining the cloud this week for members to stream, it’s a jam-packed Read article >

Survey Reveals How Telcos Plan To Ring In Change Using AI

The telecommunications industry has for decades helped advance revolutionary change – enabling everything from telephones and television to online streaming and self-driving cars. Yet the industry has long been considered an evolutionary mover in its own business. A recent survey of more than 400 telecommunications industry professionals from around the world found that same cautious Read article >

Generative AI On Roblox: Our Vision For The Future Of Creation

Today, Roblox provides creators with a platform that enables end-to-end tools, services, and support to help them build the most immersive 3D experiences. With Roblox Studio, creators have everything they need, out-of-the-box and for free, to build their experiences and publish immediately on all popular platforms, reaching 58.8 million people daily worldwide. With the advent […]
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Team Behind The Tech – User Group

Roblox is a human co-experience platform.  We want our users to be able to experience the full spectrum of social interactions in our immersive 3D experiences, with communication on Roblox mirroring all the ways we communicate in the real world.  One of the cross-functional teams building this technology on Roblox is the User Group.  “We […]
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Hack Week 2022: Putting Our Values Into Action

In December 2022, we hosted our annual Hack Week. During this week, Robloxians put our values into action by pursuing projects that drive rapid innovation. This was our largest annual self-organized event to date, with over 400 employees across 225 teams competing for a spot in the top three in each of four categories. Unleashing […]
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Winter Roblox Week 2023

We kicked off 2023 with Roblox Week at HQ in San Mateo, CA. Roblox Week takes a typical company all-hands to the next level – our team gathers in person for a week of activities that foster employee connection, create a sense of community, and celebrate the technical innovations we’re building to drive the future […]
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What Engineers Really Think About The Metaverse (Survey Insights)

93% of engineers want to help build the metaverse, and 4 in 5 would quit their current job for the opportunity More than 90% say the metaverse will see more technical innovation than any other segment in the next decade 78% of engineers expect to spend more than half of their workday in the metaverse […]
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Xbox & PlayStation’s Activision-Blizzard Battle Gets Weird(er) – Unlocked 566

The Microsoft-vs.-Sony drama over Xbox's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard took another turn for the weird this week. We examine each company's latest effort to hilariously downplay themselves and talk up the other guy. Plus: our quick impressions of the just-released Xbox exclusive Scorn and the next-gen only, Game-Pass-day-one stealth adventure A Plague Tale: Requiem; Obsidian's future with Fallout, and more!Subscribe on any of your favorite podcast feeds, to our YouTube channel, or grab an MP3 of this week's episode. For more awesome content, check out our recent interview with Todd Howard, who answered all of our Starfield questions after the big reveal at the Xbox Showcase:For more next-gen coverage, make sure to check out our Xbox Series X review, our Xbox Series S review, and our PS5 review.Ryan McCaffrey is IGN's executive editor of previews and host of both IGN's weekly Xbox show, Podcast Unlocked, as well as our monthly(-ish) interview show, IGN Unfiltered. He's a North Jersey guy, so it's "Taylor ham," not "pork roll." Debate it with him on Twitter at @DMC_Ryan.

Silent Hill: Ascension Is A Live Silent Hill Event Coming Next Year

Today's Silent Hill announcements were not confined to just the games world. We also learned during the Silent Hill Transmission livestream that something called Silent Hill Ascension is in the works, and it appears to be some kind of live and possibly interactive experience in the Silent Hill universe.