Is The UK Government’s New IoT Cybersecurity Bill Fit For Purpose?

Internet of Things (IoT) devices — essentially, electronics like fitness trackers and smart lightbulbs that connect to the internet — are now part of everyday life for most. However, cybersecurity remains a problem, and according to Kaspersky, it’s only getting worse: there were 1.5 billion breaches of IoT devices during the first six months of […]

New Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal Begins Restructuring As Two Execs Step Down

Earlier this week, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey stepped down from his role. He appointed CTO Parag Agrawal as new CEO, effective immediately. Agrawal, who joined Twitter as an engineer in 2011, already announced a major reorganization of the company today, per an internal email obtained by The Washington Post. Twitter confirmed the news […]

Game Scoop! 653: Let Go Of Your Backlog

Welcome back to IGN Game Scoop!, the ONLY video game podcast! This week your Omega Cops -- Daemon Hatfield, Tina Amini, Sam Claiborn, and Justin Davis -- are discussing backlog management, Christmas gaming memories, flipping through the December 2003 i...

Dropshippers And Wholesalers Added November 2021

Every day we work hard on the Dropshippers and Wholesalers Directory. Behind the scenes we are contacting thousands of companies a month, looking for the best of the best suppliers, that will work with online only retailers. Every month we are proud to summarize to our readers what we added the previous month. So what […]
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How To Sell Short Stories On Amazon For Maximum Profit

If you’ve ever dreamed of being an indie author and having your own book signings in a fancy coffee shop, there’s never been a better time than the present. This…The post How to Sell Short Stories on Amazon for Maximum Profit appeared first on N...

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship 2021: What You Need To Know

Catch the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship starting December 6th! As esports continue to grow the stakes, crowds, and enthusiasm expand with it. Starting December 6th and running through December 19th, fans can stream the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) World Championship, where there’s nearly $1 million of prize money in play. Esports and gaming fans can watch the tournament on MLBB social media platforms and win rewards by participating through M3 in-game campaigns. North America Joins the Fray In this third iteration of the tournament, dubbed M3, 16 teams will face off for the loot, with legends and newcomers alike competing for a chance to take first place and thousands of dollars in prize money. North America is one of the newest additions to M3, with BTK repping the region. BTK’s roster consists of Victor, FwydChickn, SHARK, MobaZane, and ZIA. They qualified for M3 after emerging victorious in the Mobile Legends: World Championship North American Qualifier. BTK is known for their aggressive tactics and deft handling of the MLBB hero pool. But to make it through the tournament they'll need to take down formidable Southeast Asian heavyweights such as ONIC Esports, RRQ Hoshi, and Blacklist International to continue their winning ways. Assigned to a stacked Group C, team BTK is slated to square-off with two-time MPL SG champ EVOS SG, esports juggernaut Natus Vincere, and MPL Cambodia Season One champs, See You Soon. Most-watched mobile sports MOBA Quickly amassing a following that places it among the most popular MOBA titles, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has grown fast since its inception in 2017. In early 2021, the M2 World Championship held in Singapore was watched by more than 3 million people. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a 5v5 MOBA that pits users in real-time battles against each other. Players must time their attacks and defenses while managing resources in collaboration with their teammates, while trying to outwit and outplay their adversaries. It’s a frenetic frenzy that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Five Years of Collaborations and Competitions In its brief but bright history, MLBB has collaborated with a number of world-famous franchises to bring their characters in vivid detail to the Land of Dawn in various markets, including Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee from the Transformers; Darth Vader and Master Yoda from Star Wars in Southeast Asia and Japan; and even boxing legend Manny Pacquiao for the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysian markets. MLBB developer Moonton Games celebrated the game’s five-year anniversary in October and is highlighting the game’s competitive spirit with a new M3 pass. Esports fans can win more diamonds and skins through M3 pass, cheer for the favorite teams and players in-game, and earn extra swag if their team wins a match. --Whether you’re new to competitive MLBB or a seasoned viewer, tune in to M3 to earn rewards from December 6th through December 19th. Think you've got what it takes to be a legend? Jump into Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and start your journey here -

Stadia Savepoint: November Updates

It’s time for another round of our Stadia Savepoint series, recapping the new games, features and updates on Stadia.In November, the Stadia Pro library reached 40 games for the first time — a mix of open world titles, sports games, adventures through n...

