What Are Large Language Models Used For?

AI applications are summarizing articles, writing stories and engaging in long conversations — and large language models are doing the heavy lifting. A large language model, or LLM, is a deep learning algorithm that can recognize, summarize, translate, predict and generate text and other content based on knowledge gained from massive datasets. Large language models Read article >

DLSS 3 Delivers Ultimate Boost In Latest Game Updates On GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW RTX 4080 SuperPODs are rolling out now, bringing RTX 4080-class performance and features to Ultimate members — including support for NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture technologies like NVIDIA DLSS 3.  This GFN Thursday brings updates to some of GeForce NOW’s hottest games that take advantage of these amazing technologies, all from the cloud. Read article >

Supersizing AI: Sweden Turbocharges Its Innovation Engine

Sweden is outfitting its AI supercomputer for a journey to the cutting edge of machine learning, robotics and healthcare. It couldn’t ask for a better guide than Anders Ynnerman (above). His signature blue suit, black spectacles and gentle voice act as calm camouflage for a pioneering spirit. Early on, he showed a deep interest in Read article >

Fresh AI On Security: Digital Fingerprinting Deters Identity Attacks

Add AI to the list of defenses against identity attacks, one of the most common and hardest breach to prevent. More than 40% of all data compromises involved stolen credentials, according to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. And a whopping 80% of all web application breaches involved credential abuse. “Credentials are the favorite Read article >

What Is AI Computing?

The abacus, sextant, slide rule and computer. Mathematical instruments mark the history of human progress. They’ve enabled trade and helped navigate oceans, and advanced understanding and quality of life. The latest tool propelling science and industry is AI computing. AI Computing Defined AI computing is the math-intensive process of calculating machine learning algorithms, typically using Read article >

AI’s Leg Up: Startup Accelerates Robotics Simulation For $8 Trillion Food Market

Robots are finally getting a grip. Developers have been striving to close the gap on robotic gripping for the past several years, pursuing applications for multibillion-dollar industries. Securely gripping and transferring fast-moving items on conveyor belts holds vast promise for businesses. Soft Robotics, a Bedford, Mass., startup, is harnessing NVIDIA Isaac Sim to help close Read article >

The Ultimate Upgrade: GeForce RTX 4080 SuperPOD Rollout Begins Today

The Ultimate upgrade begins today: GeForce NOW RTX 4080 SuperPODs are now rolling out, bringing a new level of high-performance gaming to the cloud. Ultimate members will start to see RTX 4080 performance in their region soon, and experience titles like  Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and more at ultimate Read article >

Sequoia Capital’s Pat Grady And Sonya Huang On Generative AI

For insights into the future of generative AI, check out the latest episode of the NVIDIA AI Podcast. Host Noah Kravitz is joined by Pat Grady and Sonya Huang, partners at Sequoia Capital, to discuss their recent essay, “Generative AI: A Creative New World.” The authors delve into the potential of generative AI to enable Read article >

Roll Model: Smart Stroller Pushes Its Way To The Top At CES 2023

As any new mom or dad can tell you, parenting can be a challenge — packed with big worries and small hassles. But it may be about to get a little bit easier thanks to Glüxkind Technologies and their smart stroller, Ella. The company has just been named a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree for Read article >

NVIDIA And Dell Technologies Expand AI Portfolio

In their largest-ever joint AI initiative, NVIDIA and Dell Technologies today launched a wave of Dell PowerEdge systems available with NVIDIA acceleration, enabling enterprises to efficiently transform their businesses with AI. A total of 15 next-generation Dell PowerEdge systems can draw from NVIDIA’s full AI stack — including GPUs, DPUs and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise Read article >

NVIDIA, Evozyne Create Generative AI Model For Proteins

Using a pretrained AI model from NVIDIA, startup Evozyne created two proteins with significant potential in healthcare and clean energy. A joint paper released today describes the process and the biological building blocks it produced. One aims to cure a congenital disease, another is designed to consume carbon dioxide to reduce global warming. Initial results show Read article >

GFN Thursday Adds New Titles From THQ Nordic To GeForce NOW

GFN Thursday kicks each weekend off with new games and updates straight from the cloud. This week adds more games from publisher THQ Nordic to the GeForce NOW library, as part seven total additions. Members can gear up to play these new titles the ultimate way with the upcoming release of the new Ultimate membership, Read article >

NVIDIA Helps Retail Industry Tackle Its $100 Billion Shrink Problem

The global retail industry has a $100 billion problem. “Shrinkage” — the loss of goods due to theft, damage and misplacement — significantly crimps retailers’ profits. An estimated 65% of shrinkage is due to theft, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2022 Retail Security Survey, conducted in partnership with the Loss Prevention Research Council. And Read article >

Leading At Roblox With Claus Moberg

Leading at Roblox is a new series that explores the career journeys of Roblox’s leaders and discusses their roles, philosophies, and management styles. In our first profile, we get to know Claus Moberg, VP of Engineering, who heads up our User Group. This year, Claus is also leading Roblox’s Hack Week, a week-long opportunity for […]
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Fostering A Culture Of Innovation In 2023

Survey of engineers shows collaboration, flexibility and sense of ownership as critical factors in nurturing an innovation mindset and culture When a company sets out on an ambitious goal of building things that haven’t existed before, innovation is that one significant differentiator between success and failure. Solving complex technical challenges requires a mindset that isn’t […]
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Introducing Contact Importer And Friend Recommendations

Today, we’re excited to announce the rollout of two new features to make it easier to find and connect with friends on Roblox: Contact Importer and Friend Recommendations. Experiences on Roblox can be more amazing and enjoyable when you are with people that you know. Now you will be able to import your phone contacts […]
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Share Of The Week: Vistas

