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Native Advertising Headlines: What Can We Improve?

Native Advertising Headlines have never been so simple!

> Going forward to start we advise you to read our article: What is a Native
Advertising? []If you don't
know about Native Ads
[] yet, if you
know you can read on, and learn how to build Headlines that click and sell.
If you’ve landed here, you’re probably searching for tips on how to write catchy
native advertising headlines

CPV Lab PRO Review: Track all of your marketing using just one tool

Even if you have experience in affiliate marketing []
or you just started, you know already that in marketing everything needs to be
measured… if not, you are losing money.

But how does the measuring actually happen? Well, the easiest way to do this is
to use a tracking tool or software that tracks all your marketing campaigns and
has a built-in reporting feature. This way, all you need to do is set it up and
let it track your campaigns. Check the reports and collect t

RevContent Vs Taboola: Which is the best bet?

RevContent Vs Taboola! That’s right! Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher
, if you landed here, you’re probably trying to understand if Revcontent can be
a better bet rather than Taboola or vice versa.

This is why we will fully guide you in reaching to understand your best pick:
RevContent or Taboola?

Each one of us is always in search of those specific “needs” to improve
strategies, earning awareness, traffic or in monetizing an own website, so let’s
get to it and don’t search further

Forensiq Review : Top Fraud Detection Tool Reviews

Advertisers, publishers, and networks face a huge number of hurdles in the
affiliate marketing [] ecosystem. In
addition to keeping up with new technologies and all the pertinent compliance
guidelines, all stakeholders in the affiliate world need to ensure that the
conversion and leads generated come from legitimate users. When advertisers end
up paying for fraudulent conversions, it creates an imbalance that affects
publishers, networks, and technology p

Content Marketing Strategy: Solve Your Content Marketing Headaches!

What is a content marketing strategy and how is it driving awareness? For sure,
it’s so much more than what you think!

In our “content marketing strategy” article, you’ll find the keys to unlock your
struggles with tips and hints!

It’s not only about promoting updates to targeted audiences or generating leads,
but it’s so much more and, most important, it’s how you do it!

Which content you’ll create and how it’s done, are the main focuses you’ll need
to set in order to help you drive your web

Instagram Ad Ideas To Get Inspired From: Why Are You Waiting?

Our Instagram Ad []
Ideas are here not only to inspire you, but they’ll blow your mind by realizing:
why didn’t I create it?

Since Instagram got acquired by Facebook, this social media platform practically
exploded and competition got higher than ever!

Instagram is generating more traffic than ever and in terms of marketing and
advertising, by being linked with Facebook, it became a “must have” for every
new or established brand or b

Taboola Review 2021: Advertiser or Publisher? Start Here and Now!

Our Taboola Review will not be an ordinary review!

Not only you will know everything about Taboola’s outstanding advertising
platform, but you will also discover its huge potential and how this will raise
your traffic by acquiring more data than ever!

Are you a publisher? We’ve also got you covered with every golden tip you’ll
need to know, to monetize content and acquire visibility!

Why is Taboola so extraordinary for advertisers and publishers?

Not only Taboola is the largest discovery pla

Why Use an Advertorial Before the Landing Page in Native Advertising Campaigns?

As an affiliate marketer [], there are
many techniques you can implement to give your campaign a performance boost.
These may be limited by the offer you’re working with, but there are many
time-tested approaches that are suitable in almost every instance.

Take advertorials, a common tactic used for decades in traditional marketing.
This technique is also suitable for online channels and, as a matter of fact, it
can exponentially improve the results you g

Native Ad Networks vs. Native DSPs: What Do Experts Recommend?

According to some projections, the digital advertising industry will be worth
more than 355 billion US dollars
[] by the
end of 2020. This constitutes more than half of the projected global advertising
spend, which stands close to $587 billion

In addition to the size of the market, the statistics above also indicate the
number of options advertisers have availa

How to Reduce Traffic Fraud and Increase the Profitability of Your Advertising Campaign

Fraudulent traffic cost advertisers a whopping 42 billion US dollars in 2019 and
that number can increase to a staggering $100 billion by the end of 2023
. Put simply, ad fraud is a monumental obstacle that 69% of marketers
[] view as a
major threat to their marketing budget. However, many affiliates are not aware
of these deceptiv

AdNow Review 2021: What Can You Do For Your Native Advertising?

Our AdNow review will dive through the potential of its advertising platform
with prices, tips, pros & cons covering targeted personalized information for
advertisers and publishers!

AdNow is a profitable and targeted advertising network
[] helping advertisers who want to
generate a lot of traffic to their business sites through interesting article
recommendations with ads strategically placed as widgets on the publisher’s blog
sites that look like orig

SEMrush vs SimilarWeb: What is the Best Tool for Media Buyers?

The road to becoming a successful media buyer is paved with regular practice and
continuous learning. Despite the fact that media buying is an old marketing
activity, the surge of digital advertising has forever changed the way marketers
purchase ad spots. Today, media buyers can choose from a seemingly infinite set
of options, but this doesn’t mean that every one of them will deliver the right
results or that all campaigns will be successful.

Media buyers have to take many different elements i

Outbrain Review 2021: Advertiser or Publisher? Start Here and Now!

This Outbrain review, will not only uncover the potential of its advertising
platform with tips, prices, pros and cons, but it will blow your mind with
targeted information for advertisers and publishers!

If you’re looking to raise traffic by acquiring data and tips or know how to
manage, control and monetize your content on the open web, you’re in the right

Whether you are an advertiser [] or a
publisher, we’ve got you covered!

So, let’s disco

The Ultimate List of the Best Affiliate Marketing Forums in 2021

The affiliate [] marketer’s resources
are like a mechanic’s toolkit. Every tool you have at your disposal can help
create a well-oiled machine that delivers on performance, as long as you
maintain it properly. With that in mind, seasoned publishers and affiliates that
own a popular site should learn how to get the most from the resources they have

Take affiliate forums, for example. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands
of different affili

What is an Affiliate Media Buyer?

Digital marketing is extremely versatile because it allows you to generate
revenue in a huge variety of ways. Today, the easiest method for consumers to
find and learn about new products is to run an online search, so the internet is
the best way to connect with users who are actively looking to make a purchase.

With the above in mind, there are dozens of different digital advertising models
you can adopt. You may choose to become a traditional affiliate marketer and run
your own website, or yo

What’s the Difference Between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads?

Social Media content it’s a must-have for companies. So which one is better? Which one is the best for your business? Instagram ads or Facebook ads? There are different advantages to run a campaign on both platforms. Click here to find out which one is the best for your business.

What Is Social Marketing?

Social Marketing’s goal is to influence better behaviors that individuals and communities could benefit from! Let’s discover the top Social Marketing Ads!

Ad Fraud Monitoring and Prevention Tools: FraudScore Review

The issue of ad fraud has received a lot of attention over the last few years
and for good reasons. As a matter of fact, 38% of digital media professionals
[] see ad fraud as the
biggest threat to the success of their marketing campaign in 2020, so having the
right protection mechanisms in place can significantly increase your chances of

At lemonads, we’ve developed a wide range of in-house ad fraud detection

What Is CPL?

What is CPL? In this article, learn the meaning and how it works in order to monetize your CPL offers through our article!

What is native advertising?

Looking for the answer to the question “what is native advertising?” If so, you aren’t alone! Even some seasoned marketers aren’t sure they’ve got it down. Click here to find out what it is and how to use it effectively.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation can be defined by the different actions taken to encourage potential buyers to fill a contact form or subscribe to a newsletter.

What is CPA marketing?

You've heard about CPA marketing but don’t know what it is? Here’s our guide to get started with CPA marketing and become a successful affiliate marketer.

How to optimize SEO when you are an advertiser?

Just like a physical shop, any merchant site must be able to attract visitors in
order to transform them into customers and thus ensure the marketing of its
While there are many ways to capture traffic on an online store site, the royal
road remains natural traffic, also known as organic traffic, resulting from the
referencing of its web pages on Internet search engines such as Google.

In this article, we come back to the nature and potential of organic traffic for
an e-merchant in or

Push notification is not only cool, it’s also performing

Back in 2003, BlackBerry users on the move received an email notification
letting them know that a message had been delivered to their inbox. Clicking on
it would bring them to the email. Previously, someone with an email account
wouldn’t know they had new mail unless they went and proactively checked for
themselves. This real-time notification was a core product feature that proved
especially popular amongst the businesspeople who championed the brand.
Fast forward 17 years, push messages have

Affiliate network: More efficient than direct advertisers?

CPA Network vs Direct Advertiser - Which one is better?
Having an effective marketing strategy is crucial to the overall success of your
business. To that extent, the method growing in popularity for lead generation
is affiliate marketing. And one of the key benefits of becoming an advertiser
through an affiliate network is the number of opportunities this opens up,
alongside the ease of getting started.

But because affiliate marketing is now a very large industry and has become a
key source of

RichPush Review: Why choose RichPush push ad network?

Push notifications are one of the most popular ad formats in affiliate marketing
with huge traffic volumes, worldwide GEOs, and high-performance.

In this review, we will speak about RichPush — a push notifications ad network
which was among the first to enter the affiliate marketing
[] industry with push ads format. Now RichPush team is
constantly implementing new ad formats, working on UI and cool flagship

We’ve been working with RichPush [https://richpush

The Future of Affiliate Marketing by Amy Cheung aka Vortex

If you have been in the industry for a while, you most likely already know who
Amy Cheung is. STM forum moderator and author of “Make your first dollar online
: a step-by-step beginners tutorial”, she has been in the industry for many
years. Over these years, she has helped with her advice a number of beginners
with how to launch their very first campaign and make their first income online
and many STM members to a 3-4 figures income per day.

We had the pleasure to have her share with lemonads

Finding the Ideal Tracker for Your Campaigns: Binom Review

Finding the right tracker for your marketing campaign is becoming more
challenging every year. This is not due to a shortage of options -- on the other
hand, there are so many trackers available that finding the best all-around tool
is more difficult than ever before.
With the above in mind, Binom is a tracking tool that has been drawing a
significant amount of attention in the past few years. At lemonads, we’ve seen
hundreds of affiliates and other marketers use Binom to improve the performance

9 Tips for Building a Successful Facebook Ads

Facebook has around 2.5 billion monthly active users and each one of them clicks
on 11 ads per month. Many marketers agree that this statistic alone is enough to
justify the use of Facebook ads for an affiliate campaign. However, there are
also 90 million small companies that use this social media platform for
marketing purposes - so crafting ads that capture your audience’s attention is
challenging at best.
Just like with other types of campaigns, optimizing your Facebook ads is the
best way to

Delete third-party cookies: The impact for affiliate marketing

If you’re running an affiliate program, you probably already know what browser
cookies are. You already know what is a first-party and a third-party cookie.
And you are probably aware, too, that the world of cookies is about to change
drastically with the latest Google announcements about third-party cookies...
Since the American giant announced that it would deprecate third-party cookies
within Chrome in a two year wingspan, we are all aware that tomorrow’s affiliate
world won’t be the same - a

10 Tips and Tricks to Master Mobile Ad Optimization

There are more than 5 billion unique mobile internet users in the world and this
number is constantly rising. Not only this, but 89% of these users will likely
recommend a company after having a positive experience with that brand on a
mobile device.
Needless to say, optimizing your mobile ads has become an essential part of any
digital marketing campaign. That being said, many affiliates still struggle when
it comes to fine-tuning their mobile campaigns. Although mobile traffic is at an

Identifying the Best Traffic Sources: Adcash Review

Affiliates have a number of important decisions to make before starting to run
their campaigns. This includes choosing the right offer as well as having a
dependable tracker in place. In addition, digital marketers need to find strong
and reliable traffic sources for the ads they create.

There are dozens of traffic sources available on the market, but Adcash
has earned a solid  reputation for b

Testing : Make your campaigns more efficient thanks to science!

There are many slogans around tests and affiliate marketing which is why only
tests allow your campaigns to progress effectively. If everyone seems to agree
on their usefulness, there are often very practical issues regarding their
implementation, their application or their interpretation.
Let's embark on a special masterclass about testing and analysis of statistical

Testing : definitions and basic principles.
Before we even get to the heart of the matter, we must first quickly go back

Copy or Create? What is the best use for an Ad Spy Tool?

The question of spy tools is a question that still divides, but mostly for
ethical reasons rather than practical. Most debates mainly focus on the morality
of copying rather than on what it brings or takes away from performance. Let’s
leave aside the ethical question (everyone has their own opinion) to focus on
the usefulness of Spy Tools from a ROIst point of view.

Internal and external spytools, how do they work?
A  spy tool is a tool that allows to understand and measure the activity of yo

Building Your Media buyer Toolkit: Voluum Review

Back in 2014, Voluum established itself as one of the hottest up-and-coming
tracking platforms available for affiliates
[] Media Buyers. Fast-forward 6 years to
2021 and this tool has cemented itself as the go-to tracker for marketers around
the globe.

At lemonads, we’ve seen thousands of marketers use Voluum
[] to successfully track and optimize
countless campaigns. Therefore, we’ve decided to put together a Voluum tr