Tech Stocks Are Getting Hammered (again)

I have a run of internal meetings starting in 15 minutes, so we have to be quick, but tech stocks are taking body blows yet again today. A selloff earlier in the week had us taking note. Today cements our raised eyebrows. And when we say tech shares are under attack, we are not only […]

How To Choose A Merchant Of Record Solution

Today’s digital shoppers are smart and also demanding. They want to try before they buy, use multiple devices across the purchase process and have a unified experience, and are constantly looking for a better deal and a personalized experience. The decision to buy, or not to buy, can happen at any instant. This is why […]
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A Step Forward For CO2 Capture

The air we breathe has a carbon problem. But in Hellisheidi, Iceland, a geothermally active plateau just outside of Reykjavik, a new technology is taking a small but mighty step toward fixing it. A plant called Orca, built by Climeworks, is the first-ever facility where CO2 is being filtered directly from the air and stored […]

Last Chance To Save $55 On Passes To TC Sessions: Space 2021

Here today, gone tomorrow: The chance to keep $55 in your wallet disappears in mere hours. Buy your pass to TechCrunch Sessions: Space before 11:59 pm (PT) today. TC Sessions: Space dedicates two full days focused on the leading-edge technology, founders, creators, academics, scientists, investors and policymakers. We’ll dig deep and look at the very […]

Share Of The Week: Glowing

Last week, we asked you to capture some glowing creations and share them using #PSshare and #PSBlog. From the setting sun, to vivid particle effects, to lunar light, here are this week’s highlights: @mett981 takes aim in Kena: Bridge of Spirits @mellydarkeyes gives Selene a well-earned moment to relax in Returnal @kimchitraveler catches Star-Lord looking […]

How A Creator’s Natural Hair Journey Built Community

Google for Creators recently launched The Conversation, a new YouTube series spotlighting the experiences of women of color creators. This month, we’re featuring beauty and lifestyle creator Tyla-Lauren Gilmore, who shared how her natural hair journey ...

Winter Is Coming: 9 Ways To Enjoy It With Google

As a native Oregonian, I thought living in California would be an incredible break from the nine months of rain I’d endured growing up. What I didn’t realize was that 70-degree winters felt…wrong. Where were the mittens? The down jackets? The occasiona...

MrBeast’s ‘Real Life Squid Game’ And The Price Of Viral Stunts

First, everyone was talking about “Squid Game,” the Korean psychological thriller that became Netflix’s biggest series launch ever, with 142 million viewers. Now, everyone’s talking about YouTuber MrBeast’s recreation of the show’s titular fight-to-the-death, which racked up 142 million views in eight days. (Don’t worry, no one was killed). Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast), the 23-year-old who […]

Grid Legends Launches February 25, New Features Detailed

What does it feel like to race the greatest cars in the world, on iconic streets and circuits, whilst dodging crashes and jaw-dropping moments around every corner? Well, in just a couple of months’ time, you’ll be able to find out… The entire team here at EA and Codemasters are so excited to announce today […]

7 Ways To Increase Affiliate Sales (Without Needing More Traffic)

By Monica Lent, Co-Founder at Affilimate A lot of guides will tell you that the best ways to increase affiliate sales are to improve your SEO, use PPC ads, or find new traffic sources. It all sounds great until you realize that each of these strategies can take ages to implement. And whether or not […]

First We SPAC, Then We Take Down AWS

The plan is simple: First, we create a knockoff of a popular digital service. Second, we cry political persecution. Third, we raise a bunch of money with a SPAC. And then, we take on AWS.