All about Weight-loss Affiliate Programs in 2021

Everything you need to know about the top trending topic this spring and summer.
Affiliate marketing opportunities for content creators in the lifestyle, health,
and fitness niches.
Covid-19 vaccines are out. A small ray of sun is finally in sight and we are all
looking forward to some summer fun! After long and repeated periods of
confinement, 2021 will be THE YEAR when we actually look forward to getting in
shape to being seen again. Do you know what this means? Great weight-loss
affiliate pro

Juul inventor’s Myst lands funding as institutional investors turn to China’s e-cigs

Over the past several years, institutional investors had largely shied away from China’s e-cigarette makers, an industry that was teeming with shoddy workshops and lacked regulatory oversight. But investors’ attitude is changing as China sets in motion its strictest ever regulation on electronic cigarettes. Myst Labs, a Chinese e-cigarette maker co-founded in 2019 by Chenyue […]

A conversation with Bison Trails: the AWS-like service inside of Coinbase

Coinbase shares tumbled today to their their lowest point since the company began trading publicly on April 14. The market often moves in mysterious ways, but several drivers could be at play, including Coinbase’s high opening price at the time of its direct listing, its reliance on margins that are all but certain to drop […]

Helping protect people from financial fraud in the U.K.

Over the last few years, people in the U.K. have been targeted by increasingly sophisticated scammers on and offline. According to UK Finance, in 2020, total fraud loss was £1.26 billion. Criminal gangs are using multiple malicious methods, including p...

50 free streaming services around the world

It’s time to start planning for your next lazy weekend to binge all the content in the world. You don’t even have to pay.
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SoftBank leads $15M round for China’s industrial robot maker Youibot

SoftBank has picked its bet in China’s flourishing industrial robotics space. Youibot, a four-year-old startup that makes autonomous mobile robots for a range of scenarios, said it has notched close to 100 million yuan ($15.47 million) in its latest funding round led by SoftBank Ventures Asia, the Seoul-based early-stage arm of the global investment behemoth. […]

NYC files lawsuit to halt Citi Bike rival JOCO’s e-bike operations

The City of New York has filed a lawsuit against JOCO, the docked electric bike-share service, just weeks after the company launched operations in the city. The city alleges JOCO is operating illegally because all bike-sharing systems within the city require prior written authorization from the Department of Transportation. JOCO has argued that it’s not […]

WhatsApp is doing fine despite months-long backlash over policy update

It’s safe to say WhatsApp didn’t have the ideal start to 2021. Less than a week into the new year, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app had already annoyed hundreds of thousands of users with its scary-worded notification about a planned policy update. The backlash grew fast and millions of people, including several high-profile figures, started […]

Peloton projects $165M revenue impact from treadmill recalls

What would have been a celebratory earnings call in just about any other quarter ended on a somber note today, as Peloton CEO John Foley kicked things off with an apology. “We are a members-first organization,” the executive stated. “And that means for all of us at Peloton, the safety of our member community comes […]

Someone already turned Apple’s AirTag into a slim, wallet-friendly card

Apple’s new AirTag item trackers are pretty small, but not quite small enough to slip into most wallets without adding an obvious bit of bulk. Fortunately, as one talented AirTag owner has found, that’s nothing you can’t fix with a heat gun, a bit of soldering and an understanding that you could totally fry your […]

Twitter Tip Jar lets you pay people for good tweetin’

Twitter today confirmed earlier reports that it’s testing a new Tip Jar feature. The new addition utilizes a number of different payment platforms, including PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, Cash App and Bandcamp (all region-dependent). “Tip Jar is an easy way to support the incredible voices that make up the conversation on Twitter,” the company wrote in […]

Design for Conversions Conference – Don’t Miss Out!

