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How To Promote Affiliate Products With Webinars: An Insider’s Guide

By Hanson Cheng Webinars are a classic, but powerful tool for boosting affiliate sales. As you probably know, a webinar is a live or prerecorded online presentation, seminar, or workshop that educates viewers about specific topics (usually in order to promote a product or service). So, why consider webinars as a way to promote affiliate

8 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Does Not Work (And How To Fix Them!)

If you’ve ever thought about affiliate marketing as a way to make money online – or you’ve already given it a try for yourself – then you may have gotten frustrated at some point and felt like it doesn’t really “work.” I get that, because it’s NOT easy to build a successful affiliate marketing side

10 Best Affiliate Programs For Influencers And Creators On ClickBank (2023)

Welcome to our list of the best affiliate programs for influencers and creators to promote on ClickBank! If you’re new to ClickBank, we’re a popular affiliate marketplace where brands and product owners can list a product, and you can promote those products to your audience in exchange for an affiliate commission! In this post, we’ll

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It? The Definitive Guide

Many people are wondering whether being an affiliate marketer is still worth it. With the rise of social media and other digital marketing techniques, there are now tons of different ways for companies to promote themselves and their own offers. Many a...

How To Build An Audience For Affiliate Marketing: 3 Simple Steps To Success!

The main challenge for most new affiliates is getting eyeballs (and clicks) on their affiliate links. There are many different ways to drive affiliate traffic, but if you choose to build an audience for affiliate marketing, this can significantly boost your income! You can actually cultivate your own audience as an asset for your business,

What Is Performance Mode And How To Gain Profit With It

RichAds’ Performance Mode: Gain Profit Without Any Efforts New features to simplify marketers’ work appear every day, some of them turn out to be successful, while others fail to satisfy the needs of affiliates. Marketers allocate a considerable ...

5 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas For Affiliate Marketing In 2023

YouTube continues to be a popular source of education and entertainment for millions of users worldwide. It’s also a unique way to grow your affiliate business. As a social network, YouTube is the second most popular platform globally, with over one billion hours of videos watched daily. It is also the second-largest search engine, with

Maximizing Profits: Tips For Recovering Abandoned Carts On Your Online Store

Recovering abandoned carts should be a top priority for all eCommerce businesses. These are among the hottest imaginable leads and allowing them to “walk away” is leaving money on the table. Crucially, eCommerce brands need to understand why they moved to checkout and didn’t follow through.   The job is then overcoming any objections they may […]
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Industry Buzz – April 2023 

We kick off this monthly roundup with thrilling news – CommerceNow, the leading global eCommerce event, is back with an exceptional roster of speakers, actionable sessions, and exceptional resources that will take your online business to new heights of success. The event is entirely virtual and free of charge, allowing you to attend from wherever […]
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How To Run An Influencer Affiliate Marketing Outreach Strategy For SaaS

Influencer marketing isn’t just for tangible products, it can easily be adapted to software and SaaS.  Research has found that 86% of B2B brands see ROI with influencer marketing, so it’s a channel you need to experiment with.  In this guide, you’ll learn the benefits of influencer marketing for SaaS, the different types of influencers […]
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7 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tools To Boost Your Sales

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing segments in recent years. The global affiliate marketing industry is now worth $17 billion, and 88% of consumers have bought something after being inspired by a content creator online! Like other forms of marketing, affiliate marketing needs to be data-driven so that everyone involved – affiliates, vendors,

Churn: Debunking Myths, Revealing Mistakes, And Focusing On What Truly Matters

Customer churn is a critical aspect that every SaaS business must understand to grow and maintain a healthy revenue stream.   This article will uncover common myths and mistakes surrounding churn, providing valuable insights into what companies should focus on and what they should save their time on while retaining revenue.  What is Customer Churn?  Customer […]
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Google Ads Automated Bidding: 7 Types & Core Benefits

One of the main components of a successful Google Ads campaign is your bidding strategy. With Google Ads automated bidding strategies, you can get the best conversion results for your budget. In this article, we will discuss the core benefits of using ...

Weathering The Storm: SaaS Strategies For Success During An Economic Downturn

In January of this year, The World Bank declared, “The global economy is perilously close to falling into a global recession…”  The world can’t seem to catch a break. Already weakened by the pandemic-induced recession of 2020, this year is showing no improvement. Massive layoffs, sky-high food prices, record-level bank runs, a soon-to-fail housing market, […]
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ChatGPT For Content Ideas And Your Content Strategy

ChatGPT is one of the best tools when you need a list of content ideas for your business. You can also use ChatGPT for content strategy by creating content calendars. In the following blog post and in the videos embedded, you will learn how to use Chat...

