#AdobeLife At Home: Kathrin Thorburn On Illustrating Heroes

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How are people spreading joy at home? Our #AdobeLife at Home series is all about highlighting how our community of passionate employees are doing just that. Through this series, we’ll be featuring Adobe employees who want to teach our readers new skills—from emotional wellbeing tips to creative online classes. Here’s how they’re spreading joy.

Kathrin's illustrations of essential workers.
A series of Kathrin’s illustrations.

Today we’re spotlighting Kathrin Thorburn, senior solutions consultant. Based in Edinburgh, Kathrin has been spreading joy by illustrating essential workers. “I’ve been making these little illustrations for a friend who wants to give them to her husband and family, who are all key workers and on the front line during the lockdown” she said. To find out more about Kathrin’s inspiration, we chatted with her for a quick interview!

What was the inspiration behind your first illustration?

The first one was actually just a doodle I shared as a joke on a group chat inspired by a photograph one of them had posted. She works for the police and was trying on her riot gear after her maternity leave.  She’s this really lovely person but looked so badass in it! But also the lockdown had just started and she is always helping out with favours and bringing people things (can’t find any bread flour? Baby milk anyone?), plus she’s on the front line responding to emergencies every day while having a little baby at home and a family to care for. So to us she’s a bit of an everyday hero and we thought it would be nice to turn the sketch into a little card for her.

What has the response been like so far?

I’ve just been doing these for friends really, who wanted to give these to their mums or dads or husbands who are key workers. But I’m getting a few requests now from their friends, too. It’s lovely to know that I can contribute something in this way, that they can use to show their appreciation for the people who are on the front line every day and that they have a little personalised keepsake in the future.

Anything else to add?

I wish there were more hours in the day so I could do more of them!

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