The Robotic Arm Of The Law

It’s hard to know where to start this week. Any temporary slowdown we might have experienced over the holidays has been wiped away. Once again, we find ourselves knee deep in robotics news, like the trash compactor scene in A New Hope — only without the closing walls, Death Star and weird little one-eyed monster. […]

Facebook Reportedly Ditches Diem Stablecoin With Asset Sale

The Diem Association, a consortium of companies working on a blockchain-based payment system, is selling its technology assets to Silvergate Capital for $200 million, according to a report from the WSJ. Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is one of the founding members of the association. Diem represented Facebook’s most ambitious bet on cryptocurrencies. […]

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22543

Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22543 to the Dev Channel.

We’re introducing more natural voices for Narrator.
This build has a go

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Quan Raises $1.15M From YC To Tackle Post-pandemic Employee Burnout

With post-pandemic burnout on the rise, the shift to remote working, and the ‘Great Resignation’ now passing into the lexicon, companies are struggling to hold onto talent. Culture platforms like Culture Amp and Glint were built for a different era, offering insights and reports to HR, but many are less tailored to 2022. And employee […]

Performance Improvements In ASP.NET Core 6

Inspired by the blog posts by Stephen Toub about performance in .NET we are writing a similar post to highlight the performance improvements done to ASP.NET Core in 6.0.

Benchmarking Setup

We will be using BenchmarkDotNet for the majority of the examples throughout.
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Messenger Upgrades Its End-to-end Encrypted Chat Experience

Although default end-to-end encryption won’t fully arrive on Facebook Messenger until sometime in 2023, the company says today its feature offering end-to-end encrypted group chats and calls in Messenger is now fully rolled out. In addition, Messenger is adding another security feature with the launch of screenshot notifications in end-to-end encrypted chats, similar to rival […]

Disney+ Is Expanding To 42 More Countries This Summer

Disney+ is launching in 42 additional countries and 11 territories in Europe, the Middle East and Africa this summer. Notable new countries include South Africa, Turkey, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. The streaming service is currently available in 64 countries, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Disney hasn’t specified the exact […]

Europe Clears Facebook-Kustomer With API Access Commitments

The EU has cleared Meta/Facebook’s acquisition of CRM maker, Kustomer — accepting a set of commitments from the tech giant to allay competition concerns linked to the fact it also owns a suite of popular messaging apps frequently used by small businesses for customer outreach (aka Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp).  The Commission said Meta […]

Parthean Cares About Personal Finance So You Don’t Have To

The son of Iranian immigrants, Arman Hezarkhani spent his senior year of high school brainstorming a three-part thesis on what he wanted to dedicate his career to. First, he said that education is the most high-leverage way to make an impact on an individual, community and world. Second, he thinks that technology is the most […]

After QuizUp And Trivia Royale, Thor Fridriksson’s Next Act Is A Mobile MMO

QuizUp founder Thor Fridriksson is at it again. The Icelandic serial entrepreneur is two-for-two in creating viral mobile games, but has thus far struck out in turning those into viable businesses. Today, he’s (kind of) coming out of stealth to announce his third attempt: Rocky Road. Rocky Road, named for Fridriksson’s entrepreneurial journey, is a […]

10,000 Subscribers Later, This Week In Fintech Has A Venture Fund

If you keep up with financial technology, you likely know that the fintech community is a tight-knit, large (yet small) group of enthusiasts that includes all sorts of people — from founders, to investors, to fintech-focused employees at startups or large companies to journalists like me. Over the years, a few players have emerged with […]

15 Podcasts To Boost Your SEO Game

That’s because I’m a firm believer in being fussy about what I give my time to. And having tuned in to various SEO podcasts in the past month, I must say 15 of them won my fancy. From broader discussions…Read more ›

Character Spotlight On Atelier Sophie 2, Out February 25

Sophie Neuenmuller has been such a magical character to me since we first introduced her six years ago in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, and I know that many fans reading this feel the same way. When I was thinking about what we could do for the 25th anniversary of the Atelier […]

Nearly 80 Percent Of Financial Firms Use AI To Improve Services, Reduce Fraud

From the largest firms trading on Wall Street to banks providing customers with fraud protection to fintechs recommending best-fit products to consumers, AI is driving innovation across the financial services industry. New research from NVIDIA found that 78 percent of financial services professionals state that their company uses accelerated computing to deliver AI-enabled applications through Read article >
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Let Me Upgrade You: GeForce NOW Adds Resolution Upscaling And More This GFN Thursday

GeForce NOW is taking cloud gaming to new heights. This GFN Thursday delivers an upgraded streaming experience as part of an update that is now available to all members. It includes new resolution upscaling options to make members’ gaming experiences sharper, plus the ability to customize streaming settings in session. The GeForce NOW app is Read article >
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A Glimpse At Horizon Forbidden West PS4 Gameplay

We have some exciting news for you all: we are thrilled to announce that Horizon Forbidden West has gone Gold! This means we are all set to start printing and distributing the game, ready for you to experience Aloy’s journey into the Forbidden West for yourselves in less than a month. I want to take […]

Australia Phishing Survey Results | Avast

A record number of call, text message, and email phishing scams have been reported this year. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Australians have reported over 62,000 phishing scams this year, with a rec...

Key Features Of Reliable Suppliers For Dropshipping

Before you establish an online business, you should figure out a number of issues. The choice of suppliers for dropshipping is one of the most important concerns for the majority of entrepreneurs. The reason is quite prosaic – […]
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Mac Webcam Hijack Flaw Wins Man $100,500 From Apple

An independent researcher has received a $100,500 bug bounty from Apple after discovering a security hole in the company's Safari browser for macOS that could allow a malicious website to hijack accounts and seize control of users' webcams.

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The Top Tech SEO Strategies For 2022 And Beyond

Last year was an incredible year for core updates, and for changes to how SEOs improve page quality for users. Moving forward, we can expect to see increased diversification of SERPs and new features from tools like Google Lens. These developments will...