Bemob Review – Features And Benefits Of The Popular Affiliate Tracker

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Bemob Review - Features and Benefits of the Popular Affiliate Tracker

We know it can be complicated to choose the right tools you need to be a successful affiliate marketer. That’s the reason why we are committed to providing you with all the information we have at hand and all the investigations we make so you get objective advice on what’s out there and what we think can be the better option for you. We hope you enjoy our review of the Bemob affiliate tracker.

We also crafter reviews about Voluum and Redtrack that can add value to your research about Affiliate tracking software. You can find other comprehensive guides in our blog.

One thing is sure: To do successful affiliate marketing, you need to know if your campaigns are performing well and how you can improve your efforts and make more money. So having a performance tracker is crucial to this goal.

What is Bemob? Bemob is a performance marketing tracker for media buyers, affiliate, and performance marketers, that has gained popularity for offering a free version.

In this review, we will talk about this famous version so you can decide if it is a good option for you or not.

Let’s start by learning the basics.

What is tracking software and how does it work?

As we just said, Bemob is a tracking software or platform for media buyers, affiliate, and performance marketers.

What does that mean exactly and how does it work?

Tracking software allows you to see exactly which of your campaigns converts and which doesn't convert.

It also gives you valuable insight into the traffic you are getting, what countries/cities or communities are being more responsive to your campaigns and what demographics are more likely to click and convert. You can also know the device type, the browser and so much more.

Types of Trackers

  1. Self-Hosted: This means that you download the tool and install it on your own server. It involves an extra step and some possible complications, but it has a fixed price no matter how much traffic you handle.
  2. Managed, Cloud, or SaaS: In this case, you just sign up and start using the service. It does not require installation because it operates from these company’s servers. The downside is that as your traffic grows, you will also have to pay more for the service.

Bemob is a Cloud-based tracker.

What are Bemob’s Key Features?

  1. Targeting

Bemob allows its users to target their audience which helps to increase the profitability of the campaigns.

  1. Traffic tracking and distribution system

The advanced traffic source tracking and distribution system are capable to optimize your ad campaigns and maximize profitability.

  1. Split Testing: No need to A/B test your campaigns elsewhere. You can do everything on Bemob.
  2. Redirect Speed

Bemob has 11 Data Centers placed worldwide to ensure instant redirects for their users.

  1. Real-time statistics and reports

Data updates in the tracker immediately. All changes are reflected in the reports in real-time.

  1. Custom redirect domains

BeMob allows using as many custom domains as required. This avoids issues with a common domain using.

  1. Frequent updates

Bemob introduces improvements weekly into the system always aiming to optimize their user’s work.

  1. Advanced database system
    BeMob provides very comprehensive user data in the reports.
Bemob Review - Features and Benefits of the Popular Affiliate Tracker

BeMob Benefits

  • Secure Cloud – Bemob’s safe tracking software keeps your info safe in the cloud. No need to spend extra money on other servers or software.
  • Friendly interface- Working with Bemob tracker it’s as simple as it gets.
  • Mobile Tracking- You can analyze and filter mobile data by mobile carriers and models.
  • Pricing- You can start using it for free and upgrade if you need more events.
  • Bemob help center- Professional team support if you get stuck. They also provide comprehensive guides and documentation for you to learn and use real quick.

Bemob’s Pricing

Bemob Review - Features and Benefits of the Popular Affiliate Tracker

BeMob offers $25 $49 $249 and $499 per month plans in addition to a free plan. All plans offer broadly the same benefits except for the monthly event and campaign limit.

Bemob’s free plan offers 100,000 events which is quite generous. It means that 100k people would have to click on your trackable links for you to run out of the event credit of the free plan. If you run out of events, you can simply upgrade to the next plan which is only $25 per month.

What is an event?

An event is a click, a visit, a conversion, a lead, a visit to our tracking link.

Bemob Review - Features and Benefits of the Popular Affiliate Tracker

Simply put, the tracking link is a spy of the business between the advertiser and the publisher. It is the witness that the conversion is carried out by referral from the affiliate link and the proof of conversion for both sides of the business.

Once the publisher signs up to the affiliate program, the affiliate network delivers the trackable link that must be included in the part of the content where the publisher wants the user to click.

Why you shouldn’t do affiliate marketing without a tracker

Doing affiliate marketing without a tracker is exactly like driving in the dark and with blindfolded eyes. You have no idea where you are or how you got there, where to turn, where to stop, nothing! You would simply be guessing, and by doing so, you’ll have the next consequences:

  • Don’t waste money on campaigns that are not performing.
  • You’ll be trying to optimize with no data in a time when data is everything.
  • You will be losing time by trying to optimize the campaigns that work and ignoring the ones that don't.
  • Once you have a bunch of campaigns running, you’ll get confused by not having organized info of each in the same place.

If you’re still not sure of the benefits of using a tracker read How can a tracking platform help you. Next, we enumerate some of the things you should evaluate when choosing your affiliate tracking tool.

Things to take into account when choosing a tracker that fulfills your needs

These are some of the things you need to evaluate before you choose your affiliate tracker:

  • Cloud-based tracking tool or a self-hosted affiliate tracker.
  • Data Privacy
  • Speed
  • Pricing
  • Support and documentation
  • Data Retention

Bemob Alternatives and Competitors

These are some other software you might want to check out before you make a decision on which tool will accompany you in the Affiliate journey.

Voluum is another performance marketing analytics software for marketers, in-house media buyers, and agencies. It allows you to track, manage, and optimize all paid and organic traffic sources straight from one platform.

Binom is a self-hosted tracking platform and a leader in click-processing and report-building speeds.

Peerclick it’s a convenient tracker for affiliate marketing, especially when you are working with a team. It's a powerful analytics tool that helps you to wisely analyze traffic in all possible sections and correctly track the main indicator of the bundle - ROI.

Redtrack provides an ad tracking and conversions attribution platform for affiliates and media buyers too.


Remember the Affiliate Marketer’s mantra: Track, Optimize, and Automate.

Without tracking your campaigns, you are driving in the dark. You’d have no idea what to modify or optimize to be more profitable. That being said, a tracker is an essential tool in affiliate.

After our bemob review, we can conclude that it is a great tool. If you are starting in Affiliate Marketing, the free plan is very complete and you can use it as-is for up to 100.000 events which is a lot for starters.

Besides being free its interface is very friendly which facilitates things for a beginner.

If you are a hardcore affiliate marketer Bemob is equally interesting for you. The plans are not expensive and the features are top-notch and they protect your data from being stolen or hacked.

lemonads is natively integrated into Bemob as in other top tracking solutions.

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