Last week, we asked you to climb high and gaze down at stunning gaming vistas using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights:  frejim_nica shares Atreus gazing down from a tall stone wall in God of War Ragnarök. Cyb3r3ll4 shares Aloy lying in an old satellite, looking down across a foggy field in Horizon Forbidden […]

PlayStation Partner Awards 2022 Japan Asia Winners Announced

The PlayStation Partner Awards 2022 Japan Asia (hereinafter referred to as “PlayStation Partner Awards”) ceremony was held today on December 2 to honor the winners from the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 titles that became a big hit over the past year.       The PlayStation Partner Awards began in 1994, the year after the birth of […]

Gran Turismo 25th Anniversary And World Finals Celebration Continues With GT7

The ‘Gran Turismo World Series’ 2022 in Monaco proved a fitting start to Gran Turismo’s 25th Anniversary celebrations. A four-day festival of racing saw three champions crowned, a new Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo unveiled, a tight Pro-Am race in which BWT Alpine F1 Team driver Esteban Ocon was just pipped for the win, another race […]

Indies Highlights Coming To PS4 & PS5 In December 2022

The holiday season is here, and this year Santa’s brought a big bagful of indie awesomeness to keep you cozy indoors and out of the cold. Whether looking for stylish first-person action, emergent horror, or a chance to prove yourself on the virtual slopes, these December indie highlights have enough style and variety to keep […]

Neon White Is Coming To PS4 And PS5 December 13

Neon White is a lightning-fast single-player first-person action game where you exterminate demons beyond the pearly gates of Heaven. It’s a one-of-a-kind mashup of first person shooter, platformer, puzzle game, topped off with a social link system where you can get to know your fellow dead assassins. That may sound like a lot, but it’s […]

Top Tips To Get Ready For Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Out December 2

Hey everyone! I’m Jake Solomon, creative director at Firaxis Games, and the good folks at PlayStation have asked me to share some of my top tips for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which comes out tomorrow on December 2. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the latest title coming out of Firaxis Games, whom you may know as the […]

Tallneck Tidings: A Horizon Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Starting to write up your gift lists for friends and family? The Horizon Holiday Gift Guide is here to help. The end of the year is already upon us, but the options are endless when it comes to gifts for Horizon fans. Whether you’re settling in with cozy vibes at home, braving the great outdoors […]

Semantic Subtyping In Luau

Luau is the first programming language to put the power of semantic subtyping in the hands of millions of creators. Minimizing false positives One of the issues with type error reporting in tools like the Script Analysis widget in Roblox Studio is false positives. These are warnings that are artifacts of the analysis, and don’t correspond […]
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Insights From Our ‘2022 Metaverse Fashion Trends’ Report

Take an In-Depth Look At Gen Z’s Avatar Style Preferences  Missed our virtual panel “What’s Next in Metaverse Fashion?” Check out the recording here.  Long before the vast potential of digital fashion captured the attention of media and brands, our community members were designing, sharing, and wearing their own avatar fashion creations. For over a […]
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Xbox & PlayStation’s Activision-Blizzard Battle Gets Weird(er) – Unlocked 566

The Microsoft-vs.-Sony drama over Xbox's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard took another turn for the weird this week. We examine each company's latest effort to hilariously downplay themselves and talk up the other guy. Plus: our quick impressions of the just-released Xbox exclusive Scorn and the next-gen only, Game-Pass-day-one stealth adventure A Plague Tale: Requiem; Obsidian's future with Fallout, and more!Subscribe on any of your favorite podcast feeds, to our YouTube channel, or grab an MP3 of this week's episode. For more awesome content, check out our recent interview with Todd Howard, who answered all of our Starfield questions after the big reveal at the Xbox Showcase:For more next-gen coverage, make sure to check out our Xbox Series X review, our Xbox Series S review, and our PS5 review.Ryan McCaffrey is IGN's executive editor of previews and host of both IGN's weekly Xbox show, Podcast Unlocked, as well as our monthly(-ish) interview show, IGN Unfiltered. He's a North Jersey guy, so it's "Taylor ham," not "pork roll." Debate it with him on Twitter at @DMC_Ryan.

Silent Hill: Ascension Is A Live Silent Hill Event Coming Next Year

Today's Silent Hill announcements were not confined to just the games world. We also learned during the Silent Hill Transmission livestream that something called Silent Hill Ascension is in the works, and it appears to be some kind of live and possibly interactive experience in the Silent Hill universe.

EA Teases Next Generation Of The Sims, Dubbed ‘Project Rene’

Inevitably, a certain amount of time after The Sims 4 launched, the question everyone started whispering among themselves was, "When will we hear about The Sims 5?" Well, Maxis has just unveiled what appears to be the next generation of The Sims, but calling it "The Sims 5" may not be fully accurate.

Team Behind The Tech – Creator Group

Go behind the scenes to learn about the Creator Group culture they aim to build, and how they’re working towards the future of creation on Roblox.
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Norco Review – Dour, Compelling Louisiana Adventure

Geography of Robots; Raw Fury; Xbox, PlayStationThis award-winning single-person adventure, set in a run-down refinery town, is full of compelling mysteriesKay returns reluctantly to Norco (a real place in Louisiana, here semi-fictionalised) after lear...

Pushing Buttons: Why Did Google Stadia Fail?

Google’s gaming platform had good tech but it’s become the latest casualty in the cloud-gaming realm. Plus, the creators of Monument Valley are back with a gorgeous game of feelings-dodgeballDon’t get Pushing Buttons delivered to your inbox? Sign up he...