Nymbull Wants To Guard Your Next Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace Item For Sale

Buying and selling on marketplace websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace often lead to meeting a stranger somewhere to complete the purchase and pick up the item. With over 1 billion Facebook Marketplace users per month, Nymbull founder Jackson Wegelin doesn’t think that’s necessary for peer-to-peer transactions. And he estimates that between interacting with potential […]

How Technology Is Transforming Organ Procurement

Every year, more than 100,000 people in the United States wait for an organ donation. More than a dozen people will die each day still waiting. Such is the brutal math and the necessary optimism required to work in the organ procurement world. For the past several decades, a private network of now 57 organ […]

AeroFarms Is Supplying The Hops For Goose Island’s Latest IPA

The world of vertical farming has seen a massive uptick in interest over the past decade, as the world grapples with concerns over resource use, farmable area and exploding population growth. While promising, there are still plenty of question marks surrounding the technology, including the diversity of crops one can grow indoors at scale. Newark, […]

Play Firefighters For Hire In Frantic Multiplayer Embr, Out Tomorrow

Hi I’m Howard, the team lead of Muse Games, the developer of Embr – a frantic co-op firefighting (plus other side-jobs) game set in a hyper-capitalist alt reality where traditional emergency services are a thing of the past! Game jam in traffic jam – How Embr got its spark Stuck in a horrendous traffic jam […]

Cellino Is Using AI And Machine Learning To Scale Production Of Stem Cell Therapies

Cellino, a company developing a platform to automate stem cell production, presented today at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 to detail how its system, which combines A.I. technology, machine learning, hardware, software — and yes, lasers! — could eventually democratize access to cell therapies. It aims to bring down costs associated with the manufacturing of human cells, […]

Koa Is Helping African Consumers Make Better Money Moves

While Delila Kidanu grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, mobile money platform M-Pesa was the go-to fintech platform for her and most Kenyans. The Safaricom-owned product provides basic access to financial services like sending and receiving money and purchasing airtime. Yet, some Kenyans still lack other digital financial services from savings to investments. Last year, people […]

Using Text To Increase Conversions – How Typography In Web Design Can Boost Your Sales

As a digital marketer, conversion is one of the main things you will track in your campaigns. You probably wonder about many various ways on how to optimize conversions on a specific page. But, there is one thing that often gets overlooked by many so-called growth hackers, and that’s using text to increase conversions. Yes, […]
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The Casualties Of China’s Education Crackdown

Once the darlings of Wall Street and venture capital as recently as the beginning of this year, China’s edtech firms are now wondering if they will be able to remain solvent long enough to see the beginning of the next. In a series of sweeping regulations, the central government has taken a wrecking ball to […]

Fortnite Likely Isn’t Coming Back To The App Store Anytime Soon

While Apple and Fortnite’s big, dramatic lawsuit didn’t seem to reach the conclusion either party actually wanted. Its resolution offered some hope for Fortnite lovers that the title could be finding its way back to the App Store and onto their Apple devices. And yet… It seems that legalese will once again get in the […]

Tide Encryption Is Ready To End The Cyber Breach Pandemic

The global pandemic, along with the digital transformation it accelerated, broadened corporate attack surfaces exponentially. As a result, there were almost 1,800 publicly reported data breaches in the first six months of 2021 alone, accounting for the exposure of 18.8 billion records. Among these were devastating, large-scale breaches of consumer names, contact details, and financial records, […]

Prenome Could Help Pregnant Women Better Predict And Manage Gestational Diabetes

“We’re always trying to stick something up a women’s something.” Stevie Cline, the co-founder of Prenome, is tired of how invasive diagnostic processes are for women, even with modern technology and broader healthcare advancements. So, she teamed up with her former co-worker, Sarah Brozio, to launch a startup all about providing actionable insights to women […]

Electric Utility Bike Company Ubco Scores $10M Strategic Investment With TPK

New Zealand-based electric utility bike company Ubco announced a partnership with TPK Holdings, a Taiwanese electric components manufacturing company, onstage at the Micromobility America conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. As part of the agreement, TPK will be leading Ubco’s Series B with a $10 million investment, bringing the company’s total funding to $23 million. […]

NVIDIA Extends AI Inference Performance Leadership, With Debut Results On Arm-based Servers

NVIDIA delivers the best results in AI inference using either x86 or Arm-based CPUs, according to benchmarks released today. It’s the third consecutive time NVIDIA has set records in performance and energy efficiency on inference tests from MLCommons, an industry benchmarking group formed in May 2018. And it’s the first time the data-center category tests Read article >
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Brave’s Non-tracking, Browser-based Video Conferencing Tool Is Out Of Beta

Brave, the startup behind the eponymous non-tracking browser, has launched a non-tracking video conferencing add-on out of beta — letting all users make and receive video calls straight from their browser. The tool, called Brave Talk, has been in beta testing since May last year. And Brave told us it’s had some 14,000 daily active […]

Introducing New Surface Products, Built For Windows 11

Windows has always been a platform for the world’s innovation – a place for anyone to create, connect, learn and achieve. As Windows reshaped computing experiences, new hardware products have helped more and more people interact with them. From t
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NVIDIA Invites Healthcare Startup Submissions To Access UK’s Most Powerful Supercomputer

It takes major computing power to tackle major projects in digital biology — and that’s why we’re connecting pioneering healthcare startups with the U.K.’s most powerful supercomputer, Cambridge-1. U.K. startups can now apply to harness the system, which is dedicated to advancing healthcare with AI and digital biology. Since inaugurating Cambridge-1 in July, five founding Read article >
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Wild Things: 3D Reconstructions Of Endangered Species With NVIDIA’s Sifei Liu

Endangered species can be difficult to study — they’re elusive, and the very act of observing them can disrupt their lives. Now, scientists can take a closer look at endangered species by studying AI-generated 3D representations of them. Sifei Liu, a senior research scientist at NVIDIA, has worked with her team to create an algorithm Read article >
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