Songwriting: 5 Ways to Get Inspired

Songwriting can be an elusive form of art. Some writers enjoy creating alone… Others depend on their peers for a spark of inspiration.  The pandemic has had a negative effect on almost all songwriters’ creative process. Those who normally enjoy attending co-writing sessions don’t feel at ease enough to do so anymore. Those who choose […]
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Payments, lending and neobanks rule fintechs in emerging markets, report says

Tech investments in emerging markets have been in full swing over the past couple of years and their ecosystems have thrived as a result. Some of these markets like Africa, Latin America, and India, have comprehensive reports by publications and firms on trends and investments in their individual regions. But there’s hardly a report to […]

TechCrunch Survey of Scottish Tech Hubs: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen

TechCrunch is embarking on a major new project to survey European founders and investors in cities outside the larger European capitals. Over the next few weeks, we will ask entrepreneurs in these cities to talk about their ecosystems, in their own words. This is your chance to put Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen on the Techcrunch […]

Kahoot acquires Clever, the US-based edtech portal, for up to $500M

Kahoot, the popular Oslo-based edtech company that has built a big business out of gamifiying education and creating a platform for users to build their own learning games, is making an acquisition to double down on K-12 education and its opportunities to grow in the U.S. It is acquiring Clever, a startup that has built […]

Paystack expands to South Africa seven months after Stripe acquisition

Nigerian fintech startup Paystack has been relatively quiet since it was bought by fintech giant Stripe last October. The deal, worth more than $200 million, caused shockwaves to the African tech ecosystem and offered some form of validation to work done by founders, startups and investors alike. Today, the payments company, which powers businesses with […]

How to promote Meal Kit Affiliate programs on a Blog

Meal Kit Affiliate Programs- Affiliate Marketing 2021

Meal Kit delivery affiliate programs []
are a hot topic. The offer is huge. Today we can find kits in all price range
and for every dietary preference or even diet. From vegan to Keto, Gluten-free
to Paleo, you name it. So the thing is, how can you promote them from your Blog?

As we always say, the only way that you can be seen as an authority amongst your
audience is your relevancy. You can promote

Autonomous trucking startup Einride raises $110M ahead of expansion into US

Einride, the Swedish startup known for its unusual-looking electric and autonomous pods that are designed to carry freight, has raised $110 million to help fund its expansion in Europe and into the United States. The Series B round, which far exceeds its previous raises of $10 million in 2020 and $25 million in 2019, included […]

PUBG Mobile said to relaunch in India as Battlegrounds Mobile

Krafton, the South Korean developer of PUBG Mobile, said on Thursday that it is bringing back the popular gaming title to India under the brand name ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India.’ The new title, which uses the color scheme of the Indian flag and is largely a replica of PUBG Mobile, will offer “a world class AAA […]

PUBG Mobile said to relaunch in India as Battlegrounds Mobile

Krafton, the South Korean developer of PUBG Mobile, said on Thursday that it is bringing back the popular gaming title to India under the brand name ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India.’ The new title, which uses the color scheme of the Indian flag and is largely a replica of PUBG Mobile, will offer “a world class AAA […]

Tesla supplier Delta Electronics invests $7M in AI chip startup Kneron

Despite a persistent semiconductor shortage that is disrupting the global automotive industry, investors remain bullish on the chips used to power next-generation vehicles. Kneron, a startup that develops semiconductors to give devices artificial intelligence capabilities by using edge computing, just got funded by Delta Electronics, a Taiwanese supplier of power components for Apple and Tesla. […]

Twitter rolls out bigger images and cropping control on iOS and Android

Twitter just made a change to the way it displays images that has visual artists on the social network celebrating. In March, Twitter rolled out a limited test of uncropped, larger images in users’ feeds. Now, it’s declared those tests a success and improved the image sharing experience for everybody. no bird too tall, no […]

How to Optimize API Rate Limits

In this article, Shopify Plus Solutions Engineer Zameer Masjedee walks through how to optimize your API rate limit. With this tutorial, you’ll be able to responsibly consume your rate limit, avoid 429 responses, and build a fast, functional app.More

Founded by former Carousell and Fave execs, Rainforest gets $36M to consolidate Asia-Pacific Amazon Marketplace brands

Singapore-based Rainforest is one of the newest entrants in the wave of startups that “roll-up” small e-commerce brands. Launched in January by alumni from some of Southeast Asia’s top startups, including Carousell, OVO and Fave, Rainforest acquires Amazon marketplace sellers. This is similar to the Amazon-centric approach taken by Thrasio, Branded Group and Berlin Brands […]

China expresses concern over its absence in India’s 5G trials

China expressed concern on Wednesday over India’s move to not grant any Chinese firm permission to participate in 5G trials in the world’s second largest internet market as the two neighboring nations struggle to navigate business ties amid their geo-political tensions. India’s Department of Telecommunications earlier this week approved over a dozen firm’s applications to […]

SpaceX successfully launches and lands its Starship prototype rocket

SpaceX flew the 15th prototype of its Starship fully reusable next-generation rocket today, with a test flight that included a successful climb to around 30,000 feet, as well as a controlled flip, descent and soft landing upright as planned. A very small fire appeared to break out at the base of the rocket shortly after […]

Facebook’s Oversight Board throws the company a Trump-shaped curveball

Facebook’s controversial policy-setting supergroup issued its verdict on Trump’s fate Wednesday, and it wasn’t quite what most of us were expecting. We’ll dig into the decision to tease out what it really means, not just for Trump, but also for Facebook’s broader experiment in outsourcing difficult content moderation decisions and for just how independent the […]

A hybrid approach to work

Sundar sent the following email to Google employees earlier today. Hi Googlers,We’ve spent the last year focused on supporting employees during the pandemic. I hope the extra benefits such as Carer’s Leave, the work-from-home allowance, the extra reset...

Applications for the TC Early Stage Pitch-Off in July are open

Early-stage startups — now is your time to shine at the TechCrunch Early Stage event on July 8 and 9. This is part two of the highly successful event from April where top experts train and teach founders how to build, launch and scale their companies. In April we hosted the inaugural TC Early Stage Pitch-Off […]

Supercell likes Metacore’s games so much it just gave it another $180M credit line

Metacore, a Finnish mobile games company, seems to have an amazing ‘relationship’ with Supercell, another (quite successful) Finnish mobile games company. Back in September 2020, Metacore raised $17.7 million in equity from Supercell and another $11.8 million line of credit, sometimes also called a debt round. That amazing relationship appears to be ongoing. Because Metacore […]

Woolaroo: a new tool for exploring indigenous languages

“Our dictionary doesn’t have a word for shoe” my Uncle Allan Lena said, so when kids ask him what to call it in Yugambeh, he’ll say “jinung gulli” - a foot thing.Uncle Allan Lena is a frontline worker in the battle to reteach the Yugambeh Aboriginal la...

Voice Search SEO: How to Optimize your Affiliate Site

Voice search is on track to overtake text-based search as the number one online search method. That is inevitably changing the way affiliates and other site owners should approach SEO. The two primary trends that are playing a significant role …
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How the Reseller Model Helps Merchants Expand Globally

Software has already eaten the world, and most software companies are interested in selling globally if they’re not already doing so. That raises the question, what’s involved in selling internationally? In addition to the business fundamentals of developing and marketing a product to meet customer demands in different regions and languages, there are also a variety […]
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Facebook launches Neighborhoods, a Nextdoor clone

Facebook is launching a new section of its app designed to connect neighbors and curate neighborhood-level news. The new feature, predictably called Neighborhoods, is available now in Canada and will be rolling out soon for U.S. users to test. As we reported previously, Neighborhoods has technically been around since at least October of last year, […]

Twitter rolls out improved ‘reply prompts’ to cut down on harmful tweets

A year ago, Twitter began testing a feature that would prompt users to pause and reconsider before they replied to a tweet using “harmful” language — meaning language that was abusive, trolling, or otherwise offensive in nature. Today, the company says it’s rolling improved versions of these prompts to English-language users on iOS and soon, […]

Emerging open cloud security framework has backing of Microsoft, Google and IBM

Each of the big cloud platforms has its own methodology for passing on security information to logging and security platforms, leaving it to the vendors to find proprietary ways to translate that into a format that works for their tool. The Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF), a new working group that includes Microsoft, Google and […]