Google Ads App Campaigns: Complete Guide 2023

The mobile app industry continues to thrive year after year. App revenue is expected to reach an astonishing $613 billion globally by 2025. Developing a useful or entertaining app is a major challenge, but so is Marketing your app to the right people a...

Your 2023 Go-to Guide To SaaS Accounting

SaaS companies need the right information and tools to support themselves in all business areas—including finance. That’s why it’s important to know SaaS accounting inside and out. But what exactly sets it apart from conventional accounting, and what key metrics should you track? On top of that, which considerations should factor into your choice of […]
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Facebook Vs YouTube Ads: Which Is Best For Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketing media buyer is a marketing professional who promotes affiliate products using paid digital media campaigns. Generally, media buyers don’t rely on their own platform – such as an email list, website, or social media presence – but they’re skilled at buying placements and running campaigns on different online ad platforms to promote

Wholesale Sustainable Clothing – Interview With A Supplier

Wholesale Sustainable Clothing.. what exactly does that mean? Sustainable clothing refers to fabric from planet friendly resources like; sustainable fiber crops (hemp, flax, cotton etc.), or recycled materials. Another type of Sustainable clothing includes upcycling and recycling of clothing by adding details or changing the function. It can also refer to how each of the fabrics […]
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10 ChatGPT Copywriting Tips And Prompts To Use

ChatGPT is one of the best copywriting tools you can use. Not only can it improve your existing copy, you can test variations of your ad copy vs. ChatGPT suggestions. However, how do we effectively use this tool and write copy that converts? In this bl...

8 Copywriting Best Practices To Convert Customers

Copywriting can be very challenging, especially for products and services with a lot of competition. How do we stand out from the crowd? How do we communicate effectively to our customers? How do we drive conversions with ad copy? These questions will ...

How To Exclude Mobile Apps For Google Display Ads

Browse This Article: Exclude Mobile Apps in Google Ads Video Tutorial Method 1 – How to Exclude Mobile App Categories from Google Display Ads Campaigns Method 2 – How to Exclude Mobile App Categories Using Google Ads Editor How to Exclude S...

ChatGPT Content Creation Checklist For SEO

In this article, we will guide you through a comprehensive checklist of steps to create SEO-friendly content using ChatGPT, from identifying your target keyword to auditing your final blog post for continuous improvements. I would not recommend copying...

Always Be Professional – You Are A Business Owner!

A Business Owner can have anything from a one person operation to a large team. The majority of our members are new to selling online or have been a small business owner for awhile and are looking to expand more. I recently had the privilege of doing Customer Support emails. I actually enjoy this! It […]
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MozCon 2023: The Initial Agenda

The moment you’ve been so eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. Today, we’re excited to share the lineup of talks hitting the MozCon 2023 stage this August.

How To Get The Most Out Of Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Real-time bidding, or RTB, is an undeniably powerful tool that can boost your profits. However, it typically only serves low-quality traffic, which doesn’t convert well. Of course, it can be serviceable — but if you’re looking to increase your profit a...

Thank-You Page Tips And Examples That Drive Engagement

When you are creating your eCommerce website, there are many components that you need to include to make sure your website looks professional. Your website should be helpful to new and existing customers, provide accurate product information, and be easy to navigate and make purchases. Additionally, your website should promote the highest level of customer […]
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Top 8 Reasons For Dropshipping Startup Failure

Although dropshipping is one of the best eCommerce business models, there are still a lot of challenges you may encounter, especially if you’re a complete beginner. It can be complicated for people without any experience, specifically in handling a business or building an online store, resulting in many startup failure stories. But don’t worry! To increase […]
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Is Affiliate Marketing Ethical? [How To Do It The Right Way!]

On both the affiliate and seller sides of the spectrum, we sometimes encounter people who are uncertain about the ethics of affiliate marketing as a way to make money. I’d like to talk through the bigger picture of what it even means to be an affiliate marketer, and then explore the ethics of this business

Dropshippers & Wholesalers Added March 2023

It’s now April and Summer is fast approaching! Did you know that retailers plan what they will offer in their stores months and months in advance? There is a lot to do! Figure out what the best things to offer, schedule things out, create marketing materials, get all their stores up to date with the […]
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The 10 Best Shopify Products For Dropshipping In 2023

Picking a niche is always the first step in building a successful business because it will serve as its foundation. A niche will help you build and target an audience and dictate how to implement your marketing and content strategies. But, picking the best products to sell on Shopify isn’t always easy. It depends on many […]
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