We are super excited to be one of the sponsors of the free online conference Design for Conversions happening 17-20 May 2021! This free event features 15+ design and UX industry experts who will join together to talk about user …
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Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne is returning to space in June

Orbital launch company Virgin Orbit has scheduled its next mission to space. Virgin Orbit will be returning its LauncherOne rocket to orbit in June to deliver payloads for the U.S. Department of Defense Space Test Program, SatRevolution, and the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The manifest includes three CubeSat satellites as part of the DoD’s Rapid […]

Chinese EV maker Nio is stepping outside of China for the first time

Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio has chosen a Norway — an EV hotspot — for its first foray into international markets. Nio Norway will offer a European version of ES8, Nio’s flagship electric SUV, to Norwegian customers from September this year. The ET7 sedan will follow in 2022. “The decision to have Norway as our […]

How to Create Your Own QR Code

You’ve probably heard it more times than you can count: mobile-first marketing is imperative. It’s estimated that a staggering 3.3 billion people own smartphones today.  With the internet at the fingertips of so many, people have come to expect mobile-optimized content from businesses. As a result, the work of creating great mobile experiences for your... Read more »
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15 Clever Ways to Use Bitly QR Codes

When it comes to communication, simple is best. That’s what makes a QR Code such an impactful tool, especially when trying to provide your customers with contactless ways to engage with your products/services or to pay. Since every QR Code you generate in Bitly is coupled with a unique Bitly link, you can track how... Read more »
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Less than 24 hours to save $100 to TC Sessions: Mobility 2021

Calling all frazzled procrastinators, feet-draggers, lollygaggers and last-minute decision makers. The best price on passes to TC Sessions: Mobility 2021, which takes place on June 9, disappears in mere hours. It’s now o’clock, baby. Shift your EV into gear, hail a robotaxi or tell Mr. Scott to beam you up — whatever it takes to […]

BigBrain aims to bring live mobile trivia back to glory

If you ask Nik Bonaddio why he wanted to build a new mobile trivia app, his answer is simple. “In my life, I’ve got very few true passions: I love trivia and I love sports,” Bonaddio told me. “I’ve already started a sports company, so I’ve got to start a trivia company.” He isn’t kidding […]

When it comes to mental health, what are we searching for?

You know that exhaustion you’re feeling — the one that no amount of espresso shots or power naps can remedy? Well, it turns out you’re not alone. Last month in the U.S. we saw spikes in fatigue-related Google searches, and the question “why do I feel b...

News Brief: April Updates from the Google News Initiative

Last month, we heard from industry experts who are thinking through new ways to support and engage with hyperlocal news. We’re learning how we can help ensure newsrooms are more reflective of the communities they cover. And we’re thinking about how the...

Three steps for turning a video into a Web Story

If you run a website, YouTube channel or blog, chances are you’ve produced a video for it. And you can easily reuse that content by converting it into a Web Story, which offers a few key advantages. As a Web Story, your video can be consumed at the vie...

Registration for F8 Refresh is now open

Registration for F8 Refresh is now open. Join your global developer community virtually on June 2nd, where you will be able to learn about the latest products and innovations across Facebook technologies, and how we can build together, grow together. T...

Metafy adds $5.5M to its seed round as the market for games coaching grows

This morning Metafy, a distributed startup building a marketplace to match gamers with instructors, announced that it has closed an additional $5.5 million to its $3.15 million seed round. Call it a seed-2, seed-extension or merely a baby Series A; Forerunner Ventures, DCM and Seven Seven Six led the round as a trio. Metafy’s model […]

Ignoring Automatic Initialization for Code Analysis

Reading uninitialized memory is one of the major sources of security vulnerabilities in C and C++ programs. Microsoft developed many tools to find such errors including compiler warnings, static analysis checks, and more recently: code instrumentation.  For a more detailed overview of uninitialized memory related vulnerabilities and mitigations please refer to Microsoft Security Response Center’s great blog post.
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Valence unveils training program to help build pipeline of Black execs

Diversity has been linked with equity and inclusion because diversity is just one part of the equation when it comes to hiring Black employees. How do the companies they work for make people feel welcome and included, rather than isolated? How do Black employees find their way into management, up the corporate ladder